Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

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hee! Love the friendship moments in this drama. The two dorks and their seduction of Batman’s Robin. 😛 Seems like the running theme of this batch of episodes is reunion. Reunion of friends, lovers, ideas, and differences. Opposite from the prequel where the cameo appearances were from big stars, I quite like low-key additions of guest stars here. The effect is not huge to disrupt the flow but small enough to make an impact on our characters, forcing them to look at issues from a different angle. Holiday’s missing boyfriend arc has a closure and we finally learn why Sam’s been swimming in a sea of regret regarding Zoe.

Episode 11 Summary:

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Poor Isaac. It’s his CT4 exam day and just when he’s in charge of flying the plane, it’s fraught with issues one hour before taking off. I really don’t understand why they insist on flying when the dang plane seems problematic at every angle. The tires are worn out, the toilets aren’t working (!!), the coffee maker are broken. Alas, everything is fixed, and the fuel is found to be leaking. But it’s okay, Summer’s mentor insists they can fly which results in a two-hour delay. The general manager calls them in and Isaac honestly explains his train of thought and points the issue to be the Mentor’s overconfident decision.

However, Summer steps up to shoulder the responsibilities, citing that she wasn’t feeling well that day and insisted on working, which might have affected the team’s workflow. Isaac doesn’t understand why she would do so. The mentor has been bullying her ever since she filed Ah Bee’s insurance claim. She’s sent to work on database backup instead of fixing machine-related errors. He feels upset for her and to alleviate her longing for machines, he brings all the broken appliances at his place to her office to have them fixed. Cute.

We later learned that due to Summer’s physical resemblance to his sister-in-law, he feels an instant affinity towards her. The needs to protect and stand up for her naturally closing the distance in their blossoming friendship.

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Nick’s proposal Version 3, with the help of Chef Isaac and waiter Roy. heh. Unfortunately, no matter how elaborate the disguises are, Coco sees through them on the spot. Nick urges her to look at the dishes first. On each plate is a letter. “M.A.R.R.Y.” Unimpressed and picking up a phone call from her friend, Colby, Coco pleads with puppy eyes that she needs to go console her best friend. The girl might do something crazy. As the considerate boyfriend that he is, Nick lets her go without much thoughts on his own disappointment. The marriage idea is implanted but the last plate with the word “me” wasn’t uncovered. Our chef and waiter throw a small tantrum at Nick for catering to Coco’s non-committed attitude every single time.

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Coco consoles Colby, who has just declared to her long-time boyfriend that she’s breaking up with him. He’s been stationed in Taiwan for two years already and never bothers to explain the reason to her. They only meet a few times every year and she’s tired of waiting for him. Coco tells her to be patient because Victor, like Nick, is a good, devoted man. He’ll explain the reason soon enough.

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The boys, Isaac and Roy, speak up in joking contempt for Nick. They suggest that he stops pampering Coco and puts a firm foot down when making a decision. “You’re still trying to defend her! What a born slave!” Nick retorts: “I love her for her loyalty!” Judging on the trend of his failed marriage proposals, he might never hold her hand at the altar. Shaking his head, Nick disagrees, multiple failures cannot amount to his sincere feelings. He’ll try again and again until he succeeds. The boys laments, “This is like mission impossible, she values her friend over you!” However, Nick thinks otherwise, believing that when they’re married, Coco would put him in first place on her priority list, over her bosom friend. The boys throw their heads back and laugh uncontrollably at Nick’s innocent belief.

Aw. Nick is such a sweet boyfriend.

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We finally get a glimpse of our golden bachelors in the last few minutes of episode 11 where Jayden comes up with various ways to challenge the first Chinese pilot, which is Sam. It cracks me up that when Sam handles all the tasks with ease, Jayden stills his face with a certain defiant nonchalance. I’m sure he respects Sam and idolizes the man deep within his heart, but there’s also the pride of beating your own idol in a way. In short, he respects Sam but wishes to crack any hidden flaws. As for Sam, he’s trying to be cordial, with his expression ranging from amused to bewildered during their interactions.

Episode 12 Summary:

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Hopping back to our PPP students. We have another budding friendship in Holiday, Jim Jim, and Hero. The three are caught sneaking into the plane storage area, which prompts the instructors, Sam and Jayden, to punish them harshly. But they decide to let the class choose between letting the troublemakers stay in the program or kicking them out. This class is weird, sometimes they look as if they could care less about the others and in times of need, they’d all stand in the same direction.

Final say: The students are prohibited from entering the plane area until their probation is lifted. Sam wants them to understand how lucky and blessed they are to be able to get into this program for free. If they don’t understand the precious gift of flying and this opportunity, he won’t allow them near an airplane.

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While helping a shivering customer, Coco finds out that the sick person is none other than Colby’s boyfriend, Victor. Turns out his no-show is due to chemotherapy and he has leukemia. Afraid of dying and losing the chance to be with his beloved, Victor returns to Hong Kong. In tears, he asks for Colby’s hand and she agrees to stay with him in his battle against cancer. (Does anyone thinking the actress playing Colby looks eerily like Leila Tong in this specific scene? Those eyes…)

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Touched by the pair’s courage and love, Coco finally calls Nick, who’s already preparing for his next proposal. A small electronic toy car greets Coco on the rooftop of Skylette, carrying a ring on its back. So cute.

With one knee kissing the ground, Nick proposes, “I love you just the way you are. Please marry me.”

Happy in tears, Coco extends her hand, and Nick’s surprised smile kinda kills me. He didn’t think she would agree. Aw. You earnest puppy!

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Later that night, the friends gather at Isaac/Coco’s house to celebrate for the reunion of Colby and Victor, as well as the marriage agreement between Coco and Nick. Throughout the night, Isaac busies himself with cooking and serving food for everyone. His CT4 result came out earlier and he failed it after taking full responsibility for the flight delay. He doesn’t tell his friends this but they know something is amiss due to his overzealous air of hospitality. Therefore, after Colby, Victor, and Nick leave the house, Coco and Roy sneak into Isaac’s room to cheer him up.

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Coco: “Baby…We will spend the night with you!!” *flicks off sweater*

Roy: “I am not going, I want to bunk up with you tonight!” *flicks off sweater and bends down*

Isaac: “Get lost! You want me to have a nightmare?”

They challenge him to a round of cards in which they lose on purpose and wink at each other when Isaac squirms excitedly in his killing mode. heh. These dorks. Best friendship moment.

Episode 13 Summary:

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Having observed Holiday for the last few weeks, Sam comes to the same conclusion he has before. He deems her unfit for a pilot. “Not taking into account of why you want to fly (for her boyfriend), I insist you leave the program because you have mood swing, which is dangerous for the passengers and everyone on a plane. So don’t waste more of our resources. Others are not like you. They really have the passion for flying.”

She retorts, saying that while her motive may not be as pure and noble, she still wants to fly. Sam rages, “I ask for respect! Respect is the basic requirement for flying. You tell me, have you ever cared for what we have taught you? Your mind was not in class and it’s filled with this one missing person!”

Holiday bites down her lip in anger. “Before I learn to fly, I won’t leave this place!”

What has happened to Fala? She fails to connect with her character’s emotions on several occasions already.

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Sam drinks with an old friend and finds out that the same missing Daniel had his aviation book. Before Daniel could propose to his girlfriend, his plane crashed. This means that Holiday knew about his demise but chooses to live in denial for the past year. Livid about the lie, Sam locates her at a pier and snatches his aviation book back and moves near the waters. He rips out each page and throws them into the water, saying that she doesn’t deserve to read this book. “Pilots for civil aviation shouldn’t bring emotions on board other than the concern for passenger safety.” He further states that she can take the pages home and glue them back together, however, she would have to leave PPP.

She contemplates the idea in tears and finally approaches Sam. She rips out the pages from the aviation book and throws them into the water, a symbol that she’s moving on.

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We have another reunion scene. Random but it works somewhat. This time Tracy reunites with her biological mother, Ms. Kong, who has abandoned her to become a famous actress. Today, she’s a passenger on board and spends time asking Coco about Tracy. Coco assures that Tracy has grown up to be a dedicated and professional stewardess.

While attending to her stepmother, Tracy shows us that behind her smiles and eagerness to please Jayden, she’s caring and filial. When she finds out through the drink Katrina the Vanilla, that Ms. Kong is her mother, Tracy becomes teary-eyed. And yet she keeps her distance while maintaining a professional attitude. Before Ms. Kong descends the plane, Tracy promises to watch more of her movies. They smile at each other. And it’s a nice understated moment without being overly dramatic.

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On the same plane as Isaac to London, Summer wants to visit a museum about plane engines. However, to her dismay, they’re open only to group visits. Upon hearing this, Jayden’s eyes twinkle, “If I say I have a way to get you into the museum, will you go? But on one condition, you have to go with me.” She calls out his blackmailing method and Isaac intervenes, “Compromise doesn’t mean defeat. Revenge is best served cold!”

She thinks it over and agrees. With his back to them, Jayden’s face brightens with the sweetest smile. He turns around and places a hand on his sister’s shoulder, “A promise is a promise.” She looks hopeful. She’s ready to forgive you Jayden! Don’t mess this up! (Who am I kidding, he’ll mess this up for sure. The question is how!)

Episode 14 Summary:

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This scene breaks my heart. Since she’s in London, Isaac introduces Summer to Isaac once again. When they’re alone, Sam’s eyes contain a volume of emotions. Noticing his distraught face, Summer asks, “You want to say something to Zoe? I’ll give you some time. You can pretend I’m her.”

Sam approaches Summer with careful steps. He struggles to say the words, “…I’m sorry…”

Trying to be helpful, Summer wonders, “Should I say ‘I forgive you’?”

A forced smile filled with regrets comes to his face. “Actually I can’t forgive myself. I’m sorry.”

From Holiday’s flashback, we see the end of her meeting with Zoe two years ago. After giving up her ticket to Holiday, Zoe had fainted and died at the hospital. Sam wasn’t by her side and he’s deeply sorry and regretful. He doesn’t tell anyone about it and lied that she died in his arms. Only Holiday knows the truth.

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The PPP students. They’re divided into two teams to write up a report about the plane design and functions. The winning team gets to fly. And like I expected, disputes and fingers-pointing soon break out. Holiday’s report is missing and Win’s file is also gone. The instructors tell me to act like adults. “You accused them of deleting your file? Do you have any proof?”

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Jayden calls Holiday out for a drink, promising to give her some tips about the exam. He admits, “I deleted the file.” Holiday doesn’t thank him because now everyone thinks she’s deleted Win’s file. He smiles, “Relax! The truth will always come out!”

She has enough of his sassy attitude for the night and spins around to go but he lures her right back. “Do you want a tip or not? Now go back and ask your genius classmates: how are cadets normally tested?”

Episode 15 Summary:

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Will you look at them? Friends again so soon? Turns out, the data deletion and missing notes is all part of Jayden’s mischievous plan to stir trouble in a calm sea. He thinks it’s too peaceful around here and the kids need some stimulus to think outside the box. His plan brings the two teams together as a unit. And of course, Sam is involved in this conspiracy as well since he stole Holiday’s notes. hehe. As for the tip, the cadet application has two portions and one of them includes working together as a team to fill in each other’s shortcomings.

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Isaac accompanies Summer to the museum and they wait together for Jayden over a cup of warm coffee. Clock is ticking, drink is finished, and Summer’s patience runs thin. Isaac leaves her to check on Jayden’s whereabouts. Alone, she recalls her desperate voice screaming after Jayden when he left for the military. Even though she’s only waited for 30 minutes, it’s as far as she can go to open her wounded heart. She jumps up from the chair and Isaac returns to stop her. She yanks her arm out of his grasp, tears filling her eyes.

Summer: “Flying, women, freedom! If it’s what he wants, he’ll do anything he can to get it. Family means nothing to him! Blood ties don’t break. The relationship won’t change! Promises mean nothing to him! I shouldn’t have expected anything of him!”

Little does she know, her brother is entertaining a lady who has helped them obtain the tickets to the museum. Due to air traffic, their flight was delayed. He speeds to the museum but it’s too late. The place has closed and Summer has packed her suitcase, ready to return to Hong Kong.

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Bonding time between Holiday and Jayden. They’re quite cute together. Dimple couple. And she’s less annoying now after her boyfriend is out of the picture. Brooding over the loss of chance to reunite with his sister, Jayden whistles and sits alone, surrounding himself with planes and screws. Holiday finds him there and they share their stories of broken promises. Jayden states, “From now on, once I give someone my word, I’ll keep it! I will, no matter what!” Holiday records his announcement on her phone for keepsake.

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Woohoo! Isaac receives a confession from Josie (Kelly Fu). She works in a cafe where Isaac and his friends always drop by before and after a flight. So often that she memorizes his choice of drinks. Which is kinda creepy on paper cause she watches his face and smiles in secret. But in person, she’s so cute and harbors no ill intention. Today’s the day that she’s made him his 99th drink and as a promise to herself, she tells him about her feelings.

Isaac is stunned. He doesn’t know what to say and says exactly that. ha. SUCH LOSER! Batman needs to teach his Robin some moves here.

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And yesh, I will finally discuss Heather and Tony, who we thought are in love and happy. Turns out their marriage has lost the passion of romantic love. To the point that Heather feels no hate and jealousy when he has his ex-girlfriend on his arm in London. She confesses further to Roy, “What came to my mind was: Good, now he has found his happiness. He has found his true love. Then I realized romantic love between us is gone. It’s transcended into family love.”

Tony is standing within hearing distance and calls out to Heather. Roy leaves the couple and Tony sums it up, what they’ve been feeling: “A couple should have been for life. But I am sorry, I can’t do it. I really want you to know, for a long period of time, I really did love you very much.” Relief crosses both of their faces as they wish to be good friends.

Nice. I didn’t care for this couple much but I like how it was handled by two adults with maturity and understanding of each other’s needs and desires. Now that they have parted on pleasant terms, the beginning of Heather and Roy isn’t so far into the future now. This writer loves to mislead us sometimes. Putting in the synopsis that Heather cheats with Roy, without revealing to us that it’s not exactly cheating anymore.

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Just when we thought these two are finally getting along, they have another argument. It’s funny because Holiday is pushing Sam’s buttons exactly like the way he’s pushed hers when she joined the PPP program for Daniel. Now he finally gets to taste her version of his cold medicine. She wants him to face his regret and moves on from there (lying about Zoe dying in his arms), but Sam feels trapped and pained, believing that she’s purposefully spiking him.

Kappy A: The place where Daniel wanted to take Holiday. So beautiful. Salar de Uyuni, the Mirror of the Sky.

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  1. 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

    Happy anniversary Alice!!!! I just realized it was around this month if not end of July when i stumbled across your blog scrounging for Kim Tak Gu episodes!!! Lol! Here’s to many more years to come Mon Amis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the recaps – thanks! Still waiting for subs so i’ve watched up to ep 13. Where are you getting the subs this quick?
    I have a question about the Holiday/Mr. Cool pairing – in one of the eps she mistakes him for her ex, is this the reason they’re going to be dating? because he looks/reminds her of her boyf? I wish they didn’t hook up but i guess since they’re both young it makes sense that they date as opposed to her eventually falling for Sam – i suppose they needed a plot to drive the story

    The subbing for this is a lot slower than expected, being a popular show i thought they’d come out quickly. I didn’t think that just cos its popular in HK doesn’t mean it will be popular elsewhere. BTW how popular are HK dramas compared to Korean, Japan or Mainland/TW?

    • 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

      Awww, thanks Annette! Kim Tak Gu! That was some moons ago isn’t it? Sweet how long it has been. Many more years to come. 😉 Cheers!

      Subs are out on Friday AT (torrent site). But online streaming takes a while cause of the process – encoding hard subs, uploading to mirror sites.

      Hmm…if we say that then we’re looking down on Jayden’s charms! ha! 😛 He reminds her of her dead BF at first but I wouldn’t say that the main/only nail. He’s hot spaghetti plate, she sees that. heehee. You’re reading spoilers aren’t ya!? They haven’t hooked up in episode 15 yet! 😎

      HKdramas used to be the top dog back in its golden era (80s/90s), but it has since gave up the title due to plot redundancy and lack of new blood. I would say it ranks last and I was brought up with TVB dramas. Personally, I think it’s the result of one broadcasting station dominating/monopolizing the whole game. In other countries, there are many broadcasting/TV stations, but in Hong Kong, Tvb is the ONLY one to air dramas. And they use the same faces over and over, refusing to groom the young. There’s ATV, but that station is practically dead now. Many wonderful old series from there too.

      There’s a new tv station, I think called HKTV (CTI), but their application for a broadcasting license keeps getting delayed and delayed.

      Bottom line: Tvb needs competition to raise its creativity and quality. No competition = they become lazy and dull.

      • 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

        Oops, i didn’t realize i was putting spoilers – sorry! I came across that info but in the opening song scenes they do show them hooking up and there is that whole vibe around them so you can pretty much see it coming.
        And you are right about Jayden, as much as i know he’s a player i would be flattered if he came my way and i would put up quite a fight with myself to turn him down – i think i’d use my pride as the offensive/defensive weapon

        I have not watched a lot of TVB so don’t know the quality of their production and scripts. I like this one so far, if there are more good TVB throw them over

        BTW i just read that Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s wedding i coming up. I like her and him i’ve liked since Protect the Boss so i’m happy for them.

        Any new series you’re watching? I finally got my saguek – Jung Yi Goddess of Fire. It’s not very exciting but atleast its no The Duo. Since you love the lead actress are you watching this one?
        Too many new dramas coming out so i’m waiting to hear people’s verdicts before committing myself to one.

        Frea what’s on your watch list?

        • 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

          The love triangle is Sam-Holiday-Jayden, so them two hooking up is not spoiler, but the way you presented I thought you went ahead and watched episode 16 which is when somethingsomething happened. 😛

          HAHA@you using your pride. Cracks me up! Jayden is not my type, he’s too charming! Dang it! Good Tvb dramas, Reality Check is good, if you want backstabbing, crazy wife, twin brother – one bad boy, one good doc – A Change of Heart fits that bill.

          It’s quite sweet they’re getting married. Lee Bo Young announced the news right after her drama ended. So cute.

          I tried Annette. I love Moon Geun Young, but her projects in the last few years make me scratch my head. The script is mediocre and she doesn’t have a complex role to showcase her brilliance. Goddess of Fire. *facepalm* I can’t even watch the kids part without cringing. It’s predictable and I can’t take the whole this-vase/cup-is-broken-so-you’re-gonna-die life and death situation seriously. I love the cast (wasted talents!) but this one is not for me. =( Good that you’re enjoying it!

          I’m watching a lot of dramas, I don’t even know how many anymore. 😀 And there are more Kdramas premiering last/this week. Master’s Sun, Two Weeks, Good Doctor, Who Are You. I have yet to check them out ~

        • 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

          here here annette, im watching that trainwreck goddess of fire….just for taedo and jungyi. MGY just doesn’t work with the prince. she looks so young and unmatched with him physically. as for the plot, gotta agree with kappy here that i watched and yawned the moment they bring out those precious vases and cups and use the same death threat every single time.

          ratings is decreasing and can you believe that good doctor beats it out easily on ITS premiere episode? and then jump 4 percent to secure the top rating slot in the 2nd episode. terrible writing and they know!!

          waitinf for all the new dramas so i can watch. lol.

        • 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

          To be honest, i’m trying really hard to find something good about Godess of Fire but i find myself skimming through the eps. I thought it was just me who thought it was kinda meh – the kid version of MGY was so excellent as the young princess in Moon/Sun and i also saw her in another drama. For some reason in this one her performance was disappointing. I liked seeing the kid who was quite scary in Warrior Baek – he’s so cute but his performance again is not that great. All the actors are not really being challenged to produce something great – the writers are to blame. I can’t wait for another Tree With Deep Roots
          I like Lee Kwang Soo but not so much the character that he’s playing – i know i know he needs to expand his range etc but i like him as the goofy/clumsy giraffe

          I first saw MGY in Little Bride, and then she did Mary stayed Up all night o.O – i don’t think she’s ever recovered from that – for me anyway. Cheongdamgong Alice was ok but mostly cos of PSH, and even then i don’t think she redeemed myself in my eyes. In this drama, atleast i can stomach some parts – when the evil queen and her sidekick, the king, the head potter – pretty much when most of the main cast makes an appearance i skip. As you guys have said – recycled script/terrible writing nothing is working for this sageuk. I feel really sorry when you have a great ensemble that’s let down by the script

          I’m still waiting for the subs so stuck on ep 13 of Triumph in the Skies, at this rate i think i’ll download. I second what you said about Jayden, i also think he’s too charming. Typically i completely avoid those type of guys. I understand the attraction and excitement of dating such a guy but i’d rather spare myself the headache (and heartache). Don’t like anything too flashy, i like people who are confident in themselves but quiet and humble – kinda like Sam – not someone who has all this noise around them

          I watched ep 1 & 2 of Who Are You, nothing special there. The leading man is a terrible actor, the lead actress is not one of the greatest actors out there. We’ll see how far it goes
          I’m about to watch Good Doctor but again similar scenarios – i think i’m really getting tired of the recycling or maybe the Kdrama writing formulas in general – time for a break perhaps. I’ll try to give it the benefit of the doubt, it might turn out to be another Gaksital or Queen InHyun’s man
          Avoiding Her Legend like a plague, the ensemble cast is putting off. I kinda like the lead actress but only if she’s paired with a good strong leading man otherwise she ain’t got much on her own

          i’ll def do some research on Reality Check and Change of Heart, thanks!

        • 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

          I can’t disagree with you Annette. MGY hasn’t redeemed herself yet. Dunno who’s in charge of accepting her roles. Cheongdamdong Alice, again, was created around the male character, PSH. The female is there to react to his character’s actions. Yawn.

          Yesh, me too. I don’t want to carry medication with me whenever Jayden hangs around the ladies. So he is great to befriend but no more. haha XD But Sam might bring me to tears of boredom too. I need someone in between. Someone like Gary. 😉

        • 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

          im sticking for kim bum and mgy, but why are you watching such a lacking luster drama in GOF annette? hoping it would be better? we’re third of the way there and i think the writer won’t use his/her brain cells. T_T

          i also tried who are you, the actor’s and actress’ presence in that drama is just too weak to hold my attention. i like neither. lols.

          good doctor i watched the first two episodes and like you said annette, the scenarios are getting so boring. second lead – mean girl with the same short hair! kim min seo is stuck in this type for a while already. joo sang wook is stuck in second lead territory too. what i dislike the most is the cheesy storyline, our hero already has autism, no need to make the story more melo than it is. moon chae won, not my type.

          sam is boring to me! he’ll kill me with his seriousness and lack of life. LOL

        • 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

          frea i think i’m a masochist! Lol! I’ve been longing for a sageuk so i’m having trouble dropping this one – and yes i’m hoping it will get better, plus i like Lee Sang Yoon but this role is doing nothing for him – in fact all the characters are a snoozefest. I wanna stab the writer

          Watched ep 2 of Good Doctor and i feel like stabbing this writer too – can’t they bring us something different? I was hoping against hope but this is kdrama land after all, good scripts come once in a blue moon. Each and every single character/role, scenarion has been done over and over and over again you wonder what’s the point of even watching these dramas anymore

          Yes Sam is boring! Lol ! I think i like him cos he’s safe/predictable/grounded as opposed to Jayden who’s too flighty, flashy/loud, unpredictable, etc. I also feel kinda bad for Sam cos he’s the old man surrounded by all the young people so i’m rooting for him. Which characters do you like?

  2. 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

    i love me some nick!! he’s sooooooo cute!! coco shouldn’t take him for granted. 🙁

    holiday is such a weird character or the actress is doing a poor job….when she cries, i can barely feel her pain….

    Salar de Uyuni! this place is for real!! a flat salt location….reflecting the sky….wow…i wanna go there….so beautiful. it makes sense for daniel to want to take her there to appreciate the sky.

    isaac should get together to josie. she’s a cutie. me like her.

    im also glad that tony and heather ended peacefully. nothing dramatics. good for my brain. 🙂

    • 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

      You know as a girl, Coco is my type of girlfriend. But then we see how Nick is…and we get soft-hearted. He’s really nice and devoted. If Jim Jim isn’t on the other side of break-up, I’d probably root for Nick and Coco as the end game.

  3. 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

    I finally am all caught up. I tried my best to resist sneaking into this page when it was freshly baked out of the oven. I was barely on ep.11 at the time.

    Oh gawd, Fala didn’t perform so well as an emotional wreck. Maybe she hadn’t experienced it in real life… yet… to help her character develop!?! At least the cat’s out of the bag, and I finally understand where the heck is Holiday’s Daniel? I like seeing her send emails to a ghost’s inbox. I wonder if the email account is really her late BF’s, if so, then wouldn’t it get full at some point? How can she keep sending stuff? Or maybe she setup a fake account in order to coupe with her great lose. You know there are those who still send voice mails to their late beloved’s phone (like my late uncle’s wife), however, I like Holiday’s method way more. It’s like a virtual diary that you can attach pics or what not to keep record.

    I like Josie too. That actress remind me of Karen Mok for some reason.

    I can’t believe my ears, when I hear married men talk about cheating on their wives at a bar. Now I know the real reason why married men get together. Grrrr~ I cracked up when Sam said he’d cheat in his marriage for Tony. He made that moment so climatic for me. I almost believed he wasn’t all goody two-shoes. You got me good Sam. Touché.

    Can’t believe Jayden’s so tamed these 5 eps. I miss the aggressive womanizing Jayden. Oh well, we’re only in 1/3 of the show so I suppose there’s gotta be some up’s and down’s 2/3 of the way. I hope he won’t disappoint me, I mean, Chilam that is, since he’s a married man I wonder how far is his uninhibited prowess mark during intimate scenes? I plead guilty, I watched the Making… clip so I have some insights too.

    Those giffys are hilarious. I’m curious how to play that Three Kingdoms card game? Ooooh, that whatchamacallit place really exists? Unbelievable.

    • 13 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

      I know! They’re ruining our charming playboy these last few episodes. I don’t want him to lose his style once he starts dating Miss Emotional-Wreck-turned-Happy.

      Who’s watching the making clip *whistles innocently* (I was disappointed but let’s not go there for now. ha!)

      YEP! It really exists. Sp pretty. Daniel picked the right place. I would want to fly too if I see that place in person. 🙂

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