Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 31 – 38

One of the few who could pull of straight, blunt bangs and still looks adorable.

Happy friday everyone!

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  1. 9 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 31 – 38

    IKR she even looks better with the bangs than without. Her body is also pretty, she’s stunning in all types of dresses.

    I’m just so sad why Elvis is so mean when he was such a nice, sweet, adorable, innocent boy in Wuxin. And I am just mostly disappointed with the SLOW pace, but it’s still better that they air this than just letting it go for waste.

  2. 9 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 31 – 38

    I’m a sucker for Elvis’ embroidered jackets. I find it hard to imagine they were really a thing for guys back then but they sure look nice on him!

  3. 9 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 31 – 38

    I think the bangs detracts from her looks but yes she is adorable none the less. First time I saw the trailer I was totally attracted to her, so ute and sad looking at the same time. When smiles she looks like a puppy but otherwise she was so cold.

    I adore the clothes on everyone but the teo leads have the most awesome clothes. Sun Yi’s very very thin frame and slim waistline makes the dresses hug her body so well. I’m still peeved about all the couple scenes that were deleted, especially those from the trailer and promotional pictures.

    I think this week the missing scenes became more prominent. Like the scene in the hospital between Qin Sang And her 1st love, she later mentions he stopped trying to commit suicide because of his dreams…the suicide attempt waa cut so this conversation makes no sense.

    After this week I can understand why Qin Sang will break off with Lin Kai again. His family did cause the downfall of her family, caused her mother to fall ill with worry then died, he used her family’s situation to force her hand in marriage and now her father died in place of his and instead of giving him a proper burial they instead hid his death and buried him in an unmarked grave and hid his death from her. All for the sake of the Yi familys power the Qin family is now destroyed.

    The Yi family owes a lot to the Qin family yet viewers don’t seem to care about this because the show emphasises the Yi family as ‘good’ while everyone else is bad. Ppl forget the Yi family are warlords who welds great power and can kill ppl and not be held accountable for it as long as they don’t want to be held accountable.

    In this aspect the book was more successful, we knew they were warlords and they were power hungry and the book never glorified their character up to be the big heroes like they are in the drama. Nothing they have done so far in the drama is for the ppl benefit, it was always for the Yi’s benefit but the drama plays it like it was their right when the revolution is seen as the evil side. I wonder if this is due to Chinese censorship? Is this subtlety telling viewers that any wish for democracy is actually evil?

    It may not be their intention but it’s coming off that way. Since any character leaning towards democracy including Qin Sang gets their scenes cut and their character tarnished while warlords including Murong’s and the Li’s are shown as super smart and have their own code of conduct and the Yi’s especially are seen as noble.

    • 9 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 31 – 38

      I haven’t watched up to the latest episodes yet but I do agree that we have to keep in mind that they are warloads. The way they mentioned the Yi’s family is like they are talking about the legacy of a royal family or a family business but they are warlords who aim to dominate the world and become rulers so personally I can’t root for them. Especially the father, the head of the family who prefer to have both his sons fight it out until one win over the other when both of them don’t want to and actually can help each other. When his son is in danger instead of thinking of ways to save him, he seems to be willing to sacrifice him. To him, power and his ‘kingdom’ seems to be more important than his family.

      If they focus more on the 1st love and his side, it will make the story more comprehensive but right now, both side seems off so I am only really watching for the main leads because their chemistry is really just off the chart lol

  4. 9 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 31 – 38

    Elvis Han is just too handsome in here. I love this character. He’s smart and compassionate but he covered those traits so he don’t have to compete with his brothers for power and also to hide his love from his wife. He’s more the man of action than words. Elvis played his part to perfection….I can’t wait to see him in uniform next week!!!!

    I do feel bad for QS’s family but I’m mad at QS. Her actions is so weird, here she said she would do anything and died for Yi Li Kai and on the other hand so go and help her 1st and cried for him, making me seem like she have not like him go. At some point, I was like wishing she have just go with her first love and let Li Kai be but then I found QS and Li Kai are too cute an loving together. I guess is just upset me to see not committed to YLK fully. I hope they will be happy together but know once she knows her father died because of the Yi’s family. She will blame YLK and they could be separated. I heard is a sad ending but I hope there is a happy/sad ending though…

    • 9 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 31 – 38

      Ur not the only one who is pissed at QS actions but this is due to them cutting scenes out. In the original script there were more scenes of QS and why she choose the things she did. She no longer loves her ex but it doesn’t change the fact she used to love him and he had helped her multiple times and saved both her and LK so she owes it to him to return the favour. The thing with scenes is they cut out half of the scenes so that the conversations end when it feels like they are only speaking of their relationship while the original script have them talk about their ideals and life. There is a more defined line between them, both knows very well she love LK now and she feels guilty to both of them because she was the 1st to let go in their relationship. The editing makes it out like she still has feelings for her ex when she doesn’t.

      But then it’s been consistently destroying QS’s character from the start. The editing team prefers to cover the two younger Yi brothers above everyone else.

      For instance did you know the plot to marry the Ching 1st Lady to Murong Fong was hatched by QS and not the Yi family? She figured this out the moment she met the young girl andbhad intentionally took the picture to 1. Show LK she had escaped so he would too since she realises at that point he wasn’t captured, 2. Ensure the safety of the Ching female members since the brother obviously didn’t care for them but he can’t kill them nor anyone can kill them since they were proven to be alive when she left, so it can’t be blamed on the war, and 3. Force Murong army to lend their assistance to hold the Li army at bay.

      But this scene was cut so the only confirmation we had was afterwards the YLK’s father thanking QS for the scheme but it was a throwaway line so most viewers don’t realise it.

      They also cut out QS overhearing 2nd bro and his uncle talking about killing LK so it makes it out like QS was making stuff up.

      They also cut out 2nd bros wife finding the pen and figuring out who killed her father and went to make the uniform.

      They cut out 2nd bro scene when he ordered his men to kill without blood, hence they suffocated those on the streets, regardless if they were part of the revolution or not.

      There were plenty of more scenes that were cut. It really detracts from the drama because of the inconsistency.

      I could never find myself to hate QS because though her character was inconsistent but with a little effort to think on her behalf her actions are not that illogical. Added on to that I read the book and also some of the cut scenes and follow the script writers weibo so I do read a lot of the missing details.

      I can assure you the writer and Sun Yi are more angry at QS’s supposed illogical actions then viewers since they know how the story is suppose to go.

      • 9 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 31 – 38

        I did read about the deleted scenes and I think is a bad move for a very good drama. I’m mad for Sun Yi as well. But China are so strict with anything that’s airing. I mean they censor so much here and there the storyline no longer valid. Therefore, I feel bad for the actors and directors that put in there hardworking!!!

        But yes I do agree that Han Dong Jun and Sun Yi chemistry if off the chart. They are just magical together. I mean from the looks to their body. It fit so well and I just love all their lovey dovey scenes which I hope there are more to come!!! Can they please have another project together again please!

        • 9 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 31 – 38

          I’m afraid you’ll be more upset to find out a very good portion of the leads love scenes had been deleted.

          According to weibo over half the two leads scenes together had been deleted. Including some of those already released in the trailer and promotional stills.

          They deleted some of Elvis Han’s cunning scenes too. It makes it feel like he only cares for QS and nothing else when really QS is very important to him but so is his master’s wish. He lacks the craftiness and ambition of the original character.

      • 9 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 31 – 38

        wow, so many deleted scenes, thanks for sharing, it makes more sense now…

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