Friday Photoshoot: Michelle Chen, Hu Ge and Zhou Xun, Wang Luo Dan, Niu Jun Feng

Well, it’s technically it’s 1AM right now on a Saturday but no big difference! I particularly like this batch of photoshoots, very colorful and fun!

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Uyghur beauties. Guli Nazha!

 photo glnaz-1.jpg

 photo glnaz-8.jpg

 photo glnaz-7.jpg

 photo glnaz-6.jpg

 photo glnaz-5.jpg

 photo glnaz-4.jpg

 photo glnaz-3.jpg

 photo glnaz-2.jpg

Dilraba Dilmurat!

 photo ra-1.jpg

 photo ra-2.jpg

 photo ra-6.jpg

 photo ra-5.jpg

 photo ra-4.jpg

 photo ra-3.jpg

Oho Ou Hao looking adorable. <3

 photo ou-8.jpg

 photo ou-9.jpg

 photo ou-6.jpg

 photo ou-7.jpg

 photo ou-5.jpg

 photo ou-4.jpg

 photo ou-1.jpg

 photo ou-2.jpg

 photo ou-3.jpg

Tang Yan!

 photo tang-1.jpg

 photo tang-2.jpg

 photo tang-3.jpg

 photo tang-4.jpg

 photo tang-5.jpg

 photo tang-6.jpg

Hu Ge and Zhou Xun shooting a short Vogue film.

 photo vogue-7.jpg

Wang Luo Dan. Love the natural outdoor colors.

 photo wang-1.jpg

 photo wang-8.jpg

 photo wang-7.jpg

 photo wang-6.jpg

 photo wang-2.jpg

 photo wang-3.jpg

 photo wang-4.jpg

 photo wang-5.jpg

Awww, love this fun shoot from Niu Jun Feng!

 photo feng-5.jpg

 photo feng-1.jpg

 photo feng-2.jpg

 photo feng-3.jpg

 photo feng-7.jpg

 photo feng-6.jpg

 photo feng-4.jpg

Michelle Chen – this is my favorite shoot of this batch. I love when the stylist isn’t lazy with just one hair and one outfit.

 photo chenmi-1.jpg

 photo chenmi-7.jpg

 photo chenmi-8.jpg

 photo chenmi-6.jpg

 photo chenmi-5.jpg

 photo chenmi-4.jpg

 photo chenmi-2.jpg

 photo chenmi-3.jpg

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    Guli Nazha<3 She's precious 🙂

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