Wholesome sisterhood between Jin Chen and Li Yi Tong in Dear Missy

Loosely touted as the Chinese Version of Gossip Girl, Dear Missy (了不起的女孩) stars Jin Chen and Li Yi Tong as two best friends with polar opposite personalities. During their graduation, their friendship plummeted into the ground. Nine years later, they meet and reconcile again, willing to work together to face life’s lemons and challenges.

Begins airing 12/21!

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  1. One thought on “Wholesome sisterhood between Jin Chen and Li Yi Tong in Dear Missy

    Having seen up to ep 8, and I really like it so far! Chemistry between LYT and Gina is sizzling, and Zhang Chao is very charming. (He gets the opportunity to show off his musical talent here too, singing and playing guitar). I love the friendships, though I must admit this has strong GL vibe. Just like the trailer, Gina seems to be equally attracted to and flirts with both LYT and Zhang Chao lol. Also, coming off fresh from Hikaru no Go and Exclusive Memory, the show feels like an AU crossover with many of familiar faces from those dramas (incl. PD Liu Chang!)

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