Elvis Han and Hu Bing Qing for 20 Once Again Drama Version

Interesting pair. I love me some Elvis Han but someone needs to feed Hu Bing Qing too. What’s with our actresses looking like walking sticks these days? 🙁 At least she doesn’t look ill (like the case of Sebrina). Veteran actress Gua Ah Leh will be reprising the grandma “heroine” role from the movie adaptation released earlier this year with Lu Han and Yang Zi Shan. 20 Once Again is the drama remake of hit Korean Movie, Miss Granny. Despite having already three versions of the same source material, I still haven’t watched the original movie yet! Chime in below if you have seen previous adaptations and your thoughts on the casting choices. I think it’s high time for me to get my hands on Miss Granny now.

Elvis Han, Hu Bing Qing, Qin Han, and Gua Ah Leh.

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Booting Ceremony on the 17th: They danced and chat with reporters and I have to say, the older couple stole the thunder right under the youngins noses effortlessly.

Synopsis from Wiki With Name Changes: Shen Meng Jun (Gua Ah Leh) is a crotchety prideful 70-year-old widow who frequently finds faults with everyone around her. She takes pride in her ability to raise her son single-handedly, despite the poverty during the Cultural Revolution, to become a professor of a prestigious university. After several clashes with her own family, they decide it’s time for her to go to a nursing home. Feeling forlorn, she wanders the streets and impulsively decides to take a final portrait at a photo studio she happens by. Upon leaving, to her astonishment she realizes that she has been transformed back into her 20-year-old self. Given a magical second chance at youth, she changes her name to Meng Li Jun (Hu Bing Qing).

After Meng Jun’s transformation, she decides to keep her new identity a secret. She begins by renting a room from her trusted friend and past servant, Xiang Da Hai (Qin Han). Later, while accompanying Da Hai to the senior recreation center, she meets her long-time rival, a flirty senior woman. There, they had an epic singing battle in which Meng Jun wins. Meng Jun captured the crowd’s heart with her voice. While singing, a music director Tan Zhi Ming (Juck Zhang) enters and offers her a chance of a lifetime.

Elvis plays Niu Wen Zheng and he’s paired up with Bing Qing but I can’t find the corresponding character in the movie version. Lol.

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20 Once Again Drama Version marks the third reunion of veteran pair Gua Ah Leh and Qin Han, both previously collaborated in 1978’s The Diary of Di-Di and 1980’s Poor Chasers. Aww. That’s so cute! When asked about his nice older guy role, Qin Han confessed that if it was 10 yeas ago, he wouldn’t accept it. But now that he’s older, he finds his simple-minded character quite sweet and silly with the glasses.

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The younger pair in Hu Bing Qing and Elvis Han.

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You two are boring! XD

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Their little performance:

Bing Qing looks utterly adorable in this getup.

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Musical Director Tan Zhi Ming is played by Juck Zhang (Romance of Condor Heroes). Oh boy, he looks cute! A rival to Elvis’s charms indeed.

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Directing is Gao Lin Bao (Wu Xin The Monster Killer, The Journey of Flower) and Xu Hui Kang (Earth God and Earth Grandmother, Detectives and Doctors) and writing is Xu Zi Yuan (Wu Xin The Monster Killer). Filming begins yesterday.

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  1. 6 thoughts on “Elvis Han and Hu Bing Qing for 20 Once Again Drama Version

    Wu Xin and TJOF were directed by the same person? SERIOUSLY?

    For some reason Hu Bing Qing’s yellow dress reminds me to a popcorn box…

    Juck Zhang definitely looks charming! If he can exude cool vibe ala Chen Bolin, he’s gonna give Elvis run for the money in this drama. Could Elvis character be the grandson?

    • 6 thoughts on “Elvis Han and Hu Bing Qing for 20 Once Again Drama Version

      Lol. There are usually more than one directors working under one project. Just like how this one has two, Flower had three directors. So the mixing of styles makes it hard for one director to stand out. But yes, Mr. Gao has a hand in both.

      You’re already swaying huh Lenje!? Wu Xin won’t forgive you. XD

      • 6 thoughts on “Elvis Han and Hu Bing Qing for 20 Once Again Drama Version

        I know, Kap. I shouldn’t be too shocked. Directors have their taste — and since he had to work with other directors, there’s gotta be compromises. Final result, though, is another story. Hence the difference between the production of WuXin and Flower. IMO production wise WuXin is way better than TJOF, I’d categorize it one of the best Cdramas this year.

        • 6 thoughts on “Elvis Han and Hu Bing Qing for 20 Once Again Drama Version

          I think directors for movies are easier to tell apart. In drama productions, I just give up. Flower has a terrible story to tell too, you and I (and Nell + many others) still have battle wounds, yes yes? X)

          I still need to finish Wu Xin. Sigh ~

  2. 6 thoughts on “Elvis Han and Hu Bing Qing for 20 Once Again Drama Version

    I hope Hu Bing Qing shows off more acting chops in this one. I haven’t seen any versions of this story yet (Chinese or Korean), but according to the synopsis. HBQ’s character should have the mindset of an old person, at least be mature and experienced in mindset. Maybe she can show some of that so this doesn’t just end up as any generic drama.

  3. 6 thoughts on “Elvis Han and Hu Bing Qing for 20 Once Again Drama Version

    I enjoyed the K movie. Currently watching Elvis in Wu Xin , which I’m enjoying.

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