Running Man: Episode 156 “Cute Aliens.”

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Pssh. If aliens are this cute and fun, heck they can crash my party any time. I don’t follow nor listen to their music, but strangely I know the names of all 2NE1 members (just 4, I know)? Does this happen to you guys too? Like their names just stick into your memory? They’re surprisingly very mellow and down-to-earth (ha!) Cute episode, I was laughing non-stop in the second game and last game. What can I say, water games make me a happy viewer!

Upon hearing that he’s teamed up with Giraffe, Yoo Jae Suk sighs out loud and in response, Gwang Soo just flits over to his hyung and pecks him on the cheek. What now tall one? You’re just gonna kiss away those fake whining from your hyungs? I want to see you kiss Sparta! 😛

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Minzy and Bom will be joining Giraffe and Yoo Jae Suk. While Leader CL and Sandara join Gary and Haha, cause yunno, these boys need a leader. So we’re left with Grandpa, Sparta, and Ace!

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The first game is not my cup of tea but it goes to show Haha’s genius idea of inviting several ladies and their kids to stay in his item – a big tent. Brilliant idea as he hides away from the Bell Boys.

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Elsewhere, Ji Hyo meets up with Gwang Soo and offers to drive his mannequin on her cart. Then, a light bulb goes off in Giraffe’s thinking cap. They’re looking for a UFO, maybe it’s a car? DING! DING! DING! Ji Hyo gasps at his sudden display of brains, and he’s all, “Just listen and follow my lead.” And she replies, “Shut up.” hehe.

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LOL! Sandara’s hairstyle just cracks me up! It looks like a fluffy dog tail. Gary and Haha call it the new WI-FI receiver. 😀

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During the car ride, our charismatic leader, CL, is quite sweet, contrary to her hip-hop, fierce image. She just smiles and laughs at Haha & Gary mimicking her strong “OPPPWAAAA!”

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YAY to water games. And Gwang Soo thinks it’s best to lie down on the platform like this:

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Chaos breaks out the moment Bom attacks…. Ji Suk Jin! haha! And everyone including the victim is like why me? Kim Jong Kook restrains himself, like always, when it comes to the girls.

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CL wraps her arms around Bom, meaning to throw her into the water, but her plan doesn’t come to fruition because the group’s maknae, Minzy, takes advantage and pushes both of her unnies into the water. HA!

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This little one. We have to watch out!

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Minzy then attacks ageless Sandara and it’s funny because from behind she resembles those three-eyed green aliens from the Toy Story series! Except she’s yellow and orange. 😉

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All her team members are eliminated and Minzy is left with SpartAce. Kim Jong Kook stays out of the ladies’ fight and I feel bad for Ji Hyo. I do believe that she can take on Minzy if everyone stops harping on her case of changing expression and all that. She doesn’t look comfortable at all. But to Minzy’s credit, she’s good on her feet, a formidable opponent to the ladies and…some of the guys. hee!

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Ji Hyo means to take Minzy down with her but the young one falls on a platform instead. Kim Jong Kook’s flabbergasted cause when he tries to be a gentleman and picks Minzy up, she REFUSES! HAHAHHA

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LOL@ Kim Jong Kook looking for an opportunity to pick her up. She’s like a well-behaved student with her hands together, listening for further instructions.

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Kim Jong Kook (green team) wins this round and Haha jibes, “Winning against a girl, you must be proud.”

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On the other side, Yoo Jae Suk and Gwang Soo joke that Minzy is the next Yoon Eun Hye, another Warrior Girl. Gwang Soo cheekily adds, “Then you’ll have a love line with KJK!”

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Cue Sparta’s blushed face whenever Yoon Eun Hye’s name is mentioned. Aww. You keep looking like this and the scandal will never end Kookie! (Not like I want it to end…)

*still waiting*

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Second round. Each team cheers in their own dance.

Orange Team: “We’re bad girls!”

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Pink Team counters: “We’re good girls!”

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Ji Hyo from Green team: “You’re all gonna die!”

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The position: Kim Jong Kook looks like a lone wolf in battle.

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Gwang Soo attacking Kim Jong Kook. Shouldn’t he learn learn from Kim Woo Bin?

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But the star of the second round is set up by Ji Suk Jin who kills his own team mates so he can go up against Minzy. hahaha! And of course, he fails.

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Final Round position:

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Everyone clings onto Sparta.

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Bye bye to Ji Suk Jin:

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Gwang Soo sends Jae Suk and Haha down too.

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Sparta hugs Gwang Soo but when they slide down…Ji Hyo is behind them! Gah!

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That leaves the 2NE1 members to battle each other out. It kills me up that the fierce leader screams like a little girl when she turns and realizes she’s up against Minzy. hehe.

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Farther down the platform, Sandara is gripping the rope for dear life as Bom tries hard to pry her fingers loose.

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And then Dara thinks…using her wi-fi receiver as a weapon. LOL. YJS is an instigator.

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Thinking fast, Minzy jumps and helps Bom swing Dara off but CL comes up from behind and pushes Bom into the water too. That leaves her battling it out with Minzy. But alas, Minzy clinches the winning.

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Second game: Dancing. YJS’s got the moves guys! Is he gonna remain this young and energetic…foreva?

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Jae Suk is unstoppable, partnered with Gwang Soo and we have crazy fun. Come to my party?

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Cute Ji Hyo as she still remembers the moves to “Hot Issue.”

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Not to be losing out, Sparta throws in some shadow boxing. 😛

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Last game: collecting the remaining liters of water to make 21 liters. Everyone suddenly becomes experts at cleaning, trying to gather every drop of spilled water on the table.

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The golden moment is when Sparta finds the last container of water and rushes to fill up his team’s bucket…

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However….Ji Suk Jin looks distressed…

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Camera pans down….

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HAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! I swear I peed in my pants at this part. I wanted the underdog team to win but I can’t stop laughing at Gwang Soo’s antics.

  1. 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 156 “Cute Aliens.”

    I think Sandara’s comments on “Hwasin” helped her win this invitation. She said her stint on Family Outing was a bad experience. Apparently the boys on Family Outing ignored her for the most part since UEE was the second guest, taking most of their attention. Her president had told her that Kang Daesung would take care of her, but (As Hyori, the other guest on Hwasin pointed out) Daesung is easily influenced by his Hyungs, and just followed Jaeseok and Jong Kook rather than taking care of Sandara. (I recall Daesung choosing team UEE, and going to catch and cook fish with her, cooking breakfast with her etc…). In fact, I imagine one call from Hyori would immediately get 2ne1 on.
    Park Bom’s surgeries become obvious from the side of her face when she smiles, especially her jaw lines -yet she still doesn’t look her age. Funny how Sandara and Bom are older than Gwang Soo (by a year!).

  2. 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 156 “Cute Aliens.”

    I liked this episode. Minzy was awesome and so was Bommie. Though i do agree with you on ji hyo she didnt look comfortable i felt she was kinda holding back a little . Other than that i liked this episode

  3. 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 156 “Cute Aliens.”

    ji hyo definitely held back since minzy is a guest and soooo young. she just wanted the whole fight to be over. see, this is the part where Ji Hyo differs from Hyori. while hyori has the seniority and guts to conquer any woman younger than her, ji hyo is more reserved and too nice. but we love them. 🙂

    Yichung, is that for real? sandara was ignored on FO? awww poor thing. i did notice that the guys like cute girls better than hip hop girls. bad daesung! forgetting his noona for UEE. and yesh, he’s easily influenced and hyped by the other mature guys.

    park bom has some complex with her face doesn’t she? her face is always bloated to me. but she’s quite cute in here, when she’s lying to KJK about the UFO. haha

    the last shot kills me. LEEEEEEEEE GWANGG SOO!!!

    • 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 156 “Cute Aliens.”

      Yeah definetely. Though Minzy was quite strong I think Ji Hyo couldve taken her down! Did you see the way she grabbed Miss A Suzy on last week’s episode? She flinged her pretty hard. Anyways, I hope Lee Hyori goes on running man again but this time Song Ji Hyo and her should be on one team together versus the other boys 🙂

      • 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 156 “Cute Aliens.”

        Ms. Ji Hyo & Ms. Hyori together ? WOW! POWERHOUSE wo-MEN ! Hah! Love your idea.! 😀 I also love that Ms. Ji Hyo is reserved and giving I think? she is not that power hungry instead she let other people shine too.. ^ ^

  4. 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 156 “Cute Aliens.”

    Maybe that’s why the camera zooms in on Dara when she says they have prepared to do well? It’s good that they came as a group though cause it helped. If they came individually, I’m afraid they won’t get the same limelight because their personalities are more on the quiet side. I definitely have a different impression of these girls now. I like them. ^^

    Lola, Our Ji Hyo is very considerate of little young ones. heh. She held back for sure.

    And yesh Frea, if Hyori were there, we would see hair-grabbing! 😛

  5. 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 156 “Cute Aliens.”

    i havent watched this yet.. bad blackjack 🙁

    thanks Kap!

    2NE1 jjang! hahaha… i’m a big fan of this group 😀

  6. 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 156 “Cute Aliens.”

    This episode is definitely hilarious. It’s simple but the interaction of the casts was shown well. YJS and Kwangsoo energetic dancing and copying of Taeyang’s moves made my stomach hurt from laughing. They try and yet it was just hilarious.

    I was impressed with CL when she solved the puzzles on the second third game. lol Gary and Haha was so amazed, Gary is still trying to understand the answer to the water puzzle. XD

    Most hilarious definitely was Suk Jin’s cleaning gag. It was a classic Easy brother moment.

    I know how RM can bounce back from the decreasing ratings! Invite Yoon Eun Hye!!!!! :3

    I’m not trying to compare and I’m not a fan of any girl group anyway, but as a neutral’s perspective, this was the best episode where a girl group was the guest. hehe

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