Yang Yang captivates in The Lost Tomb’s first trailer

Li Yi Feng is the main character but Yang Yang is turning heads for his broody appearance and mysterious vibes! So what do we get? A lot of bromance centering around the two boys and the three older men, because they have to act like father figures sometimes. Aww.

Official Stills:

I hope that’s not a Zombie behind him…

 photo LT14.jpg

 photo LT19.jpg

 photo LT18.jpg

Li Yi Feng describes his character: Naive and kind but not dumb. Best of all he’s a person who treasures life. A normal person that has to undergo many abnormal events in his life that enable him to grow as an individual throughout the novels.

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Ken Chang.

 photo LT16.jpg

Wei Wei (KK).

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Liu Tian Zuo.

 photo LT30.jpg

Grave-looking Yang Yang as the mysterious Zhang Ling. A man of few words. He looks hawt! I’m not sure if they’re keeping some character attributes such as Zhang Ling having a dragon tattoo that is normally transparent, but under spiking temperatures, becomes black. No naughty thoughts please. 😛 He’s also the last surviving leader of the Zhang Clan.

 photo LT28.jpg

He makes ducking from the enemies look sexy. Lol.

 photo LT24.jpg

 photo LT25.jpg

 photo LT32.jpg

YY: “Stay here! Let me see if the coast is cleared of rabid fan girls.”

LYF: “Of mine?”

LTZ: “Definitely not mine.”

 photo LT15.jpg

No official stills of Tang Yan yet so just have a fan-taken one below:


  • What kind of trailer is this? A collection of more stills. Bummer!
  • Release Date: Early 2015 on streaming website, iQiyi. Interesting.

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    Yang Yang looks amazing in here! The side bangs work to his character’s mystery!! And the tattoo part sounds ridiculously hot as well.

    Li Yi Feng is like a puppy everyone loves. =)

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