Cdrama Updates: Missing Persons, Kidnapping, Astringent Girl, A Love Never Lost, Vacation of Love

It’s June! Have to stop blinking so time could slow down…

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=======> ♦ Webdrama thriller Missing Persons (失踪人口) with Lu Yu Lai and Liu Chang to air on 6/3.


=======> ♦ Remake of 2002’s Hot Girls, Astringent Girl (涩女郎) stars Yin Tao, Song Yi, Zhao Jin Mai, Wei Da Xun, Sun Yi Zhou, and Yang Shuo.

=======> ♦ Adapted from the novel The Name of the Game is a Kidnapping written by Keigo Higashino, Kidnapping (十日游戏) with Zhu Ya Wen and Gina Jin, released new posters and a trailer.


=======> ♦ Deemed as the Chinese version of Gossip Girl, Amazing Girls (了不起的女孩) released posters of Li Yi Tong and Gina Jin. So stingy with stills even though they wrapped up filming a long time ago. No official English title yet.

=======> ♦ A Love Never Lost (人生若如初见) with Li Xian, Chun Xia, and Wei Da Xun began filming on 5/30. A republican series.

=======> ♦ Yi Pian Bing Xin Zai Yu Hu (一片冰心在玉壶) with Zhang Hui Wen and Caesar Wu Xi Ze began filming also. It centers around our heroine who becomes the first female constable to work for Lord Bao and has a loveline with Zhan Zhao.

=======> ♦ Vacation of Love (假日暖洋洋) with Yao Chen and Bai Yu also began filming this week. Couples go on vacation to save their marriage and or find new love.

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