The clash of old customs and new ideas in Octogenarians and the 90s with Bai Jing Ting and Wu Qian

Octogenarians and the 90s (八零九零) is a modern drama described as warm and healing. Our heroine inherits Sunshine House – a nursing home, after her mother passed away from liver cancer. She, along with our male lead (Bai Jing Ting), are post 90s adults, and their enthusiasm and energy inject much needed vitality into the elders’ lives, however, conflicts between the two generations also threaten old values and customs. As they collide, touching stories of the past change the behaviors and perspectives of both sides. When the nursing home is demolished, our heroine takes it upon herself to rebuild a new community, focusing on elders diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, giving them the freedom and peace to live in their favorite years of the past.

Airing 4/21~ If done right, this drama will be a tear-jerker!

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