We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

So did Jae Rim and So Eun kiss on their wedding day? DUN. DUN. DUN.

Love this episode especially how Jae Rim comes to his wife’s rescue again and again. So Eun keeps up with his affectionate level as well.

Episode 249 RECAP:

Our lovely couple walking down the white carpet to the altar. How sweet and beautiful they look in each other’s company. Jae Rim cannot wipe the smile off of his face.

 photo WGM249-1.jpg

 photo WGM249-2.jpg

 photo WGM249-3.jpg

Time to exchange looks for 3 seconds. Silly Jae Rim pulls So Eun in real close to tease her.

 photo WGM249-6.jpg

 photo WGM249-8.jpg

Looking at each other’s face seriously. Love how in the background you can see the boys going goo-goo over Jae Rim’s intense staring at his wife. Don’t get jealous boys, when you’re in love, that’s apparently what people do!

 photo WGM249-10.jpg

 photo WGM249-11.jpg

So Eun turns away first because you know there might be a hole drilled in her brain soon if he keeps it up.

 photo WGM249-13.jpg

A wedding declaration from Jae Rim. If he does something naughty, she’s allowed to hit him? I don’t understand this part but Jae Rim replies in English, “Yes. My queen.” Everyone chuckles.

 photo WGM249-16.jpg

 photo WGM249-17.jpg

 photo WGM249-20.jpg

A special guest from the We Got Married’s MC panel, Eric Nam makes an appearance to sing the couple a song. Oh boy. This is totally a surprise for me. Did not know he sings so well and with such oozing confidence. Someone, quickly tell me, is he SINGLE? 😉

 photo WGM249-21.jpg

Yo Jae Rim, look at the performer! He’s singing a song for you guys! I know So Eun is pretty! Look at her later!

 photo WGM249-29.jpg

 photo WGM249-22.jpg

Well, if you guys are just gonna be this cute, then hell with the performance. Lol.

 photo WGM249-25.jpg

 photo WGM249-27.jpg

Now it’s time for the main MAN of the day to fulfill So Eun’s wish. Dance for her on their wedding day. Before that, he reads out loud a letter he personally wrote, which is another cartload of cheese with a dash of romantic poetry. The wedding MC cracks me up when he asks, “Are the guests wearing seat belts?” LOL.

 photo WGM249-32.jpg

 photo WGM249-31.jpg

So Eun’s hands are curling up at the cheesiness of his letter. ^_^

 photo WGM249-33.jpg

Jae Rim looks up at So Eun when he says the last line, “To you who captured my heart, being with you….24 hours is not enough.” D’AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I CAN’T TAKE THIS!! SONG JAE RIM!!

 photo WGM249-35.jpg

And now he dances to Sunmi’s “24 hours.” How appropriate. SO CUTE.

 photo WGM249-37.jpg

My first favorite part of the dance is when he lifts his head and looks seductively at So Eun.

 photo WGM249-38.jpg

 photo WGM249-41.jpg

 photo WGM249-42.jpg

Second favorite part is the butt shake which he does so cheekily with his perfect apple BUM!!! LOL!!

 photo WGM249-43.jpg

 photo WGM249-44.jpg

 photo WGM249-46.jpg

The embarrassed groom and his cheering bride.

 photo WGM249-49.jpg

 photo WGM249-50.jpg

Wedding pictures.

 photo WGM249-52.jpg

The forehead kiss. *implode*

 photo WGM249-54.jpg

A FAKE-OUT KISS. Man, I was rooting so hard behind my computer that something might have broken. It’s okay. I will wait until the day they’re truly ready for that anticipated steamy kiss.

 photo WGM249-56.jpg

 photo WGM249-57.jpg

Eating time. The girls saying how proud So Eun was of her husband that she kept raising thumb-ups during his performance and then she adds, “It was for his butt!” Jae Rim: “You used to hate men’s butts but now you like them? EUNNNNNGG, so devious.” I love when he does that EUNNNGG sound.

 photo WGM249-58.jpg

 photo WGM249-59.jpg

The guests ask what they like about each other.

 photo WGM249-60.jpg

Jae Rim: “I like how she looks from the outside but it’s also because we are a great match.”
So Eun: “He tries hard in everything.”
Jae Rim: “Then you have to work hard to accept them all!”
So Eun: “I do!”

Jae Rim then mimics her rigid reaction when the PD suggested a kiss, which gets her all ruffled up. She tries to play it cool but before she can do anything, he swoops in for another…fake kiss. Dude! Don’t get my hopes up.

 photo WGM249-61.jpg

 photo WGM249-62.jpg

 photo WGM249-63.jpg

So Eun: “He has a great smile.”
Jae Rim: “How can I not smile seeing you?” This man. XD

 photo WGM249-65.jpg

 photo WGM249-66.jpg

LOL@ Eric’s face.

 photo WGM249-67.jpg

In comes WGM’s event host in a golden tux. Hwang Jae Sung. When he asks them how it feels to see him in person, So Eun is stumped for an answer. Jae Sung: “Am I ugly?” Jae Rim flies to her rescue by covering her eyes, “Don’t look at such person.” hehe.

 photo WGM249-68.jpg

 photo WGM249-69.jpg

They’re so touchy touchy today. The married couple will be playing games today and if they earn 7 hearts, they win flight tickets to somewhere. YESHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

 photo WGM249-72.jpg

First test to see how well they cooperate in singing. I love you both dearly and you know that, but singing isn’t your talent, puppies. Lol.

 photo WGM249-79.jpg

Second test. To see how much So Eun loves Jae Rim. They bring out a fish to slap Jae Rim’s feet while So Eun does the requested tasks. If she fails, the groom earns a smack at the bottom of his feet. AHA! I have seen this in Korean dramas before. Jae Rim thinks that by breaking one, he doesn’t have to get hit but Eric Nam brings out a back-up fish. hehe.

 photo WGM249-80.jpg

 photo WGM249-81.jpg

First task: Doing aegyo. So Eun does this wink + shooting fingers to the flat faces of the audience. Tough crowd. Lol.

 photo WGM249-82.jpg

 photo WGM249-83.jpg

The second time, she does the same thing but adding sweetly, “Baby, I love you,” and gets everyone smiling and clapping, finally.

 photo WGM249-84.jpg

 photo WGM249-86.jpg

The groom is happy. 😀

 photo WGM249-87.jpg

2nd Task: So Eun’s dancing. Let’s just say that she matches Jae Rim very well in terms of skills. ^_^ She dances to the beats and does these pulling strings hand movements which triggers the groom’s hormones and he starts to butt-hop his way to her. LOL. Crazy kid.

 photo WGM249-88.jpg

 photo WGM249-91.jpg

 photo WGM249-92.jpg

The guests all raise their spoon for points except for Kang Joon and he explains that they should show more affection and cuteness. The MC challenges him to provide an example. He does but it’s the typical idol poses. Fail. hahah.

 photo WGM249-93.jpg

 photo WGM249-94.jpg

 photo WGM249-95.jpg

3rd Task: Jae Rim will do the task first. Finding his bride’s hand in the sea of four hands. OMG! My friend did the same test on her wedding but she totally cheated because she gripped her husband’s hand so hard he knew it was hers. LOL.

Jae Rim declares that So Eun has dry cuticles. OMG. Poor girl.

 photo WGM249-98.jpg

I know Jae Rim wouldn’t have problems with this test. He’s so meticulous and observant. He eliminates Lady #1 instantly because of her moist hand, and Lady #4 because of her plump hand, leaving only Lady #2 and Lady #3 (So Eun).

 photo WGM249-99.jpg

 photo WGM249-100.jpg

 photo WGM249-102.jpg

 photo WGM249-103.jpg

When he holds the ladies’ hands once again at the same time, he smiles knowingly, “So Eun has cold hands, ” and pulls his lovely bride towards him while taking off his eye mask to confirm his decision. That is hot.

 photo WGM249-107.jpg

 photo WGM249-108.jpg

 photo WGM249-109.jpg

 photo WGM249-113.jpg

Their little hug at the end KILLS ME. It’s so intimate and pretty. Please hug more. 🙂

 photo WGM249-116.jpg

 photo WGM249-118.jpg

Next week, So Eun has to pass her test of finding Jae Rim through touching the men’s adam apples. HAHA.

Is it me but this episode felt so short?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

  1. 10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

    I am soooooooooooo smitten. My sweet hubby will just have to deal with my present crush. Thanks for the recap.

    • 10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

      I can only imagine your hubby’s grumpy face while you fangirl about So Eun’s husband. Hilarious! 😀

  2. 10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

    Awesome recap. Thank you. I watched this episode over and over again and I still smile from ear to ear, and my head in the clouds. I love this couple so much it’s taking my life and I just don’t care.

    • 10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

      They definitely feel like a drug you can’t get enough of….*rewatching all the hugs* They have the best hugs!! <3 <3 <3

  3. 10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

    Love your recap guys. I’ve been refreshing your page for days. 🙂
    He’s so adorable but so tacky sometimes. Like commenting on her dry cuticles. I felt embarassed for her. At the same time, he gets loads of cookie points for wiggling his butt in the air on that dance and for respecting her by not kissing her. I ship them so much. He looks genuinely happy but this show is still a show, scripted or not, so I prefer them kissing out of the camera and in my imagination this early in wgm.
    I get that they both kissed other people in dramas before but that was work and if they kiss now then that would be work or fanservice as well so better kiss in a more intimate setting.

    • 10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

      Aww, thanks Sansukini! Jae Rim feels the need to share with the world how he knows even little things like her nails. Lol. 😀

      I love love LOVE that they didn’t kiss and agree that it would be work and NOT from their own feelings. I’m sure they would touch lips down the line so I’m just gonna be a good girl for the next few months and enjoy them hugging each other. I literally melt whenever they hug. =)

  4. 10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

    awwwwwwwww the way they look at each other while walking down the aisle. jae rim is totally smitten with soeun, it’s not even funny!!

    i was cringing when he danced. so stiff!! LOL. but that butt does amazing things to a fangirl. lucky so eun!!

    i must be a pervert for i imagine one day she would squish that butt. 😛

  5. 10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

    Thank u for recapping…never get tired read all recaps bout Solim couple from different articel..hehhee
    And i’m always replay that part when Jae Rim supposed guess So Eun’s hand…Loveee <3

  6. 10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

    thanks for the recap.. your recap makes me smile from the begining till the end…

    eeee… they are sooo cheesy~~~~ ^^

  7. 10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 249 “Wedding Day Part 2.”

    Im from usa and i have to say i love this couple so much they keep me laughing and interested never a dull moment between these two a perfect match i would love them to become more in real life aswell.

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