Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

One show didn’t air this week… You guessed it. So I covered a Happy Camp episode with the above cutie pies. ^_^


I wonder whether this means it’s long-running show now? To be honest, I’m kinda happy it didn’t air this week because I need a week or more to get over a shoulda-woulda-coulda perfect couple in my head…. all thanks to Hess from the last chat station. T___T

Run Brother Episode 7:

  • Sometimes the show goes extreme with the theme. Baby outfits are acceptable but giving these 30+ men a pacifier? *shakes head* But I laugh so hard at baby Ryan’s doofus face when he sees beautiful baby Angela. LOL. Dude, she’s married!
  • The guests today are kiddo Angela and Actress Liu Tao! So cute that she hugs adult Angela first and punches Ryan for offering his saliva-filled pacifier! I like her already!
  • The puffy chicky suits are back for the first game! Leave it to Wong Cho Lam to grab Liu Tao’s collar and drags her out of the seat. This guy!
  • Second game…swimming in little soap water. Deng Chao flapping ineffectually in ONE spot. Lol. I think we can call this game Fish Out of The Water.
  • Third game – pulley system to get milk. XD
  • Nametag elimination – the dino twins are here to challenge our team. Unfortunately, their capable player, Jerry, is eliminated first. He looks so confused. heh. Good thing these dinos wear the bells to help alert our oblivious team. They need to work together!! In a flash, Deng Chao and Bei Er are also eliminated. Things are looking bleak!
  • When you take away all the good players, the not-so-good players have to step up. Ryan can run! I feel bad when he’s attacked. He needs to be faster and aims for the nametag more accurately! Someone should’ve helped him instead of watching it unfold!! TEAM WORK GUYS! ARGG. So frustrating.
  • The mirror maze cracks me up! Poor cameraman is all confused!! XD
  • LOL! Next week is to fool Deng Chao into thinking that he’s the spy! haha =D No guests next week.

Decided to cover Happy Camp 5.16.15!

  • A bunch of pretty boys guesting in this episode! We have Zhang Han (Braveness of the Ming), Ji Chang Wook (Healer, Empress Ki), and the two lads from Divas Hit The RoadBoran Jing and Yang Yang!
  • In the first game (I still don’t understand how it’s played?), Boran is so fierce, you see the way he picks Professor He in one quick swoop? Xie Na calls him her team ultimate weapon.
  • Second round, all the Chinese members are so busy pushing it each other, leaving Chang Wook to steal the limelight with a bright smile. Still, he didn’t make it into the picture! Lol.
  • Li Wei Jia tries to stand near Boran and gets pushed out of line. He amusingly complains that this guy has gone crazy! He doesn’t think and just pushes people!
  • Second game is the battle of strength between the luggage boys of Season 1 and 2 Divas Hit The Road. Ji Chang Wook is on Zhang Han’s side while the kiddos – Yang Yang and Boran – represent Season 2.
  • First round: after much debating and switching, Zhang Han VS Boran. I thought this would be awkward since one is Zheng Shuang’s ex vs her recent variety love line. But the boys show great chemistry and are at ease with each other. The hosts suggest that the winner gets to bring Miss Beauty home…. Na Na volunteers as tribute and Zhang Han surrenders immediately. LOL.
  • Before the game begins, Zhang Han asks Boran, which hand do you like, and Boran cheekily replies, “I like this hand of yours,” instantly getting a smooch from Zhang Han. Oh You two!! Zhang Han doesn’t even try to win.
  • Next up, Yang Yang starts with calling Ji Chang Wook “Ge” for big brother. The hosts laugh that he’s starting his cutesy act now and Zhang Han chirps in, “Why are you calling everyone big brother now?” He’s not wrong though. He’s the youngest!
  • Yang Yang shows off his biceps and then gets defeated easily by Chang Wookie. haha. Silly kid. But he says he can’t admit defeat and wants to challenge Wookie. Yea, time to show off your flexible body! He starts with walking on his two hands and Wookie adds that his visual is okay but not cool enough. So he does a “simple” air flip which gets the fans and Yang Yang all riled up for the next level. Yang Yang then cartwheels without using his arms. Ji Chang Wook: “Yang Ge!” Humbly, Yang Yang admits that Wookie’s move was much harder to do than his. Aww. 🙂
  • Next section: ideal traveling partner, Boran wants someone clean, Yang Yang wants someone not careless, Zhang Han wants either a 1) family member or 2) a close friend (10+ years), and Chang Wook wants someone he’s comfortable around. Surprise guest at the end is actress Xu Qing, gifting Professor He and Zhang Han each a gift, causing everyone to cry with her beautiful wise words about how big and scary the world is and sometimes it’s okay if we want to shrink back into our own little world.

The Legend of Flower cast records their Happy Camp session today. Lordy, they have chemistry off camera!!

  1. 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

    Huhuhu, dear Kappy A; we really feel sad for the missing episode last Sunday of We Are In Love . . however, reading your posts here – we feel some consolation seeing the happy group of Wallace Huo . . .

  2. 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

    Heh~~ Let’s daydream that by new couple they really mean new half of a new couple. I’m super curious though who this new couple is. Will they both be Chinese or will it be another Chinese-Korean pairing. And I’m confused why they’re adding a new couple randomly halfway through. Plus, why should that affect broadcasting a new episode. So many questions…

    Is CP supposed to stand for couple? I always wondered why all the videos said CP in the title.

    • 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

      Hola Hess, thank you so much. I appreciate your analytical mind. Your questions are also in my mind. I pray that Kaptain A will shared to us what is going on in the said show. I am sorry that my group and I here in Canada are new in the Chinese movies or Asian shows . . It is only Ruby Lin and the other male actors paired to her that we are quite familiar. Muchas gracias . .

  3. 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

    The official statement said “technical reasons” but who knows because insiders also added that SARFT is concerned with these “reality” tv shows. [Original Chinese Article]

    Anyone who knows more, please enlighten us. =)

    Hess, usually, I would say CP mean couple, unless it stands for something else. I don’t know the reasoning behind a new couple either. If they shorten the time for the other couples, I’d be mad!

    Marilina, stuff happens and we can only rewatch the previous episodes! ^^

    • 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

      Thank you very much, dear Kaptain A. We are beginning to be enlightened. I hope others will share to us their good ideas and thoughts . . .

  4. 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

    Isn’t it a given signal, once the broadcast adds a new couple, this means it’s a bittersweet end to ax one of the prior couples?

  5. 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

    Kaptain A, ugh, that sucks. Was looking forward to the new ep but instead we get a cancelation with no good explanation.

    Keane, I’ve never really followed WGM too closely so I’m not sure how things usually run. If that’s what’s gonna happen though then I’m praying that it’s not Ruby and Ren Zhong.

    • 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

      I have a hunch it’ll be the maknae couple. They might have schedule conflicts and stuff, since Xu Lu looks so tired lately filming a new rom-com drama with Wilber Pan.

      • 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

        My friend read the novels. Its not a romcom. Lol.

        Im surprised you guys didn’t write about it yet.

        • 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

          NOOOOO, I refuse to believe it’s a melo. That face (looks at Will)… must smile more to show off his megawatt chiclets.^ ^’

          Patiently waiting for their first teaser.

        • 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

          Now that you guys brought it up, I did write about this drama but the post is still in the draft folder after months! Lol.

    • 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

      Hola Hess, we are thinking and praying the same way; that it should not be the couple Ruby and Ren. Muchas gracias . .

  6. 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

    The poster says they’re looking for a 素人CP as in a non-celebrity couple? That’s a little weird, who’s is going to want to watch that. Plus isnt it a little late to be changing the formatting of the show. Oh well I just hope it airs this week.

    Who’s the guy in the hat in the last picture? Is outfit is umm ..,, interesting

  7. 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

    I think CP stands for “Central Pair”? The main couple.

    Lots of rumors flying around for why they had to cancel this week:

    Korean WGM was off anyhow.
    China is worried about MERS.
    One of the couples didn’t work out.
    The censors didn’t like how relationships were unfolding.
    General censorship unhappiness with reality TV and “lying” to the audience with fake relationship that are real relationships that are actually fake relationships…

    I think the official statement claimed that they were adding more elements to the show now — which was later revealed to be the non-celebrity CP. I’m guessing it’s censorship/SARFT driven.

    They film these episodes weeks in advance so they certainly COULD have released a new episode this week, but I’m guessing they wanted to start filming the fourth couple ASAP and then start adding bits and pieces of that in so that the couple doesn’t only come in for the last 3 episodes of the season or something…

    Happy Camp:

    The first game involves them trying to grab as much of the blanket as possible — because the clip beforehand showed that YY was always upset when JBR would steal too much of the blanket when they had to share a bed during their travels. 🙂

  8. 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

    Oooh I watched this Happy Camp episode! It was great! 🙂 Yang Yang was too cute. LOL he and Boran were absolutely hilarious together. I especially love that pillow fight at the end cuz I was laughing my ass off 🙂

    In other news, Yang Mi and Li Yifeng will continue their onscreen romance in a new movie where LYF is a movie star and YM is his agent. They fall in love but have to keep their relationship secret (cuz that’s how things roll in the entertainment industry) and after many trials and obstacles they finally get together. Too many audience/fans were unhappy with how their story ended in Ancient Sword, so now Susu and Qingxue can continue their love story after 1000 years LOL

    • 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

      Oh and I’d love to see the Huq Qiangu cast on Happy Camp! Should be fun! 🙂

      • 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

        ^Typo: that should be Hua Qiangu

  9. 18 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother S2 [Episode 7]

    Hola Kaptain A; do you have some time for the Episode 7 of We are In Love, shown last June 14? Just wondering. Gracias . . .

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