Modern Dramas to air: Don’t Mess With Girls, By Stealth Like You, 1 vs 100 Dream Boys, Love Unexpected

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=======> ♦ Don’t Mess With Girls (女孩子不好惹) with Gao Han Yu and Wang Zi Wei began airing on 1/28. The story follows our male lead, a talented photographer who doesn’t care much about what others have to say is involved in a car accident. After the trauma, something strange happens. Our male lead becomes a child (literally) at 7pm and turns back to an adult at 7am. What?? A kid at night time? The Sexy time? No? Ok, let me get my mind out of the gutter. Lol.

You can watch a couple of episodes below…

=======> ♦ By Stealth Like You (悄悄地喜欢你) with Zhang Mu Xi and Guo Jia Nan to air 1/31. A sweet campus romance between two people who crush on each other. Well, that makes everything easy.


=======> ♦ 1 vs 100 Dream Boys (做梦吧晶晶) is a webdrama, created by douyin to satisfy the dreams of all fangirls starring our heroine played by Jolin Jin Jing where she gets to experience the different types of boyfriends from virtual blind boxes. To air 1/30!

She is giving me major Gong Hyo Jin vibes!

Her flower boys ~

=======> ♦ Love Unexpected (不可思议的爱情) with Fan Shi Qi and Qi Yan Di to air on 2/1. It’s a romance between a CEO who can’t control his feelings and a bodyguard who is skilled at wrestling. A simple and straight-forward plot.

Trailer subbed by runawaymood. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get removed!

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