Official Stills for Three Confirmed Couples on China’s We Got Married

So the results are in and it’s pretty unexpected. Tang Yan might have been big but to get Ruby Lin and Choi Siwon on board?!!

Confirmed couples are from left to right: Ren Zhong and Ruby Lin, Choi Siwon and Liu Wen, Kimi Qiao and Xu Lu.

This sucks…now I HAVE TO CHECK IN.

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China’s We Got Married: Tang Yan, Kris Wu, Kimi Qiao, Xu Lu?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm Weibo is buzzing with this news and to be honest, I’m not fond of this program in Korea, let alone seeing a Chinese Version. After seeing how people shredded Kim So Eun apart for her interview and hanging out with a friend, it just left a sour taste in my mouth. So I don’t want to see my crushes on this show. More importantly, TANG YAN?? The Tang Yan who doesn’t even have time to sleep is courted to be on a variety show? Are you guys trying to strip her of what little meat she has left?

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We Got Married: Episode 250 “Wedding Day Part 3.”

So tired! And I realized it’s only Monday! I’m covering for a co-worker for the next two weeks, totaling to about 120+ hours. Crazy! But income is income and this girl needs to pay off her school loans. So if you don’t see me in the next couple of days, I’m most likely hiding in some corner, trying to catch up with some sleep…. Back to the pretty people above. They actually used one event (the wedding) and spread it out to three episodes. Because I encode the videos, I notice that they have been splitting up each couple into multiple segments. Why? Well, they want to maintain the rating. They want viewers to stay throughout the hour instead of watching one couple and then changing channel. Such a nuisance when I cut the videos!

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We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

Next time there’s a party involving these two individuals, I would advise everyone to come armed with a knife. The sexual tension in the room is so thick you could cut it and serve it. 😀 Our couple has their first photoshoot in this episode. And now that I know what the behind-the-scene footages look like, the official pictures don’t carry the same sentiments anymore. My gosh. *fans self*

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