A Love So Romantic with Yang Zhi Wen and Ye Sheng Jia, Unique Lady Season 2 with Zheng Qiu Hong and Gong Jun

Both dramas are set to air on 12/24!

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=======> ♦ A Love So Romantic (少爷与我的罗曼史) with Yang Zhi Wen and Ye Sheng Jia. The lead pair looks so young! GAHHHH. Let him develop his body before doing a shower scene, please. Lol.

The synopsis from Huace: The flower girl Su Xiaowan accidentally set up a “brother and sister contract” with Gu Yanxi, the young master of the well-known jewellery business family and turned her identity into Gu Waner Gu Yanxi’s younger sister. However, the story of the sparrow turning into a phoenix didn’t go smoothly as Su Xiaowan expected. Su Xiaowan had to resort to her tricks and wit to deal with the sharped-tongued and scheming young master. Besides, the maid fans of Gu Yanxi and Lady Ru who is charge of the business in family Gu also gave Xiaowan a hard time.

Although Su was having a tough time in family Gu, fortunately, the second master Gu Ziqian provided Xiaowan with meticulous care and warmth. However, the second master also had his own purpose for taking care of Su. What’s worse, Su found herself trapped in the relationships with the two young masters, and she even fell in love with the most hated young master Gu Yanx


=======> ♦ Unique Lady Season 2 (绝世千金2) Zheng Qiu Hong and Gong Jun. Dang, this is a girl’s harem alright. Modern student enters a game and in order to escape she must find true love among four men.


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