Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (11)

What can I say…. I will binge-watch Princess Agents at the end. Lol. The other show I’m watching is Seven Day Queen, and while both shows are tragic, one is tragically messy (PA) the other is tragically compelling (7DQ), but of course, I’m in the minority with PA’s 35 Billion views+. LOL. I still can’t believe they did that to poor Seo No!! It was fitting but so unexpected for me. I thought he would last longer or at least be the one to stay with Chae Kyung after she’s deposed!

So what are you guys watching? Maybe I need some fluffy romance or just simply something unique!

=======> ♦ A BTS showing the real vs added CGI effects of Lost Love In Times. The effects are really pretty and decent-looking. In other news, they have made 1 Billions online views after 8 days of broadcast. Congratulations!

=======> ♦ Xing Zhao Lin (Yue Qi in PA) turned 20 today! ONLY 20?!!! Oh….. He’s getting dolled up below.

=======> ♦ Interview with the cast of My Mr. Mermaid.

=======> ♦ Yoyo has uploaded Ethan Ruan and Xu Lu’s Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave.

=======> ♦ Premiering on the same day is Zhou Dong Yu and Zhang Yi Shan’s 10 Miles of Spring Wind Can’t Compare to You (春风十里不如你).

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    Waiting for Yadech reunion in their soul-swapping new thai drama!! I know I should be tired of them….but I adore these two so much.

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    I haven’t watched a single ep of PA since ep 39, I guess I will be binge watching it this weekend. I’m waiting for DF to release Eng subs of Lost Love in Times. I have 2 arcs to go to the end of The Cupid series, and I’m on the last part of UPrince series.

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      I’m with you on that. I think dropped PA just after the rebellion and things started to go back to being idolish again. It left a bit of a sour taste when they just showed a rape and the maiming of a character. Will binge to see the ending once it’s all available with subs.

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    Yess Seven Day Queen! Seo Noh’s death was so heartbreaking and fitting that he would repay their childhood kindness with his life. He really loved his friends and stood up for the innocents.

    Just started Reunited Worlds and it’s sweet with mysterious/supernatural elements. Not sure what direction the drama will go but the first two eps definitely got me hooked.

    Finished Circle: Two Worlds Connected (same main actor Yeo Jin Goo, not related though). Hands down one of the best dramas of the year and in my top 10 all time favourites.

    The Eternal Romance is good for a light-hearted watch. Lots of romance haha.

    Will check out Ethan Ruan’s Candle in the Tomb soon!

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      Yep!! When he wanted to take a piece of goodness from each of them to go… OMGAH. Tears be flowing from my puffy eyes.

      He was probably the only person genuinely nice to MH and I wish the guilt would torture that girl day and night!! (YES. I AM EVIL.)

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    Unfortunately, nothing. I was on and off PA, but it was so bad I just couldn’t continue. I also didn’t feel like catching up on Lost Love in Times as well. I think this is the period where I’m getting sick of everything.

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      Oh nooooo I understand that feeling… I have been quite sick of everything for a while already which is so sad. Its like you can’t seem to enjoy a drama and even find it really good when others say its good.

      Lost Love in Times is good but not spectacular or that it makes me excited for next week. I am just hoping Korea/China will soon release a “it” drama soon, like Goblin/DOTS/BBJX/Nirvana. I miss that feeling of excitement waiting for the next episode for a drama.

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        Nirvana 2 coming toward the end of the year!

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      Have you tried The Advisors Alliance? I really enjoyed it.

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        I just don’t want to start on it. It’s been on my to watch list forever since it screams “I’m a great drama” but I just can’t.

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        The actor who portrayed Cao Cao was electrifying. He held the first part of the drama together, but it got draggy after his death.

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      I’ve been like that now too. For me, it comes after my most fav drama end (esp, if it’s tragic). The first ever time was after song of dessert. It takes me whole 2 weeks heartbreaking. And i tried look up other drama of main leads with happy ending. The second one was eternal love. It’s happy ending and i just can’t get out of my head. I tried to hook up other drama but i can’t reach to end. It’s not that i drop but add to watch later list. Now i’m looking forward to lost love in times. Cuz it make me eager to know next episode. I tried look for novel too. Unfortunately there’s no translation. :'(

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    Yess Seven Day Queen is fantastic! I’m happy you are enjoying it too. It’s probably one of the best Korean costume dramas I’ve watched but tragic is definitely the right word. So much pain and sadness but I’m just happy the writer gives us the beautiful sweet moments between the OTP like the gorgeous, sensuous love scene in episode 15 or humour with awesome Nanny.

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    Kappy! Have you seen Let’s Fall in Love with Ming Dao and Wang Ou? I’m going back to those times when I watched Ming Dao’s Taiwanese idol series and falling madly in love with him haha. He’s so fun and adorable in there, you should watch if you haven’t yet! :3

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      I haven’t the chance, Nini! I do peek in to check out the stills and they look adorable! I’m glad that they picked Wang Ou cause the lady is stunning with a great personality! I will try them when it’s less busy! Lol! Thanks! =D

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    I’m not sure where else to ask this but for the longest time I’ve been wondering about one of the site banners. I have no idea how to load a screen capture to the comment section ao I will try to describe the banner:

    It features as actress I think might be Lu Shi Shi in a red costume. On the banner in the first image she is in the rain or snow being carried piggy back by a man or maybe she is giving him a back hug?; in the middle image she is dancing with a decoration on her forehead; and last image she is holding a parasol and looking up. There is English text saying “That Winter” and I think the Chinese name is on the banner but I can’t read Chinese 🙁 Sorry for the vague descriptions

    Can anyone tell me what drama this is please? I would be so grateful.

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      That sounds like Bu Bu Jing Xin to me! Maybe I am wrong…

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      Hey there Majesty!
      I had the same question before and I found out it’s a movie called Brotherhood of Blades starring Chang Chen and LSS.

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      Lol. It’s a good thing I made the banners so I remember each and every one of them. That banner features 3 of Shi Shi’s projects, all of which are in the snow. HEHE.

      Brotherhood of Blade, Bu Bu Jing Xin, and Sound of the Desert. 😉

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      Thanks so much for the replies and identifying the movie everyone 😀 I was hoping it was a drama but Brotherhood of Blades film is definitely on my to watch list now especially if gorgeous Chang Chen stars as well.

      @Kappy: Ah so it is three of her projects? Thanks for clearing that up because I was so sure the middle image was from BBJX but then I was sure the other two were not in BBJX so I was all confused!

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    Ive given up on PA… The plot took a nosedive and I’m not sure if ZLY, LGX or SD can save it. Pity.

    What is Seven Day Queen about? It sounds like a Korean adaptation of Lady Jane Grey’s short reign as Queen, except Jane Grey got beheaded.

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      Its about the only queen of Joseon who was queen for only 7 days before she was deposed (Queen Dangyeong of Joseon, real figure). Her family supported the prior tyranny (King Yeonsangun) and his brother (King Jungjong) pitched a rebellion to remove him.

      After she was deposed there was a legend of her hanging her skirt out at a mountain every day to signify that she missed him (her husband king jungjong) and he would look toward that direction too. It’s a tragic romance.

      Park Min Young is wonderful in this role despite not lifting a sword like Chu Qiao, she makes me feel for her character, how she took charge of her life and the tattoo placed on her. She also questions her husband (why must you be King?) and doesn’t just listen to him, I wanna be King blah blah blah.

      The romance is nicely developed, these two love each other with every glance.

      The tyranny king is acted by lee dong gun and he is very similar to Yan Xun but we get a happier yan xun in the beginning and see the good in him. While with this king, he was always paranoid since his father didn’t show him affection, etc. A lot of Flashbacks.

      Nicely acted. All three legs of the love triangle.

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        Cheers for the detailed writeup! I will definitely have to check Seven Day Queen out thanks to you and mingly, it’s been ages since I watched a saeguk but I don’t remember the last time people raved about a Korean drama on here 🙂

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      Seven Day Queen is a definitely must watch!!! Everything about it is awesome: actors, directing, script and the CHEMISTRY of the OTP is OFF the CHART!!!!

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    I like tragic, dramatic sageuks. The Princess’ Man is one of my favourite dramas of all time (Yes, I can even bear to rewatch it despite PSH…). Good pacing, intruiging story, epic romance, great-great-great OTP and second OTP, gorgeous costumes and OST. Frankly speaking, I was expecting some of the same level with 7Days.. I watched two episodes and sadly it just didn’t draw me in. I’m not a big fan of childhood/first love portions in dramas (the #1 most cliche and typical element in sageuk), the younger version of Chae-kyung annoyed the heck out of me, so I was not digging the whole thing. Also, the pop song with English lyrics. They did the same thing with Scarlet Moon – and I remember that K-netizens were not fond of that combination. Why-oh-why English in a sageuk?! Anyway, gave up after two episodes. But I keep hearing that it is good.. so maybe I will give it another try.

    I don’t know I feel less attracted to K-dramas nowadays (compared to few years ago). Last drama that I completed was Whisper.. and the only reason that kept me watching was because of Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-yoon (Seoyeong reunion). Was hoping that 7Days could become my new K-drama crack but sadly it didn’t. Anyone watching Secret Forest? I have been reading so many positive reviews everywhere (even on Weibo), some claiming that it’s even better than Signal.. =O

    I’m mainly watching PA at the moment. Unlike most of you guys, I’m on Xing-Yue boat (not saying that Shawn isn’t good in his role..). I’m surprised, considering the fact that I usually hate characters that are too one-dimensional, especially male leads who only live for the girl. I can’t pinpoint why I like Xing-Yue more than Yan-Chu. They don’t even have that many scenes together and LGX doesn’t appear that much. His role isn’t even that significant lol. So I just have no reason why I ship Xing-Yue. I don’t even know myself. Yep, there was no passion in the kiss. But still…. I’m happy that my ship is finally sailing. At least there is one reason for me to keep on watching this despite all the mess (bad directing, worst-to-the-max editing, horrible pace and flow, weird characterizations, cringey eyeliners for the baddies, laugh-worthy CG/kou-tu etc. etc. etc. etc.) I feel bad for Li Qin btw. She appears even less in this drama than all the secondary/supporting characters such as Yu Wen-huai, Wei Shu-you and now Michael Tao’s dupe. Her only purpose in this drama is to get gang-raped T_T.

    I also binge-watched 4 episodes of Ten Miles of Spring Can’t Compare with You yesterday, starring Zhou Dong-yu and Zhang Yi-shan. Hmm. It’s sort of cute… but nothing spectacular. But at least our leading lady ZDY has guts to be almost 90% bareface in this drama (just very simple base and eyebrows, not even eyeliner, mascara or lipstick!). Kudos to her! Youthful indeed.

    Gave Lost Love in Times (1st episode) a third try, still not a success. I guess Bye-Bye then..?

    For the rest of the time I’m just following some variety shows. Go Fighting, Super Boy (mainly watching for Li Jian), The Voice of China, Let’s Fall in Love (skimming through it), Sisters on the Road (the one with Lin Zhi-ling, Hua Chen-yu and Jin Chen). That’s it I think.

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      With Seven Day Queen, I skipped the childhood part. LOL. I knew they are gonna be the cliche first-love-never-forget you type of deal, so I safely skipped them. The adults portion is when the show begins (c’mon, we need a real adult actor to counter the fierceness of Lee Dong Gun!) Intense emotions in almost every episode. It’s crazy!

      Li Qin is so underused in PA, it’s a crime.

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      I know what you mean about the child portion. Cuz I too didn’t really enjoy it, but you have to get pass that and start with the adult version in Ep. 5 onward. Give it another try! I LOVE it!

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        Aww I loved the childhood portion (strange cos I’ve dropped so many dramas for the childhood first love plot but it was directed well in 7DQ). The noble idiocy made sense and those kids made me cry haha. Was actually worried the older versions would not match up to their acting. You’re missing out on the brotherhood aspect of the younger Yeok and Yeonsangun (the latter was still played by Lee Dong Gun!) Loved watching the beginnings of his descent into madness – lots of conflicting feelings about his brother whose very existence was a growing threat to him. When Yeok “died”, he essentially lost the only one who genuinely loved him and who he genuinely loved as well.

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    I am probably the only one binging an old show. I never watched the original Fated to Love You and since a new one is being made I decided to give it ago. It’s a bit silly but still a very enjoyable show.

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    Currently watching Eternal Love and Bride of water god (kdrama). Happy birthday to xing Zhao Lin, hope he get cast in more lead roles and more skin ship scenes. He’s officially turned 20 today 7/22/17.

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      He has a new modern drama filming currently. If you go to mydramalist on his profile you see the name of his new drama.

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    I’m not sure if this is a place to discuss it but…
    There’s another website from the big three companies (SBS, MBC, KBS) that is starting to broadcast kdramas which meant Viki and Dramafever might be loosing out on kdramas to license.
    What I feel will probably be happening is that Viki and Dramafever might be looking into other tv shows from other countries to license. It seems that Viki is being largely affected by this since they are starting to loose out on many of the kdramas and it seemed that they are trying to license movies instead and of course the occasional c-dramas (often being less advertised or has lesser known casts).
    I just think this might affect how c-dramas will be license in the future with possibilities of either the broadcasting companies agreeing to let Viki or DF license the dramas or they will go the route where they can set up a site to broadcast their dramas. Or they can do what PA is doing — having people sub the youtube videos.

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      I think it’s likely that they do Chinese dramas, but production companies won’t be as enthusiastic to strike a deal since they have sufficient interest from domestic audience and can profit without licensing the drama to these sites. Also why a lot of the higher profile dramas are available on YouTube with subs for free right now even though there are other avenues.

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    I am currently watching ”Woman of Dignity”. I first thought of giving up after first 4 eps. I am soooo glad that I did not. After sooooo many years I am seeing that there are 2 powerful well written female leads and d male leads are not so prominent. So it is a refreshing change. Both the actresses are perfect for their roles and d rest of d actors are well written and cast. Even for d cheating husband you will end up feeling a little pity 😀
    I was initially put off when I read d synopsis, ”Woo A-Jin (Kim Hee-Seon) lives a luxurious life due to her wealthy father-in-law, but her father-in-law’s finances become decimated and her husband betrays her. Woo A-Jin’s life hits rock bottom. Park Bok-Ja (Kim Sun-A) is a mysterious woman and she hides her heartbreaking story. She brings about fierce hardship on Woo A-Jin.”
    But it is not exactly like that. Plz give it a shot as I did, and I am glad not to miss this little gem.
    This drama is fully pre-produced in 2016, and was almost not picked up by any channels, finally JTBC took it up as d writer’s latest show ”Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ” was such a huge hit. It was a great choice as it may break record of Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon to be d highest rated show.

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    I dropped PA … like 2 weeks ago (or really ever since I started watching The Advisors Alliance, which I’ve recently finished). Fine; I think I am somewhat of a shallow watcher who is unable to stand poor directing, and yeah it’s a tragic mess that I refuse to touch but has succeeded in making me eternally bitter. Whoever actually manages to sit through without FF-ing and needing a lobotomy or something I think deserves some award of sorts.

    However, I did start watching The Eternal Love with Yue Qi. It went something like this:
    Me: I need something cute and fluffy to accompany White Deer Plain.
    Also me: *watches 8 episodes of The Eternal Love in one sitting*
    Um…oops? It’s a fun and campy show, with tons of squee-worthy romance, which justifies the bright colors and lower budget (they have about $100 more than what the producers of Go Princess Go had). I do tend to skip over the stuff with the eldest prince (though the 2 hooded antagonists are also hilarious)… I mean, what I’ve watched so far was in one single sitting.

    I guess I’ll need to find some more cuteness to accompany White Deer Plain, which I’m watching for Li Qin, Deng Lun, and Zhai Tianlin (who portrayed Yang Xiu in Advisors Alliance). It most definitely is NOT messy, idol-like, or bright and colorful *coughs* unlike a certain show *coughs*. I’ve only seen 2 episodes, and it’s clearly solid and tightly written, but given that my favorite thing so far is looking at the noodles I’m nowhere near invested yet. But the characters I’m anticipating to see onscreen haven’t even been born yet, so there’s that.

    Lost Love in Times is enjoyable, and there’s a Biyao and a Pingting 😂

    Is anyone here watching the latest Candle in the Tomb installment with Ethan Ruan? If so, how is it? I actually found myself quite frustrated with the latter part of Candle in the Tomb with Jin Dong, which is considered like the best out of all them adaptations, so should I even bother?

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      I LOLed at the $100 more part! Is that part legit? It actually looked like they had way more budget than Go Princess somehow, if their budgets were really similar, kudos to Eternal Love omg! That drama is awesome!

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    I am still excited and waiting fir every episodes for PA. Loving it. Will try advisors alliance next.

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    I’m currently watching The Rap of China. I was expecting to dislike it but as the show progressed and the really good rappers got to show their skills… I realized the rap scene in China is quite good. It’s now my favorite reality show lol. The contestants are really talented.

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    Hii, folks!
    I still watch PA. I know, it doesn’t deserve my attention but since I’ve started it, and ZLY is in it, I should finish. I do admit that I abuse the FF button alot. I also like evil YX even more than than good YX. Shawn+eyeliner= HOT 🙂
    I started Lost love in Times. So far – ok. WC and LSS are ok, but the hair, OMG, the HAIR. It is even worse in motion than it was in the posters. Did you notice that they gave LSS a teletubbie haistyle in ep.5-8? She looks like Tinky Winky but without the purple onesie :((((

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      Lol…. Nell… Now I can’t Tinky Winky out of my head. At least they are cute? XD

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        Noooooooooo, Kappy, not cute at all. They are demons sent from hell to enslave the minds of young and impressionable children all over the world. i still can’t supress the horrible memories of the endless Teletubbies tv maratons I was forced to endure when babysitting my nephews.

        Tinky winky hair must go and never come back. WC should try to marry her again ASAP. At least, if she is a princess/concubine/whatever she will have to wear plenty of hair ornaments to hide the antena.

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    Finished skimming Advisors Alliance (season 1) and I would totally recommend it for anyone who loved Nirvana in Fire. Wish I understood more Chinese because I’m sure I would have enjoyed it even more. (I asked my parents–who were also watching the show–for clarification on plot points.) In order to fully appreciate the show and how well the script was written, I would also recommend reading up on some of the history (like I did on Wiki.) After knowing some of the major events and stories that are told about these historical figures, it made me truly appreciate how the show hit each major event with some of their own creative twists to the story. I’ve been impressed and in awe of the show. (The stellar acting, costumes, backdrops, and soundtrack have simply been stunning. Minimal noticeable CG. There are a couple of scenes that the CG is apparent, but it’s understandable why.)

    I wish I knew that they split the show up between season 1 and 2. When I reached the last episode of the first season, I was shocked/devastated that it was over. Since I can’t read Chinese, I have no idea when season 2 is coming out. TT_TT (Can anyone tell me?!) Again, if I haven’t made it clear, I definitely recommend this show. ^_^;;

    Until I have more AA to watch, I may eventually check out Love Lost in Time once the English subs are out. Seeing people’s comments have made me more interested in the show. I love Liu Shi Shi but I need happy endings. ^_^;; I may eventually check it out once more episodes are released. I also need to get over the void I’m feeling with AA’s season 1 end.

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      fyi, youtube has Eng subtitled version of AA. You just have to search for the Eng name of the drama and add the suffix ” Ep#”. # is whichever episode number you’re looking for. It has only been done up to ep 7 or so.

      I’m learning from AA that I don’t understand C poems in this drama. Do a lot of people understand these poems? I’m also not aware of the classic book names they refer to. I like AA so far after watching a few eps.

      I read that Season 2’s trailer has been released but I haven’t watched the trailer. Someone mentioned there’s Zhuge liang in Season 2. I haven’t checked to see which actor gets the role. i’m not aware of broadcast date for S2.

      Currently watching AA slowly. Thinking of continuing to watch a web drama previously abandoned after a few episodes 我与你的光年距离 Try to watch a few more eps of PA until I find it unbearable to continue. How evil will Yan Xun be after Yuan Song’s hand got chopped off? PA studio lighting seems harsh in addition to the nearly neon bright jewel tones. Especially palatial court scenes. Whenever people are kneeling before the Wei emperor, it’s like there’s flood light above their heads.

      May continue Jin Dong’s ,,, Half Life drama slowly.

      I like dramas with higher number of nice, considerate, competent characters. Love020 was ok though it doesn’t have to be quite such perfect characters. This seems rare in this year’s dramas? This year’s Across the Ocean to See You was ok. Pleasant enough light watch. Reasonable level of acting and production.

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      I’ve seen rumors of November 2017 for season 2 of Advisors Alliance. I hope then or earlier!! Can’t wait to watch it.

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      I didn’t even know AA was going to be season 1 and 2, now I feel even more reluctant to start watching it haha.

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    I am currently watching and enjoying PA! I just started Ice Fantasy and so far it is good. I like the lead couple chemistry. I’m also binge watching Divorce Lawyers.

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    I finished watching “The 1st 1/2 of my life” last night with Jin Dong as the main male lead. I like the drama, great story, great acting, but I’m not sure I like the ending. I’m also watching “Rush to the Dead Summer” – this drama is ok only to me. It’s kind of slow. The main female lead is Zheng Shuang.

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    Promised to keep up with PA but haven’t watched any of it this week. Just…disappointing, tho admittedly I love Yan Xun. Call it a bias but I have a huge thing for tragic characters and will always stand with the I-love-him/her-but-they’re-turning-shit-but-will-stick-by-him/her-OTP hence why despite actually kind of liking YY/CQ, I’m totally on the Yan Xun ship for no other reason than inherent bias. But that’s all moot considering I can’t even convince myself to keep watching it.

    Watched 12 eps of Eternal Love in one sitting and FELL. IN. LOVE. ‘Nuff said. Zhao Lin is the BOSS.

    FF’d thru Fox Love season 2 (somehow it didn’t keep my attention the way season 1 did but it was fine).

    slowly slowly rewatching Wuxin Monster Killer season 1. Brings back nice feeling but sometimes not too motivated to continue rewatching.

    Not even gonna bother with Lost Love. Tried skimming Lifetime Love for WuQian and Leo but after realizing the disaster of the whole thing and how pointless their character were…no.

    Advisor’s Alliance is on the list but not quite in the right mood.

    Tried rewatching NiF again (as I am wont to do every so often…at least every year) but it’s not on youtube anymore??? and am too lazy to download off AVV)

    Tried ZYW’s Across the Ocean to See You and he and WLK were adorable and I actually liked it mostly…but I really lost motivation at some pt around the early 20’s episodes so that busted.

    Skipped directly to the last few eps / skimmed the last few eps of Rush to Dead Summer mostly cuz I was told my dead BJT had the best story/loveline and he did…but overall to meh to watch the whole thing even just for BJT…it really was dead.

    Tried a bit of Darren Wang’s Ghost Blows Candle but even for darling Jin Chen I couldn’t stay.

    Been meandering thru XuLu/Ethan’s Ghost Blows and it’s intriguing so far with all sort of eerie and interesting but also not too entertaining yet. But at least I’m still kind of keeping with it.

    On reality shows, finally mustered up the emotional fortitude to watch the last ep of Divas Hit the Road and I have to say, despite initial misgivings, I actually think it’s the BEST of the seasons and I genuinely shed tears seeing it go. The boys have a REALLY great dynamic, and while the girls sometimes were a little TOO whiny and first-world-problems, Gulinezar surprised me with her personality and awesome relationship with the group and Maggie was a BLAST and possibly the most responsible female of them all. Like I genuinely felt like they all became friends. And as is with a younger group of less-serious peeps, any issues exploded fast but blew over fast with minimal lingering fuss. Bolin was a personal fav of mine and I LOVE how honest and straightforward he was. Gives and takes no bullshit. He seems like a great friend who would not hesitate to pt out ur flaws. You might think he would get misunderstood or whatevernot a lot bc of his brutal honestly but seriously overall he’s so zen and chill. He delivers critiques in a completely firm but not-harmful way…totally rational and logical in his delivery. He’s so incredibly wise and delivers really sound life-wisdom. #goals.

    Anyways, kind of keeping up with Happy Camp (except not really cuz they’re REALLY caught up in the 20th anniversary celebrations and they’re REALLY milking the emotional investment with little actual content per episode for the past few weeks). Watching Sisters Over Flowers (I think it’s called) and gonna start the food porn reality show with ZDY.

    Also been catching up on Madam Secretary and the new season of Game of Thrones is of course on my list.

What do you think?