Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

I don’t know why they bother decorating these two with jewelries cause I don’t see anything other than their sizzling chemistry. Sandra also stole the thunder right under Nick‘s nose. She looks amazing with the short do, giving her the right sass and attitude. Add her to the list of short-bobbed princesses, along with Rainie Yang!

In the same breath, we have Liu Yi Fei also sporting some jades and bling bling. šŸ˜‰

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Liu Yi Fei looking as flawless as always.

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FOR YOU. ā™„ ā™„ ā™„

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    Woah, I need additional aircon or what? These two are effing hot, they’re causing heatwave in the middle of winter šŸ˜‰ ! I particularly love the black and white photo *fan myself* and the one in the bathtub, as they flash the v-sign — now that’s kinda silly but they surely do it with the ‘tude! LOL. You’re right Kap, Sandra looks great with the short do.

  2. 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

    They should’ve given Sandra this hairstyle for the Love Me If You Dare Drama. It looks much better than the draggy long hair…

    Nick is cute as always but boy needs to eat more. He looks more skinnier every time I see him. That gif at the end with the rose is cute! šŸ™‚

    LIU YIFEI. Holy shit. I’d turn gay for her – she’s so beautiful and elegant and looks like a goddess here. This girl gets more beautiful and mesmerizing with age!!! She was a beautiful lass when young but now she’s a beautiful blossoming woman šŸ™‚ Goddamn I can’t WAIT to see her and Yang Yang in 3 Lives. It’s gonna be so beautiful I can see the bling bling sparkles already.

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      I especially love that 3rd pic of Liu Yifei with the orange-pink dress and the red/silver earrings. Absolutely breathtaking (*_*) <3 <3 <3

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      Jian Yao has long hair in the book so they had to stick with that. Bo Jin Yan has an obsession with her hair in it. But I do agree that her short hair looks much better here.

      Nick just started filming his drama with Qiao En. I believe he just joined the team yesterday. So he will be extremely busy and possibly even skinnier in the next few weeks with all the holidays, filming and award ceremonies.

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        Apparently Shanying is adapting å¦‚ęžœčœ—ē‰›ęœ‰ēˆ±ęƒ… into a drama and Wang Kai is the lead this time LOL

        Is å¦‚ęžœčœ—ē‰›ęœ‰ēˆ±ęƒ… related to Love Me If You Dare? The plot summary sounds so similar….

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          Really? They finally settled on Nick? I know Kappy mentioned a few months back that Shandong bought the rights to adapt LMIYD and WASL. Finally, something is working!! But I’m a little hesitant…he was just in a thriller…

          When A Snail Loves is the first thriller. Same genre books, different storyline, non-related. šŸ™‚

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          @ Angela: Shanying boss himself announced it so it’s pretty much official.

          I read through the plot summaries/spoilers and it sounds really similar to Love Me If You Dare.

          TBH Shanying screwed up on Love Me If You Dare – it sucks as a thriller/mystery and there’s no spark either in the romance. The script is a mess and the acting is bleh… I expect much better from Shanying after Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire (granted, these 2 dramas had bugs too but at least they are MUCH better than LMIYD)

          I’m not a fan of the whole “love story with mystery as a backdrop” style Ding Mo has going on because the so-called mystery/crime/thriller part of it is TERRIBLE. There’s no excitement or suspense and the so-called deductions are so juvenile … *sigh*

          TBH I’m a bit surprised at how Nick is taking up so many idol drama roles, especially after making a name as a “serious” actor… But oh well, I guess it’s his choice and most likely because they’re lead roles and are more likely to get fans than serious drama roles…

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          TBH even if I don’t like the plot of the drama I’d give it a shot anyway cuz of Shanying and Nick LOL (although I’d drop it if it gets shit)

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          I am super excited for this because I liked the book and also the character that Nick will be playing.

          Like LMIYD, it is mystery thriller but the female lead is already a detective/criminal profiler compared to Jian Yao. I loved her introduction in the story too. Cannot wait to see Ji Bai (Nick) chase after her hehehe. šŸ˜€

          Shanying rushed through LMIYD for whatever reason and also Haiyan’s adaptation of the book is weak. Put that together and it’s not as good as one would expect from Shanying. But it’s not too bad.

      • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

        LOL personal preference but I was actually hoping for the medical drama instead of å¦‚ęžœčœ—ē‰›ęœ‰ēˆ±ęƒ… … probably because I had high hopes for Love Me If You Dare but it was SO DISAPPOINTING. I was excited for LMIYD at first because I haven’t seen many decent crime Cdramas (most of the crime dramas I love to watch are either American or British dramas), but then I started watching LMIYD and it was just “OMG WTF I can’t believe this is from Shanying!!! WHAAAAAT?!!”

        The biggest complaint I have with LMIYD is the script and the pacing and the acting of the 2 leads. The story is so choppy and confusing I have trouble following it and the pace is so uneven it feels like I’m watching a rough cut instead of a finished product. I’m not sure if the novel was written like that or if it’s because of the way they adapted it into a script. The 2 leads have no chemistry and their acting is nowhere near what should be expected for such important characters. The emotions are superficial and the line delivery is just embarrassingly bad on top of an extremely awkward script that feels like it’s written by a high-schooler. The only thing I like about LMIYD is the opening sequence and the background music (it does a great job of building suspense and mood that is great for a mystery/thriller).

        Given that, it makes me a bit wary now that Shanying is adapting something that’s almost like a twin of LMIYD, because if they pull the same shit they did with LMIYD in terms of script and directing/pacing, then it’s halfway to another mess already.

      • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

        @ chasingpolaris: Oh and I dunno about you but the mixed language conversations really throw me for a loop because it’s just weird that Wallace speaks to Susanna in Mandarin while Susanna replies in English and then Hong Kong police speaks in Cantonese while the main characters reply in Mandarin.

        I know it sounds like I’m nit-picking but it just sounds so weird to my ears (I can’t explain this but the way something sounds really affects how I experience a movie/drama) and it’s just so weird logically because how are they talking to each other in different languages without translation software or instant interpretation? A typical conversation goes like this:

        Wallace: [speaks in Mandarin]
        Susanna: [replies in English]

        Wallace: [speaks in Mandarin]
        HK police: [replies in badly accented Cantonese]

        Like, isn’t Bo Jinyan schooled in America (and grew up there) and is an overseas post-doc coming back to China? Shouldn’t he be fluent in English? And the scenes of when they’re in Hong Kong: most people in HK are fluent in Mandarin anyway so they should’ve just stuck to Mandarin instead of having people speak in Cantonese at odd times (and the Cantonese is OBVIOUSLY not spoken by native speakers because they’re oddly accented and the pronunciations are off).

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          Shimo, I agree with you regarding the multi-language conversation. I don’t watch the show anymore, but I like to read the recaps and the discussions in the forum, so I can tell there are split views among viewers on that scene. I definitely belong to the camp that finds it ridiculous, particularly because — as you mentioned — BJY supposedly TAUGHT in Maryland University. I don’t think it would hurt Wallace to speak the lines in English, with all the accent. It would also show the actors’ professionalism. In “My Sunshine”, some lines were delivered in English. Granted, it was in a rather funny accent, but English nonetheless. In “Home/The Other Shore 1945” Janine Chang spoke a few lines in Japanese. That said, I doubt it was Wallace’s unwillingness. I suspect that was the producer’s decision, for an inexplicable reason, and IMO an unwise one :).

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          Oh, and speaking of which, Jenny initially was tasked to translate a number of documents. I wonder why nobody never questions why an American trained professor would need an English interpreter šŸ™‚

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          Right? It’s funny.

          On the other hand, I can already hear Bo Jin Yan respond to this with “Why do I have to spend time on such tedious things such as translations”. XD

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          @ lenje: If anything, Jianyao should’ve been hired as a translator for Bo Jinyan to translate Chinese documents for him, because as an overseas Chinese descendent returning to China, he would be fluent in English and conversational Chinese but NOT in the Chinese written word. Jianyao has training in the English language, so she should be translating the Chinese documents (that Bo Jinyan can’t read) into English that Jinyan CAN read.

          I heard that it was because Wallace isn’t confident in his English but it’s not an issue because Shanying could’ve very easily hired a voice actor to dub English lines for Wallace’s character.

          Thanks for the examples – I really appreciate it when the actors try their best, so even if it isn’t perfect pronunciation, I give them points for effort. This is why I really liked how the actress for Minamida in Disguiser, even though her Mandarin was not perfect, spoke in her own voice (and it worked well because her character is Japanese so her Mandarin would naturally be Japanese-accented).

          Also the script really screwed in the first couple of eps regarding the University of Maryland thing because they kept referring to Bo Jinyan training/working at the Berkeley campus of Uni of Maryland … and I’m like, dude, there isn’t a Berkeley campus of Uni of Maryland (they must’ve confused it with UC Berkeley) … a 2-minute search on Google/Wiki could’ve told them that!

          Like, Shanying takes a lot of care in their scripts/dramas but sometimes they’d make the simplest (and very obvious mistakes), just like how in Nirvana in Fire they (the Emperor, people of the palace, etc.) kept saying how Consort Jing has been in the palace for 20 years, etc. but Prince Jing (Xiao Jingyan) is 31 years old (he even announced it himself when talking to Mei Changsu LOL)

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry


          Nope, you’re not nitpicking. I think one of the most amusing elements of this drama was the language switch. While it’s amusing, it’s also carelessness. This is why there’s a thing called post-production and they clearly did not take advantage of that. I get that maybe Wallace isn’t comfortable with his English and I don’t blame him for not wanting to showcasing something he’s clearly not confident in, but Shanying had the option to hire a native English speaker to dub his voice. I’d take that. But they didn’t go with that option and I’m just puzzled as to why they didn’t. It’s like they were taking their audience members as English-illiterate and dumb.

          It’s also the same with Cantonese. It’s not like there aren’t any native Hong Kongers in the Mainland. But I think they ended up picking up a few native Cantonese speakers from Guangdong instead. To Mandarin-speaking folks in the Mainland, they probably can’t tell the difference between the different types of Cantonese. Shanying took advantage of that.

          To go further in depth, Andrew Yin Zheng aka Fu Ziyu speaks fluent Cantonese–he grew up in Guangzhou iirc so his Canto is also accented and wordings are quite different to people who speak Hong Kong Cantonese. (His Canto is the most adorable thing ever.) Another example is Angel Wang Ou. She also speaks Cantonese as she is from Nanning so hers is the Baihua type.

          That being said, while it may sound heavily accented, it’s still under the Yue Chinese/Cantonese umbrella. But yeah, that aside, I still think Shanying should have planned this more carefully.

          TL;DR I am researching Cantonese on the side so sorry for turning on my nerd mode!

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          @ polaris:

          Thanks for the awesome background info on the Canto! šŸ™‚ I love it when people start getting nerdy cuz that’s when the discussions get interesting! šŸ™‚ Do you speak Canto? What did you mean by researching? I’m just curious šŸ™‚

          I agree with you – I think Shanying was really careless in this language thing cuz they could’ve done it much better. They were, as you said, most likely banking on the fact that most Mainland people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the different types of Canto. I normally wouldn’t make a big deal out of it but because the fact they emphasized that it was HONG KONG that made me go (O_O) once the non-HK Canto started popping out… And you’re right, there are many HK people in Mainland these days… wouldn’t be hard to find a native HK-er…

          I mean, they actually got Tokyo-ben native Japanese speakers for Disguiser (although I would’ve loved to hear some Kansai-ben cuz it sounds awesome) and they took care with the language switching there, so why not take the same care with LMIYD? And it would’ve been easier for LMIYD because there are many fluent English and Canto speakers in China (more than fluent Japanese speakers anyway)

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          Yup, my family is originally in Hong Kong and Canto is one of my native tongues. For a while I’ve been reading up on Cantonese and its origins because I learned that it’s similar to what Middle Chinese would have sounded like. The history nerd in me couldn’t resist looking up more information.

          Yeah, they really shouldn’t have brought up Hong Kong if they were going to do this language thing half-assed. They could have changed it to another city in China. Not like the change would have affected the story much.

          Oh! And on a related note, the author Ding Mo also made a glaring mistake in the book while describing Hong Kong. She said that there was a beach on Tsim Sha Tsui. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read it because she could have easily looked it up online and find out that there is no beach there and that TST is a major touristy/shopping area. Plus Victoria Harbor is pretty much filled up these days. Such carelessness!

          There are so many HKers in the production business in Mainland. A lot of directors, PAs, etc are from HK. Surely they could have made a short appearance!

          In regards to The Disguiser, Jinyun’s Japanese identity is from Nagoya. One of the Japanese soldiers is also from there. Okay they could have used standard Japanese but I think it would have been better to use either Owari-ben or Mikawa-ben, which are the Nagoya dialects. It wouldn’t be Kansai-ben as Nagoya is in Chubu, though there are some similarities. (My third language is Japanese.) But then again, I don’t think anyone cares what dialect as long as the Mainland audience knows they’re speaking in Japanese. So many liberties taken, Shanying. LOL.

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          * from Hong Kong

      • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

        Also the reason why I’m pinpointing the language switching in Love Me If You Dare is because Shanying did this language switching BEAUTIFULLY in Disguiser, with no off-putting weird logical lapses whatsoever. They switched to native Japanese when the story needed it, like between Japanese officers only or when talking to fellow Japanese people.

        Also I love the fact they got native Japanese speakers to do the voice-dubbing (and some of the actors are actually Japanese people) when needed because it sounds like proper Japanese with the right tones and accents. I love that they lady who played Minamida-kachou speaks in proper Japanese but then switches to oddly accented Mandarin when speaking to Ah Cheng or Wang Manchun, etc. because Minamida is a native Japanese speaker so would naturally pronounce Mandarin with a Japanese accent – very fitting for her character.

      • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

        So by this reasoning, they should’ve had Bo Jinyan and Susanna speaking in English to each other, and the HK police and Bo Jinyan, Jianyao, etc. speaking to each other in Mandarin. They could’ve found someone to dub the English for Wallace (just like they got Japanese dubbing for Hu Ge in Disguiser) to make it sound genuine. The HK police can speak to each other in Cantonese but they should’ve gotten native Cantonese speakers to do the voice-dubbing (just get native speakers from Guangzhou or HK LOL) instead of Mandarin speakers trying to pronounce Cantonese weirdly.

      • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

        I’m guessing but I think Minamida, Takagi, and Fujita are played by Japanese actors while the voice-actor for Hu Ge (when he’s posing as Ono Saburou) is also Japanese. Minamida speaks Japanese-accented Mandarin with her own voice while Takagi and Fujita are dubbed by native Chinese voice actors when speaking in Mandarin. The voice-dubbing for Jinyun when she’s posing as Keiko is probably a non-native Japanese speaker but one who’s studied the language enough to be fluent but without native inflections…

      • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

        @ polaris:

        Thanks for sharing the info about the JP dialects! Interesting stuff! šŸ™‚

        LOL I didn’t watch the whole ep of LMIYD where they mentioned the “beach” of TST, otherwise I would’ve laughed my ass off hahahahaha (which ep was this again?) LOL they must’ve forgotten that there are many HK-ers who watch Cdramas and can actually tell when they make big mistakes…

        Yeah I must admit I have a soft spot for Kansai-ben … probably because many favorite characters I watched in shows when I was a kid spoke like that and gave me pleasant memories šŸ™‚

        Well I guess we could expect the Japanese officers to speak in standard Japanese but if Jinyun was only PRETENDING to be from Nagoya and the officer questioning her was from Nagoya … which could explain why he totally didn’t believe her because he could tell she was lying by her accent? (and then she was like “oh I studied in Tokyo U” or something but he totally didn’t believe her until Ming Tai stepped in LOL)

        • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

          You’re welcome! šŸ™‚

          Oh it wasn’t in the drama, just in the book. But not sure if you noticed that they filmed some of their “HK” scenes in a beach area. Like that hotel that BJY and JY stayed in. One would have to drive far from the city center in HK for a beach like that lol.

          Kansai-ben is charming. It’s a pain trying to switch back and forth between Kansai and Tokyo though lol.

          Jinyun didn’t do her homework. šŸ˜› Good thing Ming Tai was there!

      • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

        @ polaris:

        I agree with you – it’d be a pain to switch between Kansai/Tokyo-ben šŸ™‚
        LOL Jinyun didn’t do her homework but that’s why Ming Tai was there and so they had their first memorable meeting šŸ™‚

        Ah the beach scenes – now that you mentioned it, I guess that’s why they had them briefly…
        BTW have you watched the newest eps? The best sequence in the entire series so far just happened with the shootout at the hospital (it was way too short though and I expected an epic car chase to follow that but it didn’t happen). This and the Zhang Luyi vs Wang Kai scenes with the torture, etc. were the highlights of this series šŸ™‚ Oh the bit with the Disguiser cast interrogation sequence was not bad either.

  3. 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

    This must be the nth time I’ve seen those pics of Nick and Sandra but it hasn’t gotten old yet. I hope they work together again in the future. šŸ™‚

    Crystal is gorgeous. *__*

    • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

      Welcome to the world of stalking! We see photos as fans taken, fan scanned, unofficially, and then official pictures. LOL.

  4. 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

    melting me… like seriously… i have no energy after seeing Nick… haha… oh dear Kap. you know that im gonna steal some pics, right? haha… thank you in advance šŸ˜›

    i need this two to play in a drama together! the chemistry is EVERYTHING in here. i ship them, haha.. btw is wang kai already having a GF??? *pray hard, no no no, wait for me.. #jokeoftheday *

    i saw so ji sub’s interviewed, when he got asked, who’s gonna marry first, him or song seung hoon, he said the one who has GF first. soooo… Crystal… we hope to hear good news šŸ˜€

    • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

      It’s meant to be stolen in any form possible, Yui. =D

      So Ji Sub (and Mina) is killing it in Oh My Venus. Where to sign up for a personal John Kim? Lol.

  5. 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

    Sandra new do is super cute. Liu Yi Fei is gorgeous. My wife recently watched Chinese Paladin and I commented on how beautiful Liu Yi Fei was. Still is 10 years later.

    • 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

      She only becomes more beautiful with age. šŸ™‚

  6. 32 thoughts on “Nick Wang and Sandra Ma sizzle for Bazaar Jewelry

    After watching and falling hard for the Disguiser, my casting vote goes to the Man Li actress vs the Yao Yao actress.

    He looks good with eye glasses.

    Thanks Kaptain A.

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