Zhang Han and Eric Tsang lead thriller The Ten Deadly Sins

As I mentioned a few weeks back, Zhang Han was seen working hard at the gym for his upcoming webdrama, The Ten Deadly Sins (十宗罪), based on the novel of the same name written by Zhi Zhu (real name: Wang Li Wei). The cases in the novel are based on real crimes that happened all over of China. Yesterday marked the official booting ceremony, and joining Zhang’s investigation team are Eric Tsang, Jim Yu Xiao Tong, and Zhang Ya Mei.

Booting Ceremony:

The investigation team name (SIG : Spider Investigation Group) is a play on the author’s pen name, literal meaning is spider. Lol. One reviewer says,  “Reading the novel will make you discover the depth of evil and darkness many people will commit to satisfy their own perverted cravings.” There is raping of dead corpses, skinning, chopping and consuming of human flesh; every detail of brutal crimes exposed delicately on paper. However, the author is not an advocate of the devil within us. He believes that the world has no bad people, only good people who commit mistakes.

I doubt the webdrama can go into such details because SARFT has issued that both tv series and online webdramas undergo the same strict regulations before airing just a few days back. Let’s see what they whip up. I haven’t had time to check out the novel yet.

Zhang Han is missing due to a busy schedule. But take a look at him in his gym attire.

 photo Sins 6.jpg

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Eric Tsang. He also acts as the Executive Producer of the series.

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Jim Yu Xiao Tong (Choi Si Won’s Hundreds Of Millions Of Successors).

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Zhang Ya Mei (The Warth Of Vajra).

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Produced by Youku, Ten Deadly Sins is directed by Korean PD Lee Dong Hoon (God’s Gift: 14 Days) and written by a group of writers, it is short series with only 11 episodes.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Zhang Han and Eric Tsang lead thriller The Ten Deadly Sins

    I was wondering where Yu Xiao Tong had gone after watching Hong Lou Meng (2010). I thought with his cute face and tall stature that maybe he’d be able to make a name for himself after that drama like Yang Yang did. Even though he spoke with his real voice in the drama, I still felt shocked after listening to him speak on a variety show. It’s so deep and sounded out of place lol.

    Not exactly a fan of the kind of novel described here but since it’ll be a short drama I’ll probably give it a go. Though Zhang Han doesn’t seem to have built a whole lot of muscle but maybe it’s the clothes or something.

    • 4 thoughts on “Zhang Han and Eric Tsang lead thriller The Ten Deadly Sins

      He’s so tall and that voice with that baby-faced are disconcerting indeed. XD

  2. 4 thoughts on “Zhang Han and Eric Tsang lead thriller The Ten Deadly Sins

    in order to build muscle, one needs to have have meat! zhang han can work out but he needs to have something on his body first…. he’s so skinnny, one of skinniest male leads in c-ent. lols.

    like if i were kidnapped, he would be the last cop i want to rescue me. 😛

    • 4 thoughts on “Zhang Han and Eric Tsang lead thriller The Ten Deadly Sins

      Don’t wait for the hero to come! RUN!

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