Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

Hello-halo! This is Kaptain-K speaking, Keane here taking lead for today’s chat station. I have CONTROL on this ship, muahahahaha~ *rubs hands together* kiikiikiikii~ I’ve tossed Kaptain-A in the Bermuda Triangle, so she may need to befriend sharks in order to return here and charter this massive vessel.

We Are In Love Episode 5:

  • Ruby x Ren Zhong segment: We start with a girlfriend going to a boyfriend’s apartment paying him a surprise visit. She caught Ren Zhong off guard, and he’s still in his pj’s. LOL! I’m blushing, are you Ruby? He welcomes her in with a warning that his house is a bit messy. “A bit!?!” That’s an understatement according to her. She can’t stand it anymore so she offers to help him tighty things up.
  • I wonder if Ruby has a sixth sense. How come she picks the exact bag that holds a secret present Ren Zhong’s been planning to give to her later? He just has to find the right moment for that event to happen. He almost blew his own cover though. He got a bit anxious when she touched his stuff.
  • Ruby asks for an apron, and Ren Zhong gave her the one and only apron he received from her at their first encounter. So then, Ren Zhong helps Ruby putting on the apron, but something cute about her makes him want to hug her so bad. The fact that she doesn’t like kitchen duty, yet she wants to do it, deserves a rewarding hug.
  • This makes me want to shout out to him. Grow bigger balls dude, and do what your heart desires. Hug her already, gees. You got your girlfriend in your apartment. She can’t escape now. LOL!
  • Ruby tests Ren Zhong, if he regularly bring girls over to his house, but Ren Zhong nervously defends himself that he invites his buddies over to hangout not girls. Ruby gets a clearer picture now. Guy friends get too comfortable and lazy to help clean up afterwards. Ruby sheds some light, and tells her boyfriend next time to also invite those buds’ girlfriends over too so those girls will clean up after their men. Good one, Ruby. 😉
  • Next, they both wash a blanket from the looks of things. Ruby needs to change out of her tight jeans, so Ren Zhong offers her his clothes. Ruby thinks wearing a man’s pants is an intimate occasion, and those pants can only be the boyfriend’s clothes and no others. And, Ren Zhong thinks Ruby looks extremely cute wearing his pants.
  • They both start playing in the tub. Pretend being Mickey and Minnie. Ren Zhong fesses that his most brave gesture was putting bubble Minnie ears on Ruby. Normally, he says he’s petrified of her.
  • Yeah, I believe we all know you are Ren Zhong. She wears the pants, while you wear the apron. We get the picture. And yet, the best part about this segment was all the skinship. Finally, more.
  • Moving onto the glass sliding door. They play a few games after washing it clean so the loser will buy dinner. Ren Zhong made Ruby mimic his kiss on the door. She closes her eyes fully while doing so, and Ren Zhong likes to believe that she is seriously kissing him not just the door. I, on the other hand, think she doesn’t want to buy dinner. LOL! They latter go shopping at IKEA like newly weds, which I thought was very cute.
  • Next week, Ren Zhong invites his friends over to his house and introduces his girlfriend. His friends make up games to break the ice between the couple, and I believe it works. Ruby looks like she’s about to pounce on Ren Zhong there. About time, I say!
  • Siwon x Liu Wen segment (ENG SUB YOUTUBE HERE): Siwon’s still in Beijing. He has a mission to do, so will he do it or not? The previews were very misleading. They broke certain boundaries and made new fond memories together this date.
  • To do so, they went to a dance studio, and learned the dance of love… tango! Tons of skinship Liu Wen needs to get accustomed to. She tries but I still see a wedge between them.
  • A morning sometime after, Siwon leave messages to Liu Wen to meetup for breakfast. He finds her and gets upset at her for not returning any of his messages. He worries too. She’s oblivious to his feelings. They vent out their dislikes and misunderstandings, and that impresses Liu Wen acknowledging a more real relationship with love spats and reconciled aftermaths.
  • I know they both model for a living, but do we need to see more of this. I’m sorta getting tired of it.
  • The love spat brought them closer together. More skinship that doesn’t bother Siwon at all, in fact, he encourages her to do more. Girl’s still shy around her handsome beau.
  • Next week, Siwon introduces his girlfriend to his co-workers in Beijing and they go on a red carpet date for the premiere of his movie project called ‘HELIOS’. Liu Wen also plans a surprise for Siwon hoping it’ll bring fond memories. He wants a passionate kiss. Will he get one?
  • Kimi x Xu Lu segment: Aw, Kimi proves to be a meticulous boyfriend once again. They start their date at an amusement park. Kimi wishes Xu Lu will seize the opportuntity to destress from work herein place. They begin their event riding a colossal rollercoaster. Is that a pale face I see on you Xu Lu? They sit in the first cart, so if Xu Lu decides to vomit then everyone behind them will catch a surprise says Kimi. In the duration of an adrenaline rush, Xu Lu keeps a tight hold onto Kimi’s arm, and he keeps his eyes fixated on her the whole time. He regrets making her ride the rollercoaster. It really scared the wits out of her but she wanted to ride it for Kimi. D’aw, sweetest girlfriend e-vur Kimi. Lucky Pink Panther!
  • Next, they go sightseeing where they’re all alone to meditate and really enjoy some relaxation.
  • After that, Kimi suggests going to a hot springs nearby. Which spa package do they choose? The fish spa, where little fishes nip the dead skin off your soaking feet. I’ve heard about this, it’s very ticklish, I can’t stand being tickled there. I can’t do it. Can you?
  • Xu Lu wears a pink two-piece swim wear to please Kimi, since he’s the Pink Panther adoring all things pink. It makes him happy so he creates a romantic event for her. He folds some floating paper boats, light candles, and sprinkle rose petals at a pool. She’s speechless seeing such sweetness, until he breaks the ice asking her to pick a boat finding her present. Without a second thought, she picks the big pink one. Bingo! He opens it carefully finding his and hers couple’s rings not lost in the abyss of the pool. Hers is a kitty cat ring, and his is a fish ring. A match made in heaven.
  • She remains stunned while thanking him, however she wants to show him how she feels about him. Especially today, he truly worked hard trying to show her a good time. Xu Lu gives Kimi a peck on his forehead and the guy makes his move putting his head on her shoulder with another hug. Just look at Xu Lu’s expression? LOL! She doesn’t seem comfortable there, while Kimi looks semi-perverse at the moment.
  • Next week, Kimi and Xu Lu escalates into a fight. Kimi asks Xu Lu to pick him or her phone. Poor fishy wants more attention. Will you do summersaults for some TLC, little fishy?

Run Brother S2 Episode 5:

  • Okay, what perfect timing is this? One of my exes appears in the show. I gotta watch it now. Nicky Wu, became my ex-virtual hubby once he married Cecilia Liu, along with Joe Chen Qiao En, and Du Chun, joins the fun. Add these three guests and it evens out the two teams. Divided evenly, Team Eunuchs and Team Royal Guards need to find their King’s royal seal. Among them though, there’s a spy. Two teams trade banter, and the best part was when Angelababy faced off Joe telling her she saw episode 24 of Cruel Romance. Really, any significance there? I believe I have a disease called dramanesia (in other words, drama amnesia) ’cause it was that bad.
  • First round, is an obstacle course filled with dizzy spells, wired hangers violating one’s body, and flour face masks all around. Team Eunuchs wins this round with a shorter time finishing the obstacle.
  • Second round, consists of soap suds and chilly pond water. Team Royal Guards takes the win, so now we’re tied game 1:1. Each team were rewarded clues for their wins.
  • Third round’s messy mud game was most fun, I think. The challenge is to get all or most of your marbles/balls into your designated slots within one incense’s time, while your opponent tries to block you failing the task. Team Royal Guards swoops another win getting extra clues.
  • Final round puts all those earned clues to best use. The clues hint where to find the hidden keys to latter unlock a secret place. Meanwhile, this is a name tag elimination and remember they still need to unveil the undercover spy. Oh krap, Angelababy was telling the truth, she said she was the spy yet no one believed her. OMG-sh, Nicky and Joe were eliminated first? Uh hey, they didn’t get a chance to put up a fight either. Boring. Thereafter, one by one gets eliminated until finally Team Royal Guards wins gold in the end with Angelababy’s help.
  • I have to give props to Du Chun, for he was the last one standing giving it his all for Team Eunuchs. A true athlete even though his teammates thought he was the traitor from the get-go. It wasn’t him, frankly, I was surprised too.
  • Next week’s has no guests. Kaptain-A will enjoy that. Haha~
  1. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

    Do You know where I can watch the rest of we got marrived with English subs? I’ve only seen cuts with siwon And Liu wen

  2. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

    Hola Keane! Muchas gracias por compartir con nosotros de su tiempo on updating us for We are In Love. My group here in Canada are still for Ruby and Ren . . We are happy that as the episodes goes on, our lady is getting closer to our Ren . . I am at loss of words to describe our feelings on our two favourites here . . If only we can have an English sub-titles for this – – – Again, thank you so much for being there – in behalf of Kaptain A. Todo lo mejor. . . All the best . . .

    • 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

      Ruby and Renzhong’s part has engliSh sub now. It made by ruby Viet fans.
      You can watCh it on youtube

      • 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

        Hola, Pocu! It seems I cannot believe that our prayers here in Canada will be answered . . my goodness and at last, we can now understand fully the Episode 1 of We are In Love – my whole group here will be huddled or gathered around on our lunch breaks for this episode . .I am really overjoyed . . Thank you so much, dear Pocu for updating me and to the Vietnamese fans of our dear Ruby Lin . . of course of Ren Zhong, too. Nuestro sincero agradecimiento por ello. Our sincere appreciation. Todo lo mejor, Pocu.

  3. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

    Actually after some thought and a couple of replays, it seems that Nicky Wu was the spy. He eliminated Chen Qiao En when they both saw the Eunuch team together discussing which was why Angelababy’s face was so shocked when she heard the scream and why the Eunuch Team was shown to be trying to eliminate Ryan Zheng (Zheng Cai) afterwards. Then they showed Nicky Wu saying Ryan’s name so by assumption, it must’ve been Ryan who eliminated him; therefore the Eunuch Team was getting revenge for their spy.

    I wish they showed the whole part of Nicky eliminating CQE and then Ryan and Nicky’s elimination instead of cutting it short and having the 2 MCs at the end talk about the show or something like that (I feel it’s a waste of the time they have for the actual show).

  4. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

    There is about 5 minutes missing from the HD video around the 1:16:30 mark for some reason. If you check out the regular quality version you can see the part where Nicky outs Qiao En and ZK outs Nicky.

    • 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

      OHHHH thank you so much!!! I was feeling upset about them not showing it but they actually did! I wonder what happened when they uploaded the HD version. But thank you for the link!

      • 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

        No problem! I figured there was a problem when they skipped that much; I mean, their editing can be messy, but the extent of skipping over two eliminations?!

        About your previous comment, I do agree that the two MCs talking at the end is pretty annoying, but at least they bring a bit of extra BTS footage with them. Wish they’d make less terrible segways and really fake conversation though…

    • 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

      Both teams had spies. That’s what’s great about it. The full footage explains a lot better, but it wasn’t that necessary. End result, both guests were weak, only Du Chun stayed strong for his team.

      Appreciate your contributions to AVV’s community, seven. =)

  5. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

    I went to one of those fish spas twice. Once really late at night none of the fish were hungry so my sister was laying in the pool and I was trying to chase the fish to her lol. Then I went to a different one where you just soak your feet. I went early in the morning that time when they first opened, the fishes were all attacking my feet. It was really ticklish, I kept having to take my feet out.

    I thought it was some kind of glitch with the elimination part of Joe and Nicky i was really confused. I thought Ryan was the spy of a moment.

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