Cheng Yi and Zhang Yu Xi confirmed modern drama South Wind Knows My Mood

Adapted from the novel written by Qi Wei, South Wind Knows My Mood (南风知我意) stars Cheng Yi and Zhang Yu Xi. He is a botanist and she’s a medic, and both join a humanitarian relief effort in search of a special medicinal plant. After many obstacles, they found the plant they needed to create a special medicine. Our male lead returns back home, just to find his half-brother’s plan for turning the medicinal plant into cosmetics for monetary gains. He opposes his brother but a mysterious accident happens at the lab which postpones the production of the medicine and also injures our male lead. Our female lead is in the dark about the whole thing and misunderstands him. Half a year later, after our love birds have experienced disappointment, confusion, and worry, they come back together. As the day of their wedding approaches, our girl discovers alarming clues about her parents’ deaths. Hatred from the previous generation once again challenges their foundation of trust and forgiveness. Our hero does not give up, he fights hard to protect her and uphold their feelings. Finally, the competition between the brothers comes to an end and our leads remain steadfast to each other.

Booting Ceremony 11/12:

  1. One thought on “Cheng Yi and Zhang Yu Xi confirmed modern drama South Wind Knows My Mood

    I am so looking forward to watching CHENG YI after his great performance in Love and Redemption (LnR). I hope his fans will move on from the CP couple in LnR and give this new CP a chance to harmonise. They make a good looking couple.

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