2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

Lol. Just another shallow excuse to post pretty pictures. You aren’t tired of them right? I like this one since most of my favorite celebrities were there. hehe ^.^ The full show is not out yet so I can only drool over the pictures. Apparently, all of my favorites perform/dance to something that night. EEEEEE!!! =D

Let’s start with Zhao Li Ying. She arrived in a light pink gown. I like the bottom half but the top seems too intimate/personal… like those ancient bra/undershirts layer. She performed an opening song with William Chan.

 photo Anhui27.jpg

 photo Anhui33.jpg

His style is all over the place. A SKIRT? Dude.

 photo Anhui2.jpg

 photo Anhui46.jpg

She later changed into this orange outfit and redid her hair. She looks adorable. She presented an award with Li Yi Feng. Ha! Remember how I wanted them to pair up? Someone is stalking this blog and making my wish come true. She and Yi Feng received the Popular Awards in Mainland China.

 photo Anhui29.jpg

 photo Anhui48.jpg


 photo Anhui52.jpg

 photo Anhui50.jpg

 photo Anhui51.jpg

This is just too cute.

 photo Anhui53.jpg

 photo Anhui55.jpg

It cracks me up that he has the same look at every award show. LOL!

 photo Anhui37.jpg

 photo Anhui6.jpg

 photo Anhui8.jpg

Who’s the lucky lady receiving that air kiss, Yi Feng? πŸ˜‰

 photo Anhui9.jpg

Wallace Chung. Waiting to break hearts in his upcoming modern drama, You’re My Sunshine. I don’t like this hair. His hair last year was much hotter!

 photo Anhui32.jpg

 photo Anhui36.jpg

That goofy smile. πŸ™‚

 photo Anhui16.jpg

He also sang a song.

 photo Anhui20.jpg

Up close and personal. Nice skin!

 photo Anhui19.jpg

Presenting an award to the most beloved tv series this year: Legend of the Ancient Sword. Li Yi Feng represented the filming crew to accept it and it’s cute how Wallace offered his arm to lead the young lad onstage. πŸ˜€

 photo Anhui15.jpg

 photo Anhui14.jpg

 photo Anhui13.jpg

The other big crowd is Liu Shi Shi, Hu Ge, and Sun Yi Zhou. I really like her dress. Plus 10 points for being a different color. Hu Ge looks fabulous but that necklace seems priest-y. Lol.

 photo Anhui40.jpg

 photo Anhui41.jpg

 photo Anhui39.jpg

 photo Anhui1.jpg

Hu Ge receiving an award for being the most welcomed actor. (The names of these awards… *rolls eyes*)

 photo Anhui21.jpg

Wallace Huo wearing a pair of pants that might be too short…. Ahum…

 photo Anhui26.jpg

 photo Anhui30.jpg

Looking serious. heh.

 photo Anhui47.jpg

Poor Nicky Wu. He came ALONE while Liu Shi Shi was escorted by two handsome actors. hehe. His hair reminds me of…Johnny Bravo. haha!!

 photo Anhui25.jpg

 photo Anhui38.jpg

The real-life couple acting like they don’t know each other. LOOK AT THOSE NAUGHTY SMILES. LOL.

 photo Anhui45.jpg

They might have arrived separately, but lo and behold, they sat together and he was possessive! Check out the videos below where they showed their ultimate intimacy.

 photo Anhui23.jpg

The smirk on his face, as if saying to other men, “Yes, she’s with ME.” =D

 photo Anhui43.jpg

Kimi Qiao sat next to Li Ying that night. She was in between Kimi and Wallace Huo. There’s a photo with Kimi taking a photo for Li Ying and Wallace with William Chan staring from the back. ha.

 photo Anhui56.jpg

 photo Anhui57.jpg

 photo Anhui3.jpg

I like his striped suit. Stood out from the rest black tuxedos.

 photo Anhui4.jpg

 photo Anhui10.jpg

 photo Anhui12.jpg

 photo Anhui28.jpg

Michael Chen. Too bad his Run Brother family didn’t accompany him.

 photo Anhui31.jpg

 photo Anhui35.jpg

A Quick video of Li Ying and William’s interview.

Nicky Wu is really in love. You see the way his eye smile when he looked at Shi shi before going up to get his award?

That’s it! I really need to catch up with sleep. ~_~ Happy Friday!

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  1. 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

    Yeaayyy.. Thank you kaptain A..love it

  2. 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

    what the hell is william wearing? lol!!

    aww man, chen xiao didn’t come!! love wallace huo’s hair. nice to see two wallaces in one event!

    LOL@ that naughty picture of nicky and Lss!!

    thanks for compiling this! πŸ˜€

    • 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

      i want to comment the same things but then, i read yours and.. well, we have the same thought Frea. lols

      both wallace are handsome, but my wallace is more handsome of course πŸ˜€

      indeed, this hottie william, his outfit is just meh. huft.

  3. 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

    I’m kinda sad that LSS and Nicky didn’t go on the red carpet together but then again. They are in different company so is not unusual. Nicky is always walking the red carpet by himself anyway and he did it well alone.
    Nicky and LSS are so in love and it so warm looking at them being all loving. I heard the MC as a few questions about them as well :))))

    • 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

      I hate when they tried to stir up rumors between lss and Eddie!!

      Lss basically confirmed shes a docile girlfriend, listen to Nicky wu when it c omes to chores and stuff. Lol. πŸ˜›

  4. 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

    So happy Zhao Liying won Best Actress! Do you know it was for which drama she won that title?
    I think that Nicky Wu and LSS just look like they have the perfect relationship and it will probably last forever. The way he looked at her was so cute. Hope for them to be forever happy together!
    This award looks so much fun with the top actors and actresses of this year. Surprised Yang mi didn’t show up though since he is the lead for Ancient Sword and had a very successful movie release (Tiny Times 3). It would had been good if Yang Rong could had make it too :3

    • 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

      I didn’t see Best Actress Award, only Most Popular Female Artist in Mainland China. Was it at the same show? This show airs on new year.

      I’m looking forward to the performances. Everyone seemed to have put forward effort.

      • 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

        Oh, my bad! I must have misread.. v_v all these categories are so hard to differentiate.

  5. 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

    I scan through all these gorgeous pictures and then I spent a good amount of time just staring at Wallace Chung and his beautiful smile. ☺️

    • 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

      I hope You’re My Sunshine can rekindle my love for him again! I used to love him in the Four Guards, but recently, his dramas aren’t my cup of tea. *crosses fingers*

  6. 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

    Thank you Kaptain I enjoy almost every celebs they look gorgeous.

    Nicky & LSS so cute <3

    Btw, you should check Qiao En's weibo. Kimi Qiao send her a surprised christmas gifts. Oh my Kimi.. Haha Big Big spicy LOL πŸ˜€

    • 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

      Yep. I saw that a day ago and was shaking my head the whole time. How could that thing fit on her bed? That crazy kid! πŸ˜›

      • 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

        How is your poor finger? You need some good rest.

        Yeah I was like woaahhh what a SUPER GIANT BEAR…LOL XD… Dunno how Qiao En sleep, the whole bed has been filled by a bear πŸ˜€ Haha crazy Kimi! How could he did that? Interesting how he gave her a gift every year, and this year he get her attention :p

        • 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

          It’s healing (very prettily too, people think I got stitches but it’s just the blood clotting ever so neatly πŸ˜› ). I just can’t put too much pressure or it might burst open. hehe So graphic!

        • 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

          Good, you still lucky then. Becareful next time finger is very important. Don’t typing too much lah.. Haha we need your long time writing here.

          Yes la la la Holiday is coming. Merry christmas everyone πŸ™‚

  7. 16 thoughts on “2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

    Ack Kappy, take care of your hand!! hand-related injuries, even papercuts, tend to hurt so much more since they have so many nerves T_T *puts on white coat* you should go on complete bed-rest so you don’t accidently use your finger.

    I think the piccie which stole my heart was Wallace and LYF arm in arm… sooooo cute~~ they look perfect together~ Petition to make drama where Wallace is a boss and LYF is his harassed and overworked secretary and they have a cute bromance going on, and a ZLY plays a pair of twins so both guys can get their girls hehe

    HG, LSS and SYZ look like they’re taking family portraits. Turn here please, now look here *giggle* Hu Ge looks… very 1990s italian chic, I would say…

    I’m kinda desensitized to the skirt+pant look since so many kpop artists are sporting it as well.. I do hope that it’s a fashion choice that dies down real quick though.. it does nothing for nobody -__-;;

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