A sweet romance between Li Jia Qi and Bi Wen Jun in Ni Chang

Ni Chang (小女霓裳) is an upcoming costume drama starring Li Jia Qi (My Girl) and Bi Wen Jun (In a Class of Her Own). Our heroine is the youngest daughter of a silk merchant and she’s been training herself to inherit the family business her entire life. Unfortunately, the rival merchant shop conspires successfully to bring down her family, leaving her with a mission to clear their name and take glory back to the family. Under a different name, she enters a famous manor to learn and hone her embroidery skills, gaining a foothold into the business. However, the enemies catches wind of her intention and want to eliminate her. With the help of our male lead, who has been protecting her all this time, she escapes from the city. She returns a year later under another name; armed with new knowledge and maturity, she’s determined to turn the table around and become a successful businesswoman.

Airing 4/20~

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