Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

Yep. So China already bought the rights to Korean remake of the popular Tong Hua‘s novel, Bu Bu Jing Xin, now known as Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (보보경심: 려) and they will air it simultaneously with Korea on August 29th, all pre-produced. Sneak peek of the 5-minute trailer has been posted online by fans. Have a look for yourself.

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Running Man: Episode 230 “The New Pretty Boys.”

My, my, my. Have I been THAT out of the loop with K-ent? Five pretty boys are invited on Running Man and I only recognize two! Did you know all five or are we on the same boat? The things about pretty boys and pretty idols being on Running Man is that I get to cackle with glee when our Kim Jong Kook throws them around like stick figures. Stop preening in front of the cameras and hit the gym lads!

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