TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

No, they are NOT getting married. Lol.

Longest shift today. 15 hours! Then I came home and belated realized the TVB annual awards show was this past Monday. Surprised that it did not generate the usual heated competition like the other years among the contenders. Then I scrolled down the winners list and the reason couldn’t be any clearer. There was no competition at all. The major winners of the night were expected, with only a few great surprises. I think TVB had a decent year in 2014. At least I think so because I’ve watched more series this year as compared to the past few years. But the dismal ratings…so low…

Roger Kwok (Best Actor) and Charmaine Sheh (Best Actress, Favorite Female Character) arrive together in full white. Roger has impeccable fashion sense tonight. Love love that the sparkle/details on his shoulders are of his two kids. He looks like a dashing prince. Charmaine, I love you, but that upwards fan design is a bit distracting and restrictive. It doesn’t help that I recently finished Juristic Park 1 and your dress reminds me of this one scene….

 photo TVB4711.jpg

 photo TVB4713.jpg

His million-watt-full-upper-teeth smile. 🙂 His winning reception is well-supported and he hugs basically everyone seated in the first row.

 photo TVB4764.jpg

Batman (Julian Cheung) wants a selfie with TVB Best Actor of 2014. heh.

 photo TVB4758.jpg

I thought the ladies and general reception is a bit cold when Charmaine is announced Best Actress. Most of the ladies remain seated and none of the guys walk over for a quick hug. Such a drastic difference to her win in 2006.

 photo TVB4727.jpg

 photo TVB4752.jpg

 photo TVB4754.jpg

This is a nice captured moment when the ladies show some bonding.

 photo TVB4757.jpg

Best Supporting Acting Awards go to Ram Chiang and Josie Ho. I did not expect Ram to win at all. My votes went to Power Chan. That man is so overlooked it’s driving me mad. I watched Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain and fell in love with his character. Not to mention, he got to repeat his epic Phoenix line from The Confidant in a totally different tone (he played an eunuch in The Confidant.) Still, Ram Chiang has worked his butt off for TVB for years and he’s a great actor nonetheless. His win is quite emotional and receives loud cheers from all.

 photo TVB4765.jpg

Josie Ho wins for her performance in Tomorrow is Another Day. Nope, I did not finish that drama because…well….when I found out how the main couple got together… I was genuinely pushed away. The age difference didn’t creep me out but the fact that the hero raised her and stuff. BURHHHHH. Here she is in the arms of TVB’s tallest and rising star, Vincent Wong. This man will be big one day. Amazing acting chops. He looked better last year and she looks quite edgy and ready to hit the club! Wrong show!

 photo TVB471.jpg

Benz Hui wins My Favorite Male Character for his great performance in Line Walker. He arrives with Elena Kong. A rather safe dress choice for Elena.

 photo TVB4735.jpg

 photo TVB4736.jpg

Charmaine hugging Benz for his win. The papa-daughter duo in Line Walker. His emotional face. Aww.

 photo TVB4753.jpg

Raymond Wong and Nancy Wu. Love the reflecting glass design on Nancy’s shimmering dress. Very sophisticated. I wish her talents would be recognized soon! Raymond doesn’t look well put together. But he looks healthy, which is important for someone who recently fell ill.

 photo TVB4716.jpg

 photo TVB4715.jpg

Kate Tsui in a very familiar navy-hugging dress with Him Law as eye-candy. I don’t understand his style but he oozes confidence and it works to his favor.

 photo TVB474.jpg

 photo TVB475.jpg

 photo TVB476.jpg

Bosco Wong and Linda Chung. My mom absolutely loves Linda’s princessy look. I’m partial to it because…ANOTHER WHITE DRESS??!! She does look wonderfully royal. Bosco could be her soldier body guard. 😛

 photo TVB477.jpg

 photo TVB478.jpg

 photo TVB479.jpg

 photo TVB4710.jpg

The mopey couple in Sammy Sum and Sharon Chan. While Sharon is not the best actress, I absolutely embrace her joy and enthusiasm at awards shows. She lifts the somewhat gloomy atmosphere with her supportive nature for all the winners! Sammy, your grandpa is old, stop stealing his jackets!

 photo TVB4718.jpg

 photo TVB4719.jpg

Oscar Leung and Mandy Wong. Nice color on Mandy but it’s another safe choice. Oscar’s suit looks quite flammable. Lol.

 photo TVB4720.jpg

 photo TVB473.jpg

Kenny Wong guiding bubbly Eliza Sam. The dress doesn’t give Eliza a great advantage but her side-swept hair transforms the girl-next-door to woman-next-door.

 photo TVB4717.jpg

 photo TVB472.jpg

Edwin Siu and Natalie Tong. I LOVE HER DRESS!! So elegant and classy. Only thing is it blends in with her skin tone. It would be an eye-catcher if it was darker or paired with someone with darker skin tone.

 photo TVB4725.jpg

 photo TVB4726.jpg

Another body-hugging dress on Tavia Yeung with a bare back as well. Quite like Ruco Chan‘s sweater and plain white dress shirt underneath, though the pants is alarming. The hat I can take because I like beanies. But it is too casual for an awards ceremony.

 photo TVB4729.jpg

You, handsome face, needs fashion tips from Roger. heh.

 photo TVB4730.jpg

 photo TVB4732.jpg

 photo TVB4734.jpg

Wayne Lai with a bowtie leading Louisa So. I like the mix of colors on Louisa’s dress but it reminds me too much of my Christmas wrapping paper. 😛

 photo TVB4738.jpg

 photo TVB4739.jpg

Kristal Tin and Kenneth Ma. Interesting pair-up. Both have different looks to their real age. She has some wicked cool hairstyle but I’m embarrassed by the short inner black shorts. Kenneth looks great.

 photo TVB4743.jpg

 photo TVB4742.jpg

 photo TVB4741.jpg

Aww they’re so cute. I can’t critique full-blown cuteness in Raymond Cho and Selena Li. Let me tell you, Raymond is defying age. Look at his face. You believe he’s approaching 50 in 10 months?

 photo TVB4744.jpg

 photo TVB4745.jpg

 photo TVB4746.jpg

TVB female leads. Seems like the higher ranked you are, the less access you have to colored gowns? 😛 My gosh!

 photo TVB4769.jpg

TVB supporting female leads in bright and daring colors.

 photo TVB4767.jpg

TVB Male leads joking around. ^_^

 photo TVB4768.jpg

hahaha! So funny, who arranged tiny Wong Cho Lam RIGHT next to Vincent Wong? He towers over everyone!

 photo TVB4766.jpg

Source: Sina/Tungstar // My screen-captures

  1. 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

    “No, they are NOT getting married. Lol.” LMAO at this one. oh my God.. exhale-inhale.. i tried to hold my laugh but just couldn’t.. reading all your comments, haha.. thank you.. ouh. finally i could laugh on something today, LOLs

    • 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

      Aww, one should smile and laugh more often. Life is too short for holding those joy in, Yui! 🙂

  2. 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

    Exactly! First thing I thought of… BRIDEZILLA!?!… while I was skimming down this roster of actresses. Where’s the fun? A splash of color never hurt anyone. As I have said, a splash is good, not a downpour… as in What Da Heck Were You Thinking, Josie Ho!?! I know certain heiresses have eccentric taste but woman, you…. Did you time travel your fashion senses to get here? Back to the future, you go. Thank goodness that ensemble won’t hurt daddy’s, King of Gambling himself’s, own wallet.

    My favs for the night, was (1) Kate Tsui’s navy mermaid dress and (2) Natalie Tong’s icy gold dress. Perfection, down to the accessories and arm candies. Kate seems to have a more playful personality, likes being in the WOW crowd, than Natalie, who seems to like subtlety and prefers a demure profile.

    Haha~ Is the veteran actress, Nancy Sit, wearing an inspired violet churidaar kurta? Well, she surely has the famous mole to fit the fashion statement. LOL!

    Can’t deny the fact, Roger Kwok, is DA MAN of all men that night! The charming men in velvet suits were runner-ups in my book.

    I stopped watching these Asian award shows eons ago. Rigged, nothing exciting. I surely appreciate this tradition. Enjoyed your review. I’m here for you Batman, your cape crusader sidekick… Robin. (double meaning) 😉

    P.S. Words of advice for Kristal Tin. Never ever choose leggings, ever in public, unless you tremendously slim down and tone those lower extremities. Blaaaah! Does she even reach 5’0″, well okay she’s above average height, she’s standing next to Kenneth Ma (male model and all), but seriously… try pilates, girl.

    • 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

      haha Everyone wanted to be a bride last night except for the young, upcoming ladies. 😉 Still! COLORS! COLORS!

      Roger owns everyone last night! =D

      Thank-you Robin. I still watch these shows because of nostalgia and hoping that the underrated actors would win some day for their talents!

    • 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

      I’ve stopped watching award ceremonies as well, since Kappy spoils me and posts pics of the only thing I’m interested about: the clothes. But I’ve got to say, most of the clothes (for both guys and girls) are hideous (Camo suits? Bridezilla? Disco Balls? Whut?). Some are bearable cos they’re safe choices, like Kate Sui, Mandy Wong or Eliza Sam, but that’s about it. The only ones I really liked are Tavia Yeung’s and Natalie Tong’s. If Selena Li’s had some modification done to the top part, it would be gorgeous as well.

      Ahaha Keane, I completely missed that, and went back to have a second look.. looks like a cross between the top of a churidaar-kurta and a daxiushan to me… But the question arises… Why? Why in one block of colour?

      Also, it is completely unbelievable that Raymond Cho is 49.. he looks 30, if that…

  3. 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

    omg I felt like everyone was being a bit cold when Charmaine was announced Best Actress too! No one stood up to hug or congratulate her! Maybe because everyone expected her to win but I felt kinda bad for her because I think she does deserve the award! Such a stark contrast to the reaction everyone had when Roger was announced to be the winner of Best Actor

    • 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

      I know right? What was going on? Bromance was so strong last night… and yet the ladies were glued to their seats. Tskk Tskk.

  4. 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

    Charmaine, you’re gorgeous, but good Lord that dress is UGLY (gag)

    Out of the ladies, I like Tavia’s look the best – not a fan of all the white, but surprisingly it works on her and the cut of the dress and the floral patterns are very beautiful.

    Krystal Tin’s outfit was just URGH. Those undies/leggings are horrible and the rest of the “dress” just looks like some cloth tied around the undies. She’s a good looking gal – it’s just the dress is yuck

    Kenneth is looking FIIIIINE 🙂 He has such a cute smile

    Bosco is rocking it as usual. He’s so cool LOL

    Power Chan is gorgeous but his whole outfit was just tragic

    LOL Him Law has strange fashion tastes but his confidence makes it work haha

  5. 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

    The award already over? I didn’t pay much attention and yeah Asian awards are mostly not interesting except movie ones.

    Can’t find any fashion that I like.

    Lmao, Bosco must be too engrossed with his military student character he’s filming right now in Destined to Love You

    • 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

      hehe, you got my subtle reference of Bosco’s uniform! heh.

  6. 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

    How about anhui tv drama award? Really wanna know about it from you kaptain A

    • 12 thoughts on “TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

      I was in the midst of writing it up! Posted with lots of pretty pictures. Spazz away! 😀

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