Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

 photo Sound11.jpg

Thanks Moonmoon for reminding me that I have the option of creating a DC for this drama! Because of the back-end shenanigan of cutting and uncutting, I’m in no desire to write recaps, so here it is, a place to rant and rave. In the future, just let me know if you would like a place to discuss a drama, but be prepared to accept the position of ring leader. 😉

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Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

 photo sound1.jpg

Life is weird isn’t it? One minute, we aren’t getting enough promotional materials, and the next, they can’t wait to release everything…one trailer every few days. Today? Our ears are treated to another subsong, sang by Hu Ge, depicting his love triangle with wolf girl and handsome general and his voluntary departure from the equation at the end of the day. The Chinese title is 好好过 and google translated it to “Take Over.” Thoughts?

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Sound of the Desert amps up premiere with gorgeous stills

Yes, ladies. The wait is over! After changing its name for the Nth time, the production settled with Sound of the Desert, set to air on October 1st on HunanTV, the slot left by Legend of the Ancient Sword, as it completes its monstrous run. It’s a shorter drama with a total of 35 episodes.

And here I thought I could catch a break. They’re just going to air back-to-back! *not complaining*

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The Sound of Desert releases themesong by Della Ding

 photo DMY21.jpg

Also known as Da Mo Yao or Legend of the Moon and Stars. The themevideo is released, which is a positive sign that the drama will be out soon. As I said before, I’m liking Eddie Peng the more I see of him in here. Sorry Hu Ge, you look so bored in the role that I can’t help but mirror your expression when seeing you onscreen.

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15-minute trailer of Da Mo Yao with Liu Shi Shi & Eddie Peng

 photo DMY3.jpg

Not sure whether the English title is Legend of the Moon and Star or The Sound of Desert. I like the second one more as it speaks of the heroine’s background. But dang… Eddie Peng suggestively sliding his hand down Liu Shi Shi‘s foot was pretty sexual for that time period, is it not?! He may just prove the naysayers wrong about his casting. His character is adorable and hot as heck from what I see. Hu Ge, on the other hand, comes off very tired.

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