TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

No, they are NOT getting married. Lol.

Longest shift today. 15 hours! Then I came home and belated realized the TVB annual awards show was this past Monday. Surprised that it did not generate the usual heated competition like the other years among the contenders. Then I scrolled down the winners list and the reason couldn’t be any clearer. There was no competition at all. The major winners of the night were expected, with only a few great surprises. I think TVB had a decent year in 2014. At least I think so because I’ve watched more series this year as compared to the past few years. But the dismal ratings…so low…

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Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

 photo Walker08-131.jpg

Still enjoying this drama even if the tonal shifts are jarring at times. For a serious genre, with life and death at stakes, Line Walker befuddles me in its embrace of comedy and happy-go-lucky tunes from time to time, sometimes within seconds of a dramatic scene. I guess even moles need breaks too. Anyway, as Hong Kong dramas air at rapid speed with five episodes a week, it’s hard for me to keep up with recaps so I decided on an alternative – this discussion post! So please join me as we guess and recover the last undercover agent (UC) and the big bad wolf in the police force. You can find this post under the discussion corner tab on the right hand corner of this website!

Please refrain from posting spoilers of the identities of the big wolf/last mole if you’ve read it beforehand in TVB magazines. At least wait until it is revealed in the episodes. Other than that, nothing is restricted!

UPDATED (9/25/14): Episode 16-20 Summary.

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Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

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hee! I marathon-ed all five episodes last night until 2AM! Haven’t done so in a while, for a TVB series no less. The first episode was rather slow because our group of cops, spies, and gangsters didn’t meet yet but once they do, the chemistry is palpable, not the romantic kind either, but in the spirit of camaraderie. I adore the chosen cast, even if there’s a nagging regret of not seeing Tony Leung Ka Fai onscreen for his TVB comeback. His replacement, Michael Miu, still screams handsomeness and charms even at the age of 56! Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam have definitely stepped up to the plate because they are hilarious and work very well together.

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