Jiang Meng Jie finds love again in My Dear Lady with Liu Te

My Dear Lady (你成功引起我的注意了) is a modern drama that follows the ups and downs of our female lead, played by Jiang Meng Jie who spent 6 years taking care of her husband and child, just to one day be handed the divorce papers. Immediately after the court hearing, her car crashes into a luxury car and now she has more debt added to her burdens. To fight for the custody of her child, she needs to improve her financial stability by stepping back into the workforce. She happens to become an assistant to our male lead, who is also the owner of the luxury car. He is a lot younger than she is and constantly nitpicks on her outdated work knowledge. But she continues to improve herself and her perseverance moves our male lead. Due to her single mom status and being much older than he is, his family does not approve of her. She helps him get over his car accident trauma (when he was younger) and he builds a unbreakable bond with her son; the two are able to fight forward a life together.

Begins airing on 5/21!

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