Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 10) and Run For Time (Finale)

Didn’t expect Run for Time to end so quickly. Ady An and Meng Ge Ge (actor Joe Xu Hai Qiao) co-starred in this episode as people from the past.

Run Brother: Episode 10 [Broadcast date: 1/1/15]

Guest: ex-run brother – Wang Bao Qiang

Run For Time: Episode 9 (FINALE) [Broadcast date: 1/1/15]

Guests: Huang Xiao Ming, TFBOYS, Jia Nai Liang, Ada Choi, Shawn Dou, Du Chun, Tian Liang, Zhang Da Wei, Shen Meng Chen, Huang Yali, SNH48’s Ju Jing Yi, Zeng Hong Na, Jia Ling, Huang Qi Shan, Pan Bin Long, Chen Xiang

Some pictures of Ady looking as lovely as ever. It’s nice to see her reunited with costars Du Chun and Tian Liang. I have always wanted to see her with Hu Ge again after the tragedy in Chinese Paladin. He just had to sing that song yesterday. Aiyaaaa.

 photo Run 48.jpg

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 10) and Run For Time (Finale)

    So sad Luo Jin and Elvis couldn’t make it. Man, two powerhouses. Elvis is not only like my new Li Yi Feng (sorry guys, pretty disappointing LYF year last year) acting and looks wise, man, his body! And he’s freaking fast! He was such a fit for Run For Time. Guys, he’s got like the ideal perfect triangular upper body shape, like guys have you seem him in his base layer thing in that one ep of RFT?! He must work out like..a lot.

    Anyways, moving on from my shallow gushing. I thought RFT would at least have 10 eps! I was really really loving it! A lot! It’s probably healthy for the celebs anyways, if exhausting and terrifying at times. It bothered me that two major players Tian Liang and Huang Xiao Ming gave up their chances to support the other guys, but c’mon. Really? It was chivalrous yet, but we really wanted to see you guys run to the end! And I was so sad Chen Ou and Ada got caught so early — bad luck. See producers, the gods are telling you to run another episode!

    • 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 10) and Run For Time (Finale)

      Aww, you got attached to the running cast of Run For Time, Juli. I adore Elvis too. I’m hoping his charm is not for Wu Xin only. Looking forward to his new projects!

  2. 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 10) and Run For Time (Finale)

    I’m anxiously awaiting the English subs because I missed seeing wang bao qiang even as I’m really enjoying luhan in sEason 3. Lol wbq is just so jovial and happy that he seems like a really cool guy.

    Ady does look lovely in those pics. I really want her to do another drama with hu ge too because they were cute and funny in cp1.

    I just watched episode 2 of rft to give it another go but it doesn’t seem like it is up my alley. Not as interesting or funny as running man.

    • 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 10) and Run For Time (Finale)

      The short legged brothers are reunited! =D

      Hu Ge + Ady An ship please! Flip that tragedy into something romantic and angsty!

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