Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

Keane here. You thought you saw the last of me in Chat Station Episode 5? Muahahaha~

Finally, We Are In Love returns to schedule, loaded with a sound stage catered for a discussion panel with a hostess, two professional relationship counselors, and a hand full of bachelors and bachelorettes ready for love. Are you ready? TO PANEL, OR NOT TO PANEL? Keepers or Not? Let’s find out.

We Are In Love Episode 7:

  • Kimi x Xu Lu segment (ENG SUB HERE): Xu Lu works hard being Kimi’s girlfriend today. She goes the distance to meet Kimi on his movie set location. She brings drinks for the main crew, d’aw, she even labeled each cup with their couple’s logo sticker. However, Kimi isn’t a bit impressed. He’s on work mode and doesn’t like to be disturbed.
  • It’s a collide of emotions. She learns his estrange temperment while he too learns hers. He already has plans to makeup for this bad day.
  • Next, Kimi gets Xu Lu to be his assistant for the day. It’s her first time being on duty taking care of someone. She’s so use to having an assistant or manager taking care of her that she’s uncertain of her ways. Will Kimi like the things Xu Lu does for him?
  • Kimi has an interview to do, and the poor puppy is sick. Aww~ He plows through filming his first segment not noticing his missing girlfriend. Lulu slips away for a while, where to(?), it seems a long while at that. Kimi realizes she’s gone missing when he calls for her. He starts to panic and worry. While Kimi heads off to another interview spot taking a tram ride, Lulu returns in the nick of time before the tram rides off. She left him earlier to buy cough drops. Oh puppy, why are you so happy? Look at that big smile. They have a moment of sweetness on the tram ride while the gay host gets his feathers ruffled. Jealous much?
  • The show replaces the preview slot with a new panel of relationship gurus and amateurs. Before this, I really like Kimi’s analogy how relationships are like a dance. Kimi says, “if I take a step forward then you should take a step back, and when I take a step back then you should take a step forward.”
  • Ruby x Ren Zhong segment (ENG SUB HERE): Ooooh, how cute is Ren Zhong? He waits for Ruby’s arrival to Jeju (Island) Int’l Airport, and with white lilies in hand. (Aww~ I wish I took a quick trip to Jeju Island the last time I visited South Korea. SEAFOOOOOOD. Yum.)
  • Ren Zhong becomes Ruby’s tour guide. He takes her to lunch seaside. He orders for her fresh (spicy) seafood noodle soup. It’s the only thing on the menu at his local eatery choice. LOL! Simple enough. The owner goes out to sea to grab for you the “catch of the day”. Can’t get it any fresher than this. The owner returns with an octopus.
  • While the owner prepares the meal, Ren Zhong entertains Ruby with a few magic tricks. Second trick fails. LOL~ It only works on little kids, RZ. The food comes out saving him from further embarrassment. They take a mini polaroid momento. (I have one of those cameras too.) Ruby claims RZ looks different, as in, in the picture. He asks her if she recognize the difference. So she searches for an answer. She said he’s about the same really. He pouts at the disappointment how she doesn’t realize he’s been taking better care of his face using masks ever so often now since the night she first forced one on him a while back. Haha~
  • This guy is a total cheeseball. I love him to bits. I love it how he’s about to play with his food. He suggest they play a game with a string of egg noodles. Who ever eats the most noodles is stronger. Earlier, Ren Zhong’s first magic trick emphasizes “missing you”, a childish trick actually, to ask Ruby to think of him more while they’re not filming together. Back to the noodles, another childish trick to be closer, Ruby gets hysterical finding out how she has super fast noodle slurping abilities.
  • Nightfall, Ruby checks in a famous hotel on the island that Ren Zhong reserved for her. He makes a white lie in order to surprise her latter in her room. He dresses up as Daniel and puts himself in huge gift box squatting like a frog ready to leap out. Ruby knows his game plan however she doesn’t want to ruin the anticipation, so she walks pass the box and lags time to build more anticipation. Finally, the cat’s out of the box. Head piece is off, and they both play dress up. RZ puts on the kitty ears headband and claims to be Hello Kitty Ruby’s little sister, Mimmy, in horrifying pink. LOL~ Ruby laughs off his light snide comment. RZ says someone in the relationship should sacrifice on behalf of happiness, and that should be a man’s duty to do so.
  • Ren Zhong goes to his room next door like a gentleman. They both exchange sweet nothing to one another on their walkie talkies. Then, time for some beauty sleep Ruby; you’ve had a long day. You too RZ, don’t forget the face mask. Kiikii~
  • OMG-sh, the whole hotel floor dedicated to Hello Kitty. I love themed hotels like Disneyland and Legoland hotels. Gawd, I wanna go and take a visit. Yeah, I’m still a 5’6″ kid at heart.
  • Siwon x Liu Wen segment (ENG SUB HERE): Oh, our modern Prince and Princess Zoolander goes and lives in a traditional Korean house. Eh, I think I’ve seen this exact house shot in We Got Married Season 1 with Hwanhee and Hwayobi.
  • I like how Siwon sets a cozy atmosphere with such simple momentos of the couple’s photoshoots. He truly knows how to grab a woman’s heart. Wow, so man.
  • They exchange video presents watching those together. Liu Wen records a children’s charity event she went without Siwon because of his hectic schedule conflicts, while Siwon records his solo performance off SuJu’s Super Show 6 tour singing “Lost Stars”. (I love that song. And I was very surprised Siwon can hit the high notes off Adam Levine’s original. Impressive.) DOWNLOAD: ♬ Lost Stars v.1 | Lost Stars v.2 | Lost Stars v.3
  • So this episode seems to be in Liu Wen’s favor. Siwon is like a genie in a wishing lamp granting her wishes of things she wants to do with Oppa. First wish, is to taste Siwon’s cooking skills. He makes her pork dukbokki. Oh, it’s spicy alright, and that possibly triggers Wenwen’s food poisoning. Well, I presume it’s food poisoning when she vomits and faints hours after lunch. (I’ve gone through that eating from In-N-Out. I never want to experience that again. Food poisoning, that is. I still love In-N-Out burgers though. 😛 I know, I’m fearless. Haha~)
  • Wasn’t it a sweet episode though? Wenwen kept sweeping Siwon’s hair up for him, wiping his sweat from all the outdoor cooking, and fanning him to keep his cool. What a darling girlfriend!?! I can’t wait to see how her other wishes play out latter.
  • Let’s have a time-out to talk about Liu Wen’s style. OMG-sh, I so want that knit top she has on in this episode. It’s beautiful. Girl be peekaboo-ing her abs there a bit in this episode too. RAWRRR~ I honestly love her style. I hope she comes out with a fashion line for H & M, or even, Cotton On.
  • Non-Celeb Couple segment: After selecting from an internet pool of applicants, the show picks two ordinary singles (non-celebrities), both are educators (something in common already), in their twenties, and seem to have similar personalities. He’s only experienced three crushes but never pursued nor has he dated before. I’m not sure how active she is in the dating field however her parents are rushing her to get married.
  • Male – Hsu Xiao, 29 years old, a college professor. He’s searching for compatibility in a girlfriend.
  • Female – Hsiao Ching, 24 years old, an elementary teacher. She’s searching for a boyfriend just like Ren Zhong. LOL~ (I think her deepest secret is wanting to meet RZ in person.)
  • They meet at a book store. Each are given clues to search for a book. Hidden in the book is a picture of their potential soul mate.
  • Her first impression of him is okay not good really because she has expectations. His first impression of her is instantly good. When they start to share each other’s hobbies and interests, it leaps their new relationship further for the better. He’s smitten with her already, while she’s more open-minded now that she sees how pro-active he really is. Oh dear, she’s like Liu Wen, “TOO SOON!” Takin’ it slow there, snail girl?
  • So now, how do y’all feel about the commenting panel? Actually, I think the experts give decent advise, especially the male counselor. I like to focus on the big picture, so his way of thinking catches more of my attention. The female counselor is too much into details, picking specific instances, and nitpicking at each relationship. I don’t like that. It’s too exhausting for me to endure. I would be satisfied with the hostess interacting with simply the two relationship experts, and don’t really care for the extras sitting on the sidelines, but I guess the show is trying to target a more intimate setting for their audience AND for ratings, so whatever… I’ll just fast-forward the boring bits then. Kiikii~

Run Brother S2 Episode 9:

  • Oh my, let’s chat about déjà vu for a moment. I swear, it wasn’t long ago that I watched the Korean version to this episode; it has the same guest format. Do you know which Running Man episode I’m talking about? Do you recall Running Man episode# 213?
  • A bunch of actresses including Angelababy meet up with their partners somewhere and start to act up like divas. Each actress is re-enacting one of their highlighted roles in the past. The male partners all start to panic on their own. They should be! All of them get a dose of abuse, whether it be physical or verbal. The men’s faces are priceless. I liked the part where Jerry Lee gets bitten. Crack me later! I’m terrible recognizing Mainland China entertainers. I can only recognize one female guest out of the five, haha, she’s 蔡少芬 Choi Siu Fan (Ada). I had to fb the rest of the four gals, 霍思燕 Huo Siyan, 李彩桦 Li Chaihua (Rain), 蒋欣 Jiang Xin (Rulu),  and  江一燕 Jiang Yiyan.
  • All the couples meet and head over to Beijing’s Olympic Park entering the Olympic Green Tennis Center for their first mission. OMG-sh, Bao Bei Er with his wig. LOL! I had a good laugh listening to the guys speak Cantonese for Ada’s sake. I’m impressed by Deng Chao‘s efforts. Each of the guys tried to introduce their female partner’s name in Cantonese. Ada was a sport ’cause the guys were picking on her lame Mandarin any chance they got.
  • First mission is an acupressure mat obstacle course. Couples fight for the fastest time completing their mission. Things don’t get interesting until… Wong Cho Lam‘s family jewels get slammed by his partner, Ada, in the balloon popping sector of the course. ROFL~ You asked for it dude. I wonder if Kwang Soo would repeat the same mistake risking his heir line.
  • Second mission is head shots. In a timely manner, couples fight for the fastest time completing the mission. It’s like musical chairs with a twist. Both team members have to synchronize jump higher than the man-made wall to win. The couples need to create a couple’s head shot over the headless art wall. Cho Lam is the only one at a disadvantage here, so he tries to cheat dragging a chair in to use but Michael Chen stops such cheating ways. Two missions in a row, Ryan Zheng and Baby, a.k.a. Chinese version to “Monday Couple”, are the fastest couple in the group.
  • Next mission is face recognition. Easy task for the men to manipulate their faces beyond recognition while the ladies are blindfolded running their sweaty palms on the men guesses who. Ew! LOL~ Okay, I joke about the sweat, more probable as makeup oils smear from one to another, but I would use hand sanitizers more often than these ladies. Kiikii~ I’m surprised Baby was the worst loser in this game being she’s a regular on the show. Goes to show how often these regulars hangout off cameras, ay? Hmm, maybe Baby only knows Huang Xiao Ming off set. 😛
  • Final mission is saved best for last called the name tag ripping elimination, couple’s style. If you noticed earlier rounds, each couple went into a poll booth to cast votes. Someone tell me what was the true purpose of that event? ‘Cause honestly, I wanna know how does that effect the missions? How does all the other missions’ rankings tie in with this last round? Seems like there’s no relevance from all the editing done. In the end, the strongest couple with their name tags entact wins gold. Winners: Cho Lam and Ada Jie.
  • If it wasn’t for this week’s assignment then I would skip this show completely. It STILL lacks a plenty and we’re already in Season 2. Who’s the “brains” in this production? Really!! This show needs to hire more brains in the production team and fire most of them, if not all, from S2.
  • Next week’s guests are 鍾漢良 Chung Hon Leung (Wallace), 白百何 Bai Baihe, 井柏然 Jing Boran. Ehh, wasn’t Boran just on the show a few weeks back in episode 7? Again!?! Are there no takers, other than Boran? He must be a hot commodity ATM.
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    lol…family’s jewel!!! love that keane!!

    the monday couple is silly in the chinese version, baby is married. i don’t know why they can’t do it differently.

    boran wasn’t on the show before, he was on happy camp a lot these past few weeks. a hot commodity for sure!

    i laughed so hard when ren zhong came out in pink….that is kimi’s style! he’s so cute! ruby is very accomodating of his plans. =D

    i don’t like the panel mainly because it is taking time away from the main couples!

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

      If I had to choose between panel or previews… uhmmm, I’d choose previews. The preview snippets in the ending credits aren’t as fulfilling.

      I really like the part when Ren Zhong pouts. How adorkable!?!

  2. 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

    Thanks Keane! I shall make some gifs after work!

    Will be back~~

  3. 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

    Hola Keane, thank you very much for this post on We Are In Love . . . This segment of Ruby and Ren on Hello Kitty is so adorable. At our age . . we still could be a child in our hearts . . . I am losing words on how to describe Ren . . I read that he is also a professor . . he is so gentle and soooo patient with Ruby . .

    Gracias also to Kaptain A . . I really love your group, we learned so many details from you all . . .

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

      We appreciate your interest. We aim to please. Enjoy your stay.

  4. 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

    I think u did a typo;) coz bai bai he appeared in season 1 of Run Brothers. Whereas, boran 1st appearance will be next week;)))

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

      I’m pretty clueless when it comes to Run Brother. I just go with what’s posted on their fb.

  5. 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

    Thanks Kaptain A. i was thinking you guys weren’t going to cover this week,

    I don’t really mine the panel since i am not watching it live on TV, i just skip over them anyways. i am kind of sad they took away the previews tho, or did i skip those too by accident. I wasn’t going to watch the non celeb couple but since it was really short i check it out, out of curiosity. i mean … i just don’t see the reasoning behind it

    Oh Ren Zhong in is pink robe haha. it’s so interesting that all the events he planned for Ruby in the first couple of episodes she hated but now everything he plans she love. OMG the Hello Kitty floor in that hotel!!! I want to go so bad.

  6. 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

    As promised, the gifs this week!

    Here is a cute pout for Keane!

    Love this noodle scene, Ruby is such a troll, teasing him constantly! MUHAHA

    Too much Hello Kitty for me! OMGOSH. XD

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

      I really loved your gifs on this segment, dear Kaptain A! You’re the best in it . . . This noodle scenes of Ren and Ruby is fascinating indeed, hahahaha . . . .

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

      Awww~ Thanks Kappy, sooooo cute!!

      I adore the noodle scenes too. The way she leans deep into him to hide from embarrassment is so sweet (top right gif). My fav noodle scene is the first attempt; seeing RZ’s failing blank face is priceless (top left gif). LOL!

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