Explosive trailer for Tong Li Ya’s Love Without A Trace

What a trailer. Our delicate-looking Tong Li Ya wields a sword and just slashes everyone in sight. Well, not everyone, all the bad seeds in a pot. And she looks absolutely stunning in every scene. But….so much crying. The drama also reunites her with Yang Shuo as the two did the intense period drama Woman in a Family of Swordsman in 2012. Rising actor, Guan Ying Peng (Princess of Lan Ling), also stars as one of the generals and third leg in the love triangle.


The setting takes place in the chaotic years at the end of Tang Dynasty. In history, also the period when the five dynasties and ten Kingdom competed vigorously. Our male lead (Yang Shuo), wants to create a peaceful world for his beloved girl (Tong Li Ya), and decides to join the wars. However, in trying to have world peace, he slowly changes to a different man. More conniving, more violent. He loses the woman he loves most and also becomes rival to his best friend (Guan Ying Peng).

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Yang Shuo. Always the manly man of all the men!

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Guang Ying Peng. He looks good!

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Guan Yue. A female soldier enamored with the male lead. Her fate looks bleak already.

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I almost didn’t recognize him! Kitty daddy from Tiger Mom! Tong Da Wei as A south Vietnamese king.

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  • Directed by Yin Tao (Liu Shi Shi’s Sorry I’m in Love With You, Think Before You Marry) and written by Ma Guang Yuan (For the Sake of Beauty, Think Before You Marry), Love Without A Trace has 46 episodes.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Explosive trailer for Tong Li Ya’s Love Without A Trace

    She looks like a geisha to in that first photo!!

    Looks exciting!! But it seems the majority don’t know know thr cast??

  2. 2 thoughts on “Explosive trailer for Tong Li Ya’s Love Without A Trace

    Haven’t seen anyone except for Tong Li Ya and the story sounds boring to me. Will pass on this one.

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