New stills and trailer for Zhang Han’s Braveness of the Ming

Braveness of the Ming is the drama adaptation of the novel Silk Night written by Yue Guan. With the time-traveling element removed thanks to you-know-who, the story now follows Xia Xun (Zhang Han), a regular citizen as he transforms from a fish monger to a royal guard and assists Zhu Di in ascending the throne and becoming the third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.


Zhang Han. He looks handsome when all his hair is tied up. The bangs have got to go!

 photo Ming 63.jpg

 photo Ming 19.jpg

 photo Ming 26.jpg

 photo Ming 31.jpg

 photo Ming 32.jpg

 photo Ming 37.jpg

I hope that is not your kiss-me face, Zhang Han. Lol.

 photo Ming 38.jpg

 photo Ming 46.jpg

I love this armor.

 photo Ming 62.jpg

Park Min Young. She has a bickering relationship with our male lead.

 photo Ming 16.jpg

 photo Ming 25.jpg

 photo Ming 44.jpg

 photo Ming 61.jpg

Janice Wu (My Sunshine). She looks adorable and is described as the sunshine of the series. *winks*

 photo Ming 22.jpg

 photo Ming 17.jpg

 photo Ming 18.jpg

 photo Ming 41.jpg

 photo Ming 42.jpg

Shawn Wei (The Duke of Mount Deer). Er….Is the book upside down?

 photo Ming 50.jpg

 photo Ming 23.jpg

 photo Ming 35.jpg

 photo Ming 59.jpg

Jeremy Tsui (The Virtuous Queen of Han).

 photo Ming 24.jpg

 photo Ming 47.jpg

The three-way bromance of our royal guards – Zhang Han, Jeremy, and Shawn.

 photo Ming 30.jpg

 photo Ming 15.jpg

 photo Ming 20.jpg

 photo Ming 21.jpg

 photo Ming 39.jpg

Shawn is the serious one of the three. This photo is funny: while he’s fighting, the other two are conversing in the background! 😛

 photo Ming 34.jpg

Guo Zi Qian. She is Jeremy’s love interest. Also a guard.

 photo Ming 14.jpg

 photo Ming 40.jpg

The peace sign while fighting the enemies. hehe.

 photo Ming 52.jpg

 photo Ming 33.jpg

 photo Ming 60.jpg


 photo Ming 29.jpg

 photo Ming 53.jpg

 photo Ming 54.jpg

 photo Ming 55.jpg

 photo Ming 56.jpg

 photo Ming 57.jpg


  • I don’t think the trailer did our female lead any good. I like Park Min Young but her expressions comprise of either her crying or looking solemn.
  • The colors on the costumes are rather a nice blend of vibrancy and hues without being overbearing.
  • Directed by Chung Shu Kai (Lady and the Liar, I Love Hong Kong, Adventure of The King) and Liang Sheng Quan (God of War Zhao Yun, Legend of the Ancient Sword) and written by Bai Yi Cong (Go! Goal! Fighting!, Feng Yun Legend), Braveness of the Ming has 30 episodes.

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  1. 5 thoughts on “New stills and trailer for Zhang Han’s Braveness of the Ming

    That book is upside down. How did they get it wrong twice?

    I’m not liking how Park Min Youmg looks right now. Hopefully when the shows airs she’ll look better in a more vibrant setting. I didn’t know she was that short.

    I am not a fan of Zhang Han but he’s smiles are really starting to grow on me.

    • 5 thoughts on “New stills and trailer for Zhang Han’s Braveness of the Ming

      Maybe it’s the case of him pretending to read and then getting caught?

      I thought Janice was shorter until I saw the photos. So deceiving!

    • 5 thoughts on “New stills and trailer for Zhang Han’s Braveness of the Ming

      Yeah…I’m not really a fan of PMY, but I don’t hate her…actually, I generally don’t think Koreans in Chinese period dramas and/or vice versa is a good thing. In modern dramas, that’s one thing. But in period dramas? I feel like period dramas generally just naturally include so much of culture and stuff that it’s hard for a foreign actor to be in one and have it feel right…you know?

      I’m blasé towards Zhang Han (I actually like him more often than not), but he looks REALLY good here. Actually, all three bros look awesome.

      • 5 thoughts on “New stills and trailer for Zhang Han’s Braveness of the Ming

        agreed. not only that, speech is also part of acting. korean actors be talking in their languages and then get dubbed. what kind of acting is that? uh huh.

        i like park min young but she looks scared in here. lols

        • 5 thoughts on “New stills and trailer for Zhang Han’s Braveness of the Ming

          Yeah. Dubbing’s a huge deal. Now I love that actors/actresses dub their own characters. I think when you dub yourself, you know exactly what emotions you were trying to portray and exactly what your character was thinking, and you can express that in the dubbing so that it matched with the acting. However when other people dub you, it’s like mixing two different interpretations. The dubber obviously has their own ideas of the character when they watch your acting, and those are not necessarily matching with your own, so the portrayal of the character will be off.

          Haha with kpop, I’ve been so disappointed in kdramas for a while, that I’ve basically been on a 2 and a half year hiatus from all things korean. Except occasionally reality shows…but that’s a different story.

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