The Legendary Life Of Queen Lau with La Mu Yang Zi and Li Hong Yi

The Legendary Life of Queen Lau (皇后刘黑胖) is adapted from the novel written by Ge Yang. It’s a comedy historical drama and follows the story of our heroine, a Prime Minister’s illegitimate daughter, who is abandoned by him. But the day the Empress Dowager wants to link the two families through marriage, villainy dad is too eager to find his not-so-pretty daughter back. Due to her dark skin and chubby figure, our heroine isn’t favorably looked upon. The funny thing here is this: the Empress Dowager actually wants the Crown Prince to marry Prime Minister’s distant relative – his niece, who’s pretty and well-educated. So our plucky heroine marries into the palace and becomes the Crown Princess at age 9/10 in the novel. The two kids of course start off on the wrong foot but the years they spend together cement their friendship, which sets up the foundation for many laughs and eventual romance.

To air 6/24~

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  1. One thought on “The Legendary Life Of Queen Lau with La Mu Yang Zi and Li Hong Yi

    Phew, wow! Married at 9 or 10? That’s crazy to me. I know everyone married young in the ancient world, but it’s still hard for me to imagine what that would have been like.

    I just watched a couple of episodes and clips on YouTube. I heard it got pulled from Chinese platforms because it wasn’t Chinese enough, which is too bad, because it I thought it was funny. A little over the top at times with the female lead, but I reckon that was intentional.

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