TVB 2015 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “Surprises.”

Don’t know why I still like to do this red carpet, maybe it is tradition (since 2012). I haven’t watched a single TVB drama all year long. Those I planned to watch (Lord of Shanghai, With and Without You), I ended up not having time for. Did you guys watch any this year? Agreed with the winners?

Best Actress goes to Nancy Wu (Ghost of Relativity). I’m so happy for her!! Been supporting since forever and even if a quick scout around the net says the role isn’t challenging, I can’t help but be happy for her years of strong performances. I love her humble acceptance speech, saying that she has limitations for the said role, she promises to work better in the future. And when she thanks all her friends for being there. Aww!

 photo Ann 10.jpg

 photo Ann 9.jpg

I don’t love her dress or her hair. Makes her look much older.

 photo Ann 8.jpg

She’s in shocked here. Me too. Never thought TVB would give her an award. Lol.

 photo Ann 17.jpg

Everyone is so happy for Nancy! Elaine and Selena are bawling. *hic hic*

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 photo Ann 4.jpg

 photo Ann 11.jpg

Man, damn these tears! Sisterhood FTW!

 photo Ann 12.jpg

I wanted them to collaborate and when they do, such bad hairstyles for our girl. >.<

 photo Ann 13.jpg

Of course, she can’t forget her onscreen hubby, Lai Lai. LOL.

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Best Actor goes to Anthony Wong (Lord of Shanghai). I didn’t expect anyone else to win.

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Best Supporting Actress: Elaine Yiu (Captain of Destiny). She has come a long way. First saw her in Heart of Fencing as the nerdy girl and look at her now! Love her whole look. My Favorite of the night, even if I wouldn’t dare to wear it. She’s with Joel Chan.

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Best Supporting Actor: Wai Kar Hung (Lord of Shanghai). Aww I’m happy for him! He’s been with TVB since forever too and finally recognized!

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Most Popular Male Character: Ruco Chan. He looks good! No more casual black clothes. I like when he wears duds. hee!

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Most Popular Female Character: Kristal Tin. She’s walking with Moses Chan. Love the color and her confidence!

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Grace Chan in a bridal pink gown in the arms of Ruco Chan. They were a pair in Captain of Destiny. She wins the Most Improved Award for the Female. Tony Hung wins in the male category.

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Liza Wang arrives with Wayne Lai. He looks younger this year. XD

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Natalie Tong baring her sexy back proudly.

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Alice Chan (Lord of Shanghai) looking like a timeless beauty.

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Mandy Wong in a lovely emerald green dress in the arms of Raymond Cho. Really like the sexy neckline and her shiny hair.

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Eliza Sam with Jason Chan. They look positively brimming in happiness!

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Him Law with Sisley Choi. She’s a beauty but what’s with that bland floral window print?

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Sharon Chan and Oscar Leung.

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Selena Li and Edwin Siu.

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Priscilla Wong looking effortlessly made up.

 photo Ann 45.jpg

 photo Ann 46.jpg

Tavia Yeung with Louis Cheung.

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Linda Chung enters with Kenneth Ma. WHAT IS SHE WEARING??!!

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Linda with Bosco Wong.

 photo Ann 62.jpg

 photo Ann 63.jpg

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Vincent Wong with Jacqueline Wong. A pair in With or Without You. Half of her cleavage is staring at me…

 photo Ann 67.jpg

The funniest section to me is the break. They actually give out KFC chicken and sodas. It’s hilarious how everyone munches boldly and without hesitation. Lol. XD

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Via: Sina // MingPao // Chinanews

  1. 7 thoughts on “TVB 2015 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “Surprises.”

    I watched Captain of Destiny (all the parts without Tony Hung who is really not cut out for the role of a dashing pirate) and literally soldiered through it for Ruco Chan’s 11th prince – he acted very well and carried the show with amazing chemistry with everyone (despite the typical flawed script and a very raw & overwrought female lead in Grace Chan). Saw Lord of Shanghai till ep5 but somehow did not feel compelled to continue – perhaps it’s that have seen more poignant c-dramas set in that era or the storyline was not engaging enough unlike earlier TVB successes like Rosy Business. Anthony Wong was good but not spectacular I feel esp after watching veteran theSpians in Nirvana In Fire for eg. On that basis, My vote is for Ruco Chan as best actor.

  2. 7 thoughts on “TVB 2015 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “Surprises.”

    Anthony Wong was amazing in Lord of Shanghai. Though i rooted for Ruco too! Boy just has to wait for another year;((
    Btw i did a fashion post on the awards ceremony recently! I hope you guys would give me some opinions on how i can improve;) also Kaptain, can we be affies? Been following your blog like since forever♡

    • 7 thoughts on “TVB 2015 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “Surprises.”

      Aww, I don’t think I’m in the position to comment. I don’t really know much about fashion, Sharlin. It’s either pretty or not in my plain eyes. =(

      I haven’t been updating my Affiliates in years, but I always welcome friends! 🙂

  3. 7 thoughts on “TVB 2015 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “Surprises.”

    Anthony Wong was the only one deserving of the award. Elevated the show and is the rare brilliant actor in the TVB scene. Ruco was decent but for me he’s not leading man material, nor was he anywhere near the performances of Wong, and even Wayne Lai.

    Nancy Wu’s win is ridiculous. Her show was one of the worst of the year (but for some reason one of the most popular?), and if anyone deserves Best Actress this year its Liza Wang or Tavia Yeung (i.e. the only remaining fadan that can actually act).

  4. 7 thoughts on “TVB 2015 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “Surprises.”

    OMG! What is with all these pretty ladies eating KFC in such elegant outfit? Greasy hands and super expensive dresses just don’t go well together….

    • 7 thoughts on “TVB 2015 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “Surprises.”

      Sometimes hunger speaks louder than pretty clothes. XD *BURR BURRR*

    • 7 thoughts on “TVB 2015 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “Surprises.”

      It’s KFC, people! The great Colonel Sander’s recipe!!! Heck, I wouldn’t care about my dress either, I’d be too busy licking my finger! 😀

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