Shawn Dou’s Ten Years Late with Gulnazar to air, Wang Kai’s Hunting drops new trailer

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=======> ♦ Ten Years Late (十年三月三十日) with Shawn Dou and Gulnazar to air on 9/19! His later dramas are airing before his older dramas. *shakes head* I’m convinced that the more you want something, the less they want to give it to you.

Shawn’s hair is beginning to merge with his other modern dramas. xD

 photo late-16.jpg

 photo late-15.jpg

 photo late-23.jpg

 photo late-22.jpg

 photo late-21.jpg

 photo late-20.jpg

 photo late-17.jpg

 photo late-18.jpg

 photo late-19.jpg


=======> ♦ Police drama Hunting (猎狐) with Wang Kai, Angela Wang Ou, Hu Jun, and Liu Yi Jun releases a new trailer!

 photo huting-1.jpg

 photo huting-5.jpg

 photo huting-6.jpg

 photo huting-7.jpg

 photo huting-8.jpg

 photo huting-4.jpg

 photo huting-3.jpg

 photo huting-2.jpg


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