First Impression: What do you think of I’ll Never Let You Go (Legend of Huo Buo) with Ariel Lin and Zhang Bin Bin?

Zhang Bin Bin is back on our screen! With the adorable Ariel Lin no less! But Juli is right in her observation that the whole vibe of this drama is similar to Prince of Lan Ling with her and Feng Shao Feng in 2013.

Hoping that it’s good!

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Ariel Lin and Zhang Bin Bin pair up for Legend of Huo Buo

This looks like a cute pairing already! Ariel Lin attended the booting ceremony for her ancient drama Legend of Huo Buo (小女花不弃) yesterday without the male lead, Zhang Bin Bin, in attendance. It’s based on a novel by Zhuang Zhuang and the story has a time-traveling element but we know what happens to that aspect once dramatised. Lol. A quick scan of the summary leaves me a little confused. Someone who has read the novel, please help me clarify! A pair of eloping lovers falls over a cliff and gets time-traveled to the past. She becomes a beggar (a role NOT unfamiliar to Ariel, Lol) while he takes over a position of authority, looks, and wealth. They meet each other 13 years later when she’s taken in by one of his scheming lackey to pretend to be his sister (?!) of a different mother. Because of her supposed mother’s death, their father grows crazy marrying many women in hopes of finding her face in them, causing HIS mother to die of heartache. So he thinks killing her would be a great revenge plan…. Of course, feelings don’t go his way…

I think I need to check out the novel.

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