Janine Chang’s Female Butler gets green light to air in June 2017

Looks like we will be seeing Janine a few times this year. Drama-wise, she’s in Advisors Alliance, Midnight Diner, Tribes and Empires, and Ru Yi. All big dramas. Female Butler (女管家) follows Janine’s character who loses her family at the age of two and is raised by an adopted dad and taught the arts of medicine. Before he passes away, he gives her the important mission of avenging for her family, thus begins her journey as a lowly servant in the Du family household, meeting the significant other of her life. As she uncovers secrets of the family, she becomes attached to them. Not before long, her identity is exposed and she’s kicked out of the family. When the Du Family falls into chaos, she’s determined to help them get back on their feet, becoming a capable female butler in the region.

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Janine Chang. They photoshopped the heck out of her beautiful face. GAHH. I do love her outfits and hairstyle.

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Liu Huan. The more I look at him, the more attractive he becomes. Lol.

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Guo Dong Dong.

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25-Minute Trailer:

Directed by Hu Chu Xi (The Detective of DBI) and written by Hai Fei (Sparrow, Hua Hong Hua Huo), Female Butler has 45 episodes and is slated for a release on May 7th and June 2nd.

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