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Another friday. I have one month before returning to school. *inserts sobbing face* Why is school always bothering me?! Anyway, here’s a post to introduce some recent music videos that have captured my attention. Feel free to share yours! This w0eek, we have Rainie‘s Angel Wings, Ivana Wang‘s Skinny Love, and some unexpected new discoveries (for me.) Pleasant surprises. I hope you like them. šŸ™‚

Sit back and relax.

Rainie returns to the music scene with “Angel Wings.” The music video teasers have an interesting concept. I don’t understand the lyrics but visually it seems to have a significant message regarding same sex love. I’m still waiting for the official mv.

Ivana Wang‘s Skinny Love. Love her voice. Love the mv.

Stunning cover of Jacky Cheung’s Li Xiang Lan by J.Arie and Buskic. SO GOOD. I’m a fan.

Sweet cover of Khalil Fong’s Close to You by MICappella‘s Kewei & Ein Ein. MICappella is singaporean a cappella group consisting of 7 members.

MICappella singing their own song “Suan Le Ba.” We have a group of talents, people. Listen to them!

Seven Sense‘s Jade to Smoke. Their music is a lovely mixture of pop music with traditional Chinese instrumentals such the erhu and guqin. GOSH. I must have been living in a cave… LOVE IT!

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    Rainie has only one style of music, so it’s a hit or miss. I do like the lyrics concept and the packaging for the track more than the artist. She has better luck winning me over with good dramas than CDs.

    Err, dragging bones across my monitor is not nice. Haha~ Do you somehow sense Ivana Wang sounds like a hybrid of Faye Wong and Sara Bareilles? She also carry traces of their attitude along with her lyrics and melodies. I likey.

    J.Arie collaborates really well with Buskic. She should stay as a cover artist because she’s not ready to turn all Indie Rock and go independently solo. Boring solo artist J.Arie. For one thing, I can feel her soul in every cover she has done and yet her solo music is opposite of that it’s dull, no hook to reel me in, no distinct chord to intrigue me strumming basics seen in her official mv’s. I’m looking for her uniqueness and I just don’t see it in her solo projects. It’s a shame because she has good vocals similar to Kelly Chen and Cass Phang.

    If I had to choose between MICappella and Seven Sense then it’s Seven Sense all the way. For one thing, the all girl group has a tighter harmonization. Two different cultures and two different work ethics. I just can’t take MICappella seriously, especially after what I saw on the movie Pitch Perfect, this group has a long way to go being awesome. They need to get back to the basics that’s for sure, and even if that calls for sleeping in each other’s underwear to get on a better track to victorious harmonizing. Beep-boop-beep-boop, I’m googling more on Seven Sense right now. XD

    Thanks Kappy for sharing new blood.

    Pardon me if I sound incoherent. Maybe signs of stress……… 48+ hrs insomnia.

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      Keane-ah, do you function on Insomnia these days?

      I’m really liking Ivana Wang and had to google about Sara Bareilles. Nice.

      Yea, I wasn’t impressed with J.Arie’s mvs hence I only posted her stunning covers. hee. šŸ˜› I luff her voice soo much though!

      New bloodlines are welcome. xD

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        Looks like I’m malfunctioning. mayday-mayday………

        Spiraling down to a grave filled with man-friends as pillows. If I go down then I’m taking them all with me. Bwuahahaha~

        Did you watch season 1 of WGM, Kap? The farewell episode for the Lettuce Couple got me bawling while they played Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity” in the background. Season 1 had plenty of awesome songs. I know I have a collection hidden somewhere. XD

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          Nope Keane, I didn’t follow WGM. The show is kinda offff to me. šŸ˜› Only saw scenes here and there. I know of the Ant Couple and Lettuce Couple through my friend’s obsession.

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      Thank you Kaptain A for sharing these great MVs. I didn’t know many of these singers so thank you for introducing them to me šŸ˜€

      I love Rainie Yang but I think she’s a better actress than singer. The Angel Wings song is OK and the concept is interesting. I didn’t really understand the lyrics (too figurative?) but I think they may be a metaphor for the struggles of homosexual love?

      I like Jacky Cheung’s original Li Xiang Lan better, although I give points to J.Arie & Buskic for trying.

      Ivana Wang can sing but the song isn’t really my style. Nice MV though.

      Seven Sense REALLY reminds me of SNSD in that MV. This is so strange since they’re 2 totally different cultures, but the way the girls all did their dance together and sang different parts of the song … it just gave me a very SNSD feel (like that Genie MV). I love traditional Chinese instruments so the song was nice.

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    You can never go wrong with Jacky’s songs, unless you can’t sing (that pretty much cuts out all idol singers!). I am forever Jacky’s fan! If I hear someone singing any of his songs and does no justice to it; I’ll flip, literally! That said, J.Arie did a decent job. I can hear the emotions in this one and she has a pretty good vocal to start with. So, thank you, J.Arie, for putting in the effort and honouring the God of Songs. šŸ™‚

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      I grew up listening to Song God Jacky Cheung’s music, so I totally agree with you! Not many people can sing his songs well, since he had a special voice and his songs aren’t easy to sing.

      I give points to anyone attempting his songs and doing a decent job of it, so while I do like Jacky’s original version better, I think J.Arie did OK and good on them for effort:D

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