Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

Yep. So China already bought the rights to Korean remake of the popular Tong Hua‘s novel, Bu Bu Jing Xin, now known as Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (보보경심: 려) and they will air it simultaneously with Korea on August 29th, all pre-produced. Sneak peek of the 5-minute trailer has been posted online by fans. Have a look for yourself.


Our OTP. Lee Jun Ki as 4th Prince and IU as the time-traveled heroine.

 photo 35batch 10.jpg

Kang Ha Neul as 8th Prince. Ohhh. Tough Tough. I like him and Kevin Cheng muchie.

 photo Prince 4.jpg

Hong Jong Hyun as 3rd Prince. Acting-wise, I’m most worried about this lad here.

 photo Prince 5.jpg

Yoon Sun Woo as 9th.

 photo Prince 1.jpg

EXO’s Baek Hyun as 10th. He looks cute. Fit as the naive prince of the bunch.

 photo Prince 6.jpg

Nam Joo Hyuk as 13th. Hope he has improved since School 2015.

Ji Soo as 14th. Breaking my heart already.

 photo Prince 2.jpg


 photo 35batch 9.jpg

The Princes.

 photo Prince 3.jpg

Fancam Trailer:

  • My favorite scene has got to be her interrupting the princes’ shower time. HAR-HAR.
  • It’s definitely sleeker and contains more action. Jun Ki looks more like an assassin than Prince. Lol.
  • IU seems like have more chemistry with the younger actors compared to Jun Ki.

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  1. 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

    Looks pretty decent! I hope it gives me the heart tugs that BBJX gave me. Hehehehe….

  2. 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

    Never was fond of IU’s acting, hopefully this drama will change my view. The Ruo Xi of this drama seems to be more playful and weak(?) here? This was what I saw from the trailer. She seems so 玛里苏, I want more of the matured and sensible Ruo Xi. Hopefully the drama has it which wasn’t really shown in the trailer. IU looks so pretty, her costumes are really beautiful!
    Don’t like how 4th Prince is portrayed as violent here, and the mask, what is with that mask? Weird!! But Lee Junki looks so gorgeous here!!! Agreed, he is more like an assassin than a prince kekeke! Maybe he has a secret identity!
    That classic snow scene!!! Makes me wanna go back and watch BBJX again!
    I think i will never be satisfied with this drama and have a lot of criticism, since I really like BBJX a lot, both the novel and drama. Don’t really want any other drama supposedly adapting from the novel but is actually quite different in plot appearing. Hopefully this drama won’t disappoint! That shower scene though, rofl!!!

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    why is the high and mighty prince doing all the dirty work in killing??? lols. shouldn’t he be ordering the killing instead?? IU looks so young next to lee jun ki… i can’t feel…. their chemistry either. she looks cute next to 10!!

    • 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

      Hehe I think in the original novel, LSS character was 15 or 16 and 4th and 8th prince are like way older. Maybe the Korean are aiming for a younger timeline hehe. I wonder what’s behind the ugly hair and mask!

  4. 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

    To appeal to Korean culture, the main lady has to be ‘weak’, cute, funny and somewhat of a lower IQ while the leading man has to be arrogant, demanding, rude, a bully and somewhat abusive. Otherwise the formula that makes Korean dramas into Hallyu wave will not work. *sarcasm*

    According to my Korean girlfriends, Korean men (generally speaking) are rather traditional and egoistic. No matter how good looking, educated, well-traveled and number of abs they have, they have a certain idea on what to expect from a gf/wife (eg: submissive, great cook, good in housework, not too smart but able to work to bring in income and care for kids as well). Many also prefer to marry Korean women over foreigners as Korean in-laws also have certain expectations for their daughter-in-laws. I do not know how much of this is true but from what I observed, generally my friends from Asian backgrounds (not just Koreans) do have certain cultural-specific ideas about man-woman relationship and marriage that differ from Westerners. Maybe this explains why in Asian dramas in general, we usually see a dominant male character matched with a sweet, meek and nice female character. It’s a projection of cultural expectations on what is considered the ‘perfect pairing’.

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      I heard the same things as well. I woke up a long time ago that Korean men are only good to see on screen. Realistically, I wouldn’t want to marry a Korean or Japanese man.

    • 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

      That is the basis of Kdramas though. LOL. I don’t want to generalize but that’s the foundation for even the most popular Kdramas. Every country has their “it” factors to hook viewers.

      Beside Jun Ki, everybody looks about 12, especially IU! OMG. I cannot buy her chemistry with him, cannot. They look like siblings. The trailer has plenty of actions but why? Why is 4th getting his hands dirty?!

    • 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

      I have run across two dozen Koreans among classmates and a couple of colleagues. Out of all of them, only one lady is nice and is my friend. I’ve been backstabbed by a lot of them. I’m actually more afraid of the ladies than the men. Men had to go through military duties. Most ended up being smokers. The ladies I had for classmates were always smiling and appeared friendly with me in person, but they liked to backstab and gossip behind my back. I saw them backstab other K-ladies. The men aren’t as subtle. Some harassed me semi-regularly, wanting to know if I had a higher test score and by how much. Some called me at home, telling me to score lower on tests, that I made them look bad. I never gave them my phone numbers. I had a Korean female officemate in school for 2 years. Korean males came by our small office when she wasn’t there. They copied her homework that she left on her desk. I wasn’t aware at first since my table faced the wall away from other tables. I avoided being in the office just to stay away from all of them. They opened our office door without knocking and just came right in. They graduated from Yonsei and Seoul National Universities. They felt that graduates from other universities should not have higher test scores than them. I had to make copies of my homework papers before turning them in, because when papers get handed back, sometimes my papers got stolen. Presumably by classmates, which was very Korean-dominated. (A few of them were kicked out from exams over cheating.) I have never even stepped a foot in Korea and I had a lot of Korean problems for a few years just because I had them for classmates. It was a lot of headaches. I heard of 2 nice Korean husbands, but I never met them in person.

      • 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

        Oh, dear, Vi! It certainly sounded as if you have had bad experience with Koreans. I have two close Korean friends and they are really nice. Having said that, they migrated to Aus when they were very little and they grew up attending schools and Uni here – so they may not be the best examples of ‘typical’ Koreans. They did tell me though that things back in Korea are quite different since they still have relatives in Korea and sometimes visit them. They say it’s a very stressful and competitive culture in Korea. Korean parents expect the best from their children academically but I think this attitude of academic-focused upbringing applies to other Asian cultures like Chinese and Japanese as well.

        Socially, there is a very strong material and aesthetic focus. My friends told me that around 8 out of 10 young women about to graduate high school would have done some form of cosmetic surgery on their appearance – most common being eyelids, cheeks and nose. This is because the employers in Korea do employ women based on appearance and it is vital for them to look beautiful and professional to secure a job. Korea is a country that is culturally stuck between modern and traditional due to the fast pace of development post-war and the fast economic growth in the past 15 years alone (partly due to the Hallyu wave)! Its a country still trying to figure out and assert their identity in a globalized world while surrounded by economic ‘dragons’ such as China, HK, Taiwan and Japan and trying to balance internal & external problems relating to their poor but powerful neighbour (North Korea) and their closest ally – the U.S. We all know how the middle child usually feel being stuck in between….lots of pressure! Hence, Korea has the world’s highest suicide rate in any developed world! I would think growing up in such an environment would cultivate certain behaviours on the general population, so I am not surprised at all if your course-mates and workmates are more competitive than usual. However, I must assert that not all Koreans are like that. In each culture/nation, there will always be good and bad examples. We would just have to get to know people individually to judge if they are good or bad. 🙂

        • 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

          Word, Aryael.

          I don’t watch Korean dramas nor listen to Kpop, save from a random select of Korean movies watched during overseas flights. I do read a number of K-ent blogs though, and the problematic theme of male-female characterizations and relationship have been discussed numerous times, as well as the cultural background of that. I find it fascinating that, despite those issues, the Kdramas remain very popular among many Asians living and being raised in the Western societies, and even some non-Asians. I think it indicates that viewers in general can separate fantasy and real life, because I’m pretty sure in real life abusive gestures (forced kiss, kabe-don, wrist grab, you name it) are not considered romantic. Although, yeah, I sometimes hear from some random Kdrama addict friends that they wish to date Korean guys. It’s pretty hilarious, because — hello! Those on TV are not your average Korean Joes, physique wise LOL.

          But let’s not make these tidbits generate stigma and stereotypes, because like Aryan said above, there’ll always be good and bad examples in each culture and nation. 🙂

          This said, the trailer doesn’t really interest me. Not because I’m still stuck with the original BBJX (which I love). My understanding is this isn’t really a remake, but more likely vastly inspired by the novel and the drama. A hipster, emo ancient prince just isn’t really my thing, LOL, though I agree it has very nice cinematography.

        • 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

          Thanks! An interesting read. Part of this over-competitive issue may be from high population density. High birth rates in the past. It stresses natural resources, job opps, etc. Every country, ethnic group faces challenges. Every culture “permits” a certain level of “flexibility”. Aspects to overlook. HK, Singapore etc. are very competitive too. HK’s adolescent suicide rates is super-high this year. I have seen very demure, beautiful ladies of the aforementioned ethnic group backstab other ladies at work. It feels surreal. Hard to reconcile the looks and the deeds. :-O The thing is a lot of these folks are well above average based on their own merits. But somehow they still want to cheat and mess up others just to gain that extra 5-10% boost at work. They are far from living in poverty or struggling. I don’t really understand their rationale. I guess to them, cheating is perfectly fair. One should advance as much as one can. Cheating included.

          As the job market gets rough, cheating generally becomes more common. The US public isn’t doing well either, compared to S Korea. Nearly half of all Americans are now making too little to pay federal income taxes. Back in the 80s, this figure was roughly 20%. US media may be less forgiving of academic dishonesty. Plus it looks as if Americans tend to be more optimistic in nature (even when supporting facts become less favorable.) Compared to S Korea.

          I know little about S Korea, but they do some things well. In getting industrialized, turning Samsung, LG into household names. They did it with a lot less environmental damage to S Korea than China managed to do in China? That’s how it sounds like from the news in North Amer. But the news here is quite biased and very selective in including foreign news. I wonder how S Korea did it, if they did manage. By doing heavy manufacturing overseas?

          Tong Hua is very good at attracting interest and spicing up period drama and novel. But to me, BBJX is still F4 set in Qing dynasty. I’m not fond of the repeated use of the F4 premise. I hope Tong Hua can move away from Mary Sue leads as well. I hope that didn’t come out sounding harsh, as I don’t mean to be harsh.

  5. 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

    I love whatever remake of BBJX but I just can’t stand IU as female lead.
    Never I watch her drama except Dream High. T___T

  6. 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

    It looks…interesting? Lol I see nothing in the trailer that makes me want to watch this honestly. But it’s nice to see Koreans making a remake of a Chinese drama/novel for a change since Chinese producers like to borrow so much from the Korean entertainment. I never knew the extent of the popularity of BBJX in Korea so it was surprising to hear this news at first. Hopefully those who watch it will enjoy it ~

    • 14 thoughts on “Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

      There was a lot of cultural borrowing from China to Korea in ancient times. The costumes of Joseon Korea have a very Ming Dynasty flavor.

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