Legend of Fei confirms Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yi Bo

Li Ying is making a comeback after having her first child! Legend of Fei (有翡) is based on the novel You Fei/Bandits (有匪) written by Priest. It sounds like your typical wuxia drama that takes place during the Northern and Southern dynasties (?), where legends have fallen to the chaotic world, allowing room for the new rising heroes of the pugilistic world, some of which are our leading lady and man, Zhou Fei (Zhao Li Ying) and Xie Yun (Wang Yi Bo). Our female lead grew up in a neutral zone where there is no war, known collectively as the 48 tribes, so she leads a pretty peaceful life. That changes when her father is invited to join the Southern region, and she is forced to enter jianghu shortly after. Our male lead is an optimist, who knows a lot about the world because he has basically done a lot of jobs. His expertise? Running away and talking his way in/out of things (Lol). During our female lead’s journey, he is there to help her as she slowly becomes a hero in her own right.

As I read through the reviews of this novel, a lot of them describes the writing of Priest as draggy and there’s a lack of romantic scenes between the leading couple.

I only know one half of the equation (pairing) so I can’t judge much but reading everyone’s positive reviews about The Untamed makes me feel slightly better about this pairing.


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    Interesting that a lot of reviews say Priest is draggy. I actually really like her novels, though they’re not necessarily my all-time favorites. A lot of friends have actually told me that You Fei is really really good and is one of her top rated novels even with her being a mainly BL writer. The fact that so many BL readers I know also really recommend You Fei makes me feel like it’s probably at least decent? I’ve heard it’s very fun and very very jianghu/wuxia, perhaps more of that wuxia feel than the more common romance-heavy “yan qing” novels… Personally still looking forward to it. Also bc ZLY.

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      I’m waiting for novel fans to sell me more juicy info. LOL.

      I really need a good Li Ying drama. It’s been forever! xD

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      I need more info on the novel as well (will start googling after this). LY usually choose well. It’s just that I don’t want another Fuyao…
      Of course now that the issue of the director is brought up, I am also not fond of the director of Princess Agents. The problem with ZLY drama productions is also because they are usually big budget, so there will always be a lot of forced screen time for minor characters ala PA??

      I don’t even mind if they are not on a huge budget, if they can produce something on the level of The Untamed, I’m quite happy. The sets, costumes, cgi all didn’t bother me because the stories and characters took center stage, which should always be the case for me.

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    Based on your summary of the novel, and one I read on another blog, it looks like wuxia, which is always my cup of tea! The story sounds interesting, and though most say the romance takes the back seat in the novel, my gut tells me they will add more romantic scenes.

    As I said in the chatbox, I can’t feel the pairing between Liying and Wang Yibo. Granted, I haven’t seen Untamed, so I don’t have any opinion about WYB’s acting (though based on everyone’s review he sounds like a decent actor). Maybe it’s their age gap (which never bodes well to me), or just different vibes. The description of the hero actually sounds very Ning Que to me, hahahhah! But I’m actually now picturing Shawn Dou as the hero! Kill me!

    In which this leads to my next fear — the director of the drama is the one who directed Princess Agents *_*. I’m still traumatized. I just hope that at least the drama will have a decent writing and good editing — as well as good fighting choreographer. If possible, I wish they have the Ever Night choreographer, which IMO has the best fighting scenes in recent years.

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      Dang Lenje, spoke out my fear about the diretor. I didn’t want to mention the dampening factor….yet. LOL. You know what would be great? The director of Ever Night. I’m still left breathless with some of the stand-out fight scenes. I should get back to EN. It’s been on hold for a year now? xD

      But yes, girl! I desperately need another drama with Shawn and Li Ying. Princess Agents….*_*

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        WORDDDD for Ever Night’s director to take over! (Although I know it’s pretty much impossible at the moment). I have issues with some of the additional scenes in EN1, but undoubtedly she did a fantastic job. From the BTS we can see she’s very meticulous and she handles her actors very well. The strength of EN1 is that it follows the book rather religiously that book fans were satisfied enough (with a few exceptions) and the editing is pretty good. And the FIGHT SCENES! (again, LOL). Yes, please go back to watching it! :))))

        You know I’m with you on Shawn-Liying. We prolly need to start a GoFundMe project to realize it :D.

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    I read some comments on weibo and apparently WYB’s character is quite talkative. This will be really, really interesting to see, considering he barely had any dialogue in most episodes of The Untamed.

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    I hope people won’t attack me for saying this… I like both actor and actress, but when they started the rumor and now the confirmation of the leads I have a very strong resistance to this casting because The Legend of Fei is one of the few novel I picked up to read based on the author and not because of a drama. There is a totally of 4 books and I only finished the first book and I really enjoy it. I agree that it is not everyone taste because the first book feel like a introduction to a very complex and repressed world and not much on any romance but every scene between the two leads are interesting and it is one of those silent type of romance that I feel will slowly evolve through experiences. When I heard ZLY is going to be the female lead , my first reaction is that she may not be a good fit because Fei is, how do I put it, cold. Her feeling is a bit cold because I felt she don’t really care about anything other than fighting skills. BUT in very rare occasions, which is why I love this author, you can feel she is a very kind and sensitive person underneath. I really like this type of female lead but when they announced ZLY as the lead, I can’t help but think of Princess Agent and that is too deep of an impression, both of them are very similar and I feel like I will mix them up… Especially since now I know the director… Need to run, will chat about WYB later lol

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      If you based on WYB`s performance in The untamed and maybe his real personality, it is kind of hard to accomplish the male lead personality because he is suppose to be outgoing and talkative outward but interally he is very complexed with his background, still haven’t read up to it yet. Therefore, this will be quite challenging role but based on WYB performance in The Untamed and seeing his playful personality in the BTS, I think if he work at it, WYB will fit the male lead. Like some of you, I am worried about the chemistry because if the follow the novel, there should be a lot of subtle feeling and silent communication between the leads. Individual I think both lead is fine so now it all depends on their chemistry and for the production crew to not make this into an idol drama, this is more of a Wuxia novel with a lot of other characters building up this world…Hope this don’t disappoint 😂

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    I thought after having a kid, ZLY would choose a less idol-y kind of drama. But with the director being the one who directed PA and the upcoming Wang Yibo as the ML, then this drama probably would only be another idol drama. I remember there was a rumour about her crying after PA because of that drama mess, but why is that she chose to do this again ???

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      I came across a comment made by Sun Li about the limited choice of roles for actresses her age. She said that there isn’t a great variety of dramas for stars in their 30s, so the latter have to opt for historical dramas or star in idol dramas if they still have the chance. Additionally, Yang Rong did a similar remark, explaining why she always plays characters who are much younger than her. I guess it’s the same for Zhao Liying. I think even though she is a star and wants to play a mature character, there aren’t many offers out there so she has to stick with what’s available or turn to movies.

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        The best alternative is for ‘older’ actresses to form their own production companies and find good stories and scripts.
        In a few short years, the current crop of young actresses will be facing the same problems.

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          There are older actresses who star in their own productions yes, but it’s hard for them to play leading characters their own age as the general TV industry in China is very youth-oriented. There seems to be hope though as there are some upcoming shows that focus on women in their 30s and their problems when it comes to family and career.

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        I’m not a Yang Mi fan, but I like that she has her own company which allows her to play more varied and matured roles. She might be more of an exception though. Seemed like she came from money and her family is well-connected. Getting investment for projects and still maintaining casting and creative control is easier for her.

        I believe Lin Xin Ru has herown company too..Yet, she still played chrarcters less than 1/2 of her actual age. So…

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          Yang Mi still plays idol roles though lol There’s a market for it.

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          Yang Mi does star in idol dramas though. The difference is that she made a wiser decision of starring in high-production dramas targeted to the youth market to maintain her livelihood and fame, while trying out different roles in movies as an “actress”. That way she can experiment with her acting without risks to her bank worth.

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      The director for new drama also directed PA? Yeah I heard the same rumors, she cried 3 days and night and swore to never work with them again because of the mess. Maybe after falling out with manger Bin she don’t have anymore good connections.

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      How is this an idol drama? Because of WYB? ZLY has proven herself in Minglan. The genre for this drama is wuxia something like Listening Snow Tower, which wasn’t “idol.” Wuxia dramas are focused on the heroes and what not. Like I don’t consider HSDS as idol. Those fantasy themed aka xianxia are idol drama.

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        You can definitely be wuxia and still be idol. It all depends on how the tone/feel and production quality (which isn’t always linked to budget, think Bloody Romance — which was a quality underdog drama that I personally find fairly difficult to classify genre-wise) of the drama ends up as. I personally beg to differ because I found Listening Snow Tower very idol and not that well done even though the premise and the promotional trailers portrayed a very good wuxia vibe.

        I hope that You Fei doesn’t turn out as an idol drama because it has good potential, but so did Listening Snow Tower and well…we may have differing opinions, but I personally was disappointed.

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    After falling into WYB in The Untamed and ZLY being one of my fav actresses out there, I’m super stoked for this drama. I have also heard about ZLY’s relationship with PA’s director, but it seems like they have made their peace?

    Regarding the story, there are comments that describe the female and male leads as having their script swopped, lol. i.e. the male behaves more like a typical female role and vice versa. But I like a cool ZLY 😀 and 风水轮流转, WYB always teased XiaoZhan for having too much dialogues, it’s his turn now 😀

    I have seen WYB in his other short dramas–quite a natural actor. Looking forward to this very much!!

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    It has Been a while since we last saw her so I am very excited. I just finished The Untamed last night and I am very impressed with WYB acting skills. He does not look 22. I thought he was in his late twenties but he is good looking 😄. I don’t they will put heavy romance. It might be more Legend of Chusen type but this is only personal deductions. I cannot wait.

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    WYB is definitely a natural in acting. I’ve liked him since I saw him in Love Actually, and he got even better in his latest dramas.

    ZLY took me by surprise when she confirmed this role. After Minglan, I thought she wouldn’t do any idol historical drama anymore. This might be one of her last, so I hope the script and directing would do her justice. Princess Agents was perfect in terms of casting, but was such a huge let down.

    Despite liking both actors, I am still worried about the age difference especially when Xie Yun is older in the novel. Hoping appropriate changes would be made and the two would look good together.

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