First stills of Ryan Zheng Kai as the legendary Wong Fei Hung

This drama makes me nervous! Ryan Zheng, an actor without prior background in martial arts playing a role known for his impressive Shadowless kicks? *sweats bullets* On the upside, I love this genre and time period! My heart belongs to directors who can film convincing hand-to-hand combat scenes, which is criminally missing a lot these days on our small screen. Dicky Cheung comes to mind when it comes to such scenes. He’s light on his feet and makes action scenes look effortless. My favorites of those are Mr. Winner and Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk, of which I still have on Dvds! I guess I should be positive and hopefully Ryan will surprise us all?


Ryan Zheng (The Interns, Run Brother).

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Haden Kuo plays 13th Aunt. Aww. She looks so pretty!

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Hey there Ray Lui! He once played Zhan Zhao too. He plays Fei Hong’s dad, Wong Kei Ying. Perfect.

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Jing Chao as a Manchu Prince, friend-turned-enemy by the end of the series. This kid is everywhere ain’t he? Chinese Paladin 5 and Decoded. He looks good in this time period.

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What? No kisses for the Prince? Uh Huh.

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Elane Zhong.

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Gan Lu.

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Wide-eyed innocent boy here is Zhang Zhi Lu (The Master of The House) as Fei Hong’s good friend, Liang Kuan. I guess they changed the story and made Fei Hong’s disciples his friends in this version, just like Ashton Chen’s Wong Fei Hung drama.

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Another of Fei Hong’s friend – the meat chopper, Lam Sai Wing, played by Zhang Dian Lun.

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With Li Hao Xuan.

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Wu Li Peng as Buck Teeth So, another friend.

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Jin Meng Yang Zi. From the way she’s dressed, We know who she is.

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Hai Lu. A return Chinese who studied in France.

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Unparalleled Martial Artist Wong Fei Hung is directed by Jeffrey Chiang (The Adventure for Love, The Myth), Qi Xiao Hui (My Own Swordsman), and Patrick Yau Tat Chi (3X Trouble), with 5 writers in charge. It plans to have 40 episodes and is still filming.

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  1. 9 thoughts on “First stills of Ryan Zheng Kai as the legendary Wong Fei Hung

    UGH! Qing Dynasty male styling is totally unappealing.

    • 9 thoughts on “First stills of Ryan Zheng Kai as the legendary Wong Fei Hung

      I don’t like the half-shaved heads either but some do pull it off.

  2. 9 thoughts on “First stills of Ryan Zheng Kai as the legendary Wong Fei Hung

    I remember watching the remake with Ashton Chen years ago and I loved that series a lot because of the youthful and fun cast. I even had a crush on Ashton for awhile haha. I’ve only seen him in a couple of dramas these past 5 years and he’s always playing the same role; a young martial artist who’s very virtuous and uses his skills to avenge his family/friends. He’s a pretty amazing guy considering what he can do but I feel like he relies too much on his specialty that it limits his roles. Or perhaps he just chooses these roles because they’re more familiar to him. I haven’t been following too closely with his activities but I know he’s taken on some different roles recently, even if they aren’t very big roles. Hopefully he’ll be able to explore more of his acting talents soon.

    • 9 thoughts on “First stills of Ryan Zheng Kai as the legendary Wong Fei Hung

      In an old interview, he said he didn’t want to play roles in “idol” dramas and prefer to play Kung Fu roles. Unfortunately, looks like production companies nowadays don’t care about real kung fu background. Being constantly sidelined, I think acting in other roles is the only way to make a living. Kung Fu roles will somewhat limit his acting but I think that a good script is required to bring more out of him. I just want to see him hit it big SO BAD!

      • 9 thoughts on “First stills of Ryan Zheng Kai as the legendary Wong Fei Hung

        Me too, me too 🙁 Kung fu dramas aren’t that popular these days anymore, are they? Actors who have no martial arts backgrounds can always rely on doubles and camera tricks so Ashton’s skills alone are insignificant to producers. It’s a real pity, the guy can act and has a talent that’s rare to find and he’s still young. Wu Jing did a lot of Kung Fu dramas that I liked as well and he seems quite well known for it and that’s what I want for Ashton too. But back then people were actually interested in people like him who had raw Kung Fu talents. Now, not so much anymore. Which is why I don’t have high hopes of Ashton being able to make it big anytime with audiences who are no longer impressed by Kung Fu skills and producers who won’t spend the money to fund a real Kung Fu drama D:

        • 9 thoughts on “First stills of Ryan Zheng Kai as the legendary Wong Fei Hung

          That’s a shame. TBH I don’t remember this Ashton Chen, but I agree that he’s such a rare find in this era of CGIs and slowmotion overuse, dramas that heavily bank on pretty faces and romantic arcs to cover for the lack of real wuxia talents and choreography.

          Perhaps he could venture to Hollywood, because there will always be the market for martial movies. Many of them have cult following. And it looks like the path taken by some younger Asian martial artists, with a few of them already starring in Hollywood productions, such as Tony Jaa and Iko Uwais.

          This said, the issue remains that wuxia dramas these days have plunged waaayyy below in terms of quality fighting scenes and choreography — and logical plot. Unfortunately, since the audience, particularly the millennias, have been fed with them forever, the demand for quality wuxia isn’t that high. There ought to be TV station(s) that air old wuxia movies/dramas in regular term to reintroduce them to this young audience.

        • 9 thoughts on “First stills of Ryan Zheng Kai as the legendary Wong Fei Hung

          You have to watch his performance as the little Wong Fei Hung Lenje. SO CUTE and THOSE CRAZY MOVES. He was more famous when he was young but those years of back and forth to study in NY really killed his career.

          He was in Ip Man 2 as Donnie’s student and I was so happy that maybe Donnie would promote and endorse this young action star into the next big thing in the Martial Arts world. Nope! Nothing came out of it. I don’t understand why. He needs a good backer quick before age catches up!

        • 9 thoughts on “First stills of Ryan Zheng Kai as the legendary Wong Fei Hung

          My bad, Kap, you made a post on Ashton a while back! *re-found it when I was googling his name*. Your post has the clip of the Young Wong Fei Hung. I’ll check the longer version to see his moves. And also Ip Man 2. Has Donnie ever promote young actors?

        • 9 thoughts on “First stills of Ryan Zheng Kai as the legendary Wong Fei Hung

          Not sure since Donnie isn’t on my stalking list. I just thought he would promote the younger generation since Jackie Chan is busy promoting Korean stars instead. Lol. Disappointed in both! X)

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