Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

I am all but an artist. Don’t judge.

Yep, I have decided to combine the soundtracks of all 3 dramas on Mon-Tue into one post. Why? Because I’m lazy (I need a new excuse.) And because watching the intense war between Jang and Gu amuses me so much, often more than the dramas themselves. Really, the animosity between the two fandoms is strange, in that Office completely evades the wrath, even when it scores 2nd in ratings. No one bothers involving it in the fanwar. Comical behavior: Fans going into the opposing thread and announcing their grand departure. Then I’m like why? We all have different tastes and incomparable tolerance for, er, stuffs. Agree to disagree, yea? Ya’ll should be like me, declare your loyalty to no one. And watch all 3. 😛

Anyway, this post is for discussion, if you will, while enjoying the music. Have fun!

Gu Family Book Tracklist:

— Part 1 —
01. My Eden – Isabel
02. Instrumental

— Part 2 —
01. Love Hurts – Lee Sang Gon
02. Instrumental

— Part 3 —
01. Love is Blowing – Lee Ji Young
02. Instrumental

— Part 4 —
01. Spring Rain – Baek Ji Young
02. Instrumental

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PW: www.avirtualvoyage.net

— Part 5 —
01. Don’t Forget Me – Miss A’s Suzy
02. Instrumental

♦♦♦ DL Part 5 // Mirror ♦♦♦

— Part 6 —
01. Best Wishes to You – The One
02. Instrumental

Part 7 (LSG’s Single) —
01. Last Word – Lee Seung Gi
02. Piano Version

♦♦♦ DL Part 6 & Single // Mirror ♦♦♦

— Part 7 —
01. Only You – 4Men
02. Instrumental

♦♦♦ DL Part 7 // Mirror ♦♦♦

— Part 8 —
01. Will You Be My Love Rain? – Shin Jae
02. Instrumentals

— Choi Jin Hyuk’s Special OST —
01. Best Wishes to You – Choi Jin Hyuk
02. Instrumentals

♦♦♦ DL Part 8 + CJH’s Special // Mirror ♦♦♦

— CD PART 1 —
01. My Eden – Yisabel
02. Love Hurts – Lee Sang Gon of Noel
03. Spring Rain – Baek Ji Young
04. Best Wishes to You – The One
05. Don’t Forget Me – Suzy
06. That One Last Word – Lee Seung Gi
07. Only You – 4MEN
08. Will You Be My Love Rain? – Shin Jae
09. Love is Blowing – Lee Ji Young of Big Mama
10. Spring Rain (Acoustic Ver.) – Baek Ji Young
11. My Eden (Korean Ver.) – Yisabel
12. Best Wishes to You (Acoustic Ver.) – Choi Jin Hyuk
13. Gu Family Book – Various Artists

♦♦♦ CD Part 1 DL // Mirror ♦♦♦

— CD PART 2 — (Translation thanks to justsomeone74@soompi)
01. Heaven’s Door
02. Bijo
03. The Life And Myth
04. The Land Of Idea
05. Beads Bracelet
06. About Death
07. She Was Pretty
08. The Death Road March
09. Angry Fox
10. Moonlight Garden
11. Half Human-Half Beast
12. Root Of Evil
13. The Rough Breath
14. Sympathy
15. Kill That Beowolf
16. The Mythical Creature?s Explosion
17. Root Of Evil(Piano Ver.)
18. Before The Storm
19. Dance With A Fox
20. Fill Sorrow
21. Red Sun
22. Eagle Fly Free
23. Libera Me
24. Tears Of Flower
25. Important Time
26. The Death Road March(Piano & Scat Story)
27. Gu Family Book Piano Story(Piano By Yoon Han)
28. Joking Around
29. Short Bond
30. Song of Tears
31. Chi Hon Joo
32. Evil Eyes

♦♦♦ CD Part 2 DL // Mirror ♦♦♦

The Queen of Workplace Tracklist:

— Part 1 —
01. Likely – 10CM
02. Instrumentals

— Part 2 —
01. Greetings from Afar – Younha
02. Instrumentals

— Part 3 —
01. I’m a Fool – Kim Tae Woo
02. Instumentals

— Part 4 —
01. Let’s Fall In Love – Cultwo ☆★☆ (Love this song!)
02. Instrumentals *added separately

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PW: www.avirtualvoyage.net

— Part 5 Included in Various Artists —

01. Likely – 10CM
02. Greetings from Afar – Younha
03. I’m a Fool – Kim Tae Woo
04. Let’s Fall In Love – Cultwo
05. Besides Love, A Lie – Shin Ji Soo
06. Love Is – Kim Hye Soo
07. 세뇨리따 김 – Various Artists
08. 활약 – Various Artists
09. 사랑 ê·¸ 느낌 – Various Artists
10. 해결사 미스김 – Various Artists
11. 멈춰진 시계 – Various Artists
12. 무서운 미스김 – Various Artists
13. 세뇨리따 김2 – Various Artists

♦♦♦ DL Part 5 + VA // Mirror ♦♦♦

Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Tracklist:

— Part 1 —
01. Sorrow Song – Lim Jae Bum
02. Instrumentals

— Part 2 —
01. Even If It’s Only In A Dream
02. Instrumentals

♦♦♦ Download ALL 2 Parts // Mirror ♦♦♦
PW: www.avirtualvoyage.net

— Part 3 —
01. Season of Love – Rumble Fish
02. Instrumental

— Part 4 —
01. Sorrow Song – Lim Jae Bum
02. Instrumental

♦♦♦ DL Part 3&4 // Mirror ♦♦♦

— Part 5 —
01. Voiceless – Lee Jung
02. Instrumental

♦♦♦ DL Part 5 // Mirror ♦♦♦

  1. 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

    LMFAO! I’ve seen way too much argument – that I actually checked out JOJ just to judge for myself. I honestly think its of different genres – although both sageuks, one is historical and the other supernatural. I think GFB have some serious issues on how to portray dynamic characters. They’re either black or white – with no grey. JOJ too has issues with making me fall for any of the characters – although it does a better job with the complexity.

    But I adore GFB. Suzy and LSG are adorable; I like the development of friendship, and the importance of family. I also love this whole search for humanity. It makes you realize that things we always take for granted, may be someone else’ biggest dream… Plus Kang Chi is my baby 😛 JOJ is awesome as well! Everyone should just stick to what they like and ignore the other. Nasty gets nowhere.

    LOL on fans ‘ditching’ one show in support of the other. JOJ’s ratings is of no contention – its below 8 now, and GFB is above 23 – I think. So really – won’t make a whole lot of difference O.o I’m sticking to both! How’s office btw?

    • 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

      I haven’t want JOJ and GFB yet, so its nice to hear it from you. I actually watch the first few episodes of QOW and I got to say its quite good. It has comedy, and the plot is quite good. I had watch a lot of Kdramas the past few years, and no dramas that has the theme “office” really stands out to me except for this one. But, I got to say, the character that Oh Ji Ho plays really bugs me like I feel I want to punch him in the face because the character he’s playing is so..not the person you would like in real life, which is great because his acting is believable.

      I only watch the first few episodes, and the ratings is okay (2nd place is okay), and I like this drama, plus Jo Kwon is in it too, so I’m like “hehehe”. I think I’m gonna continue to watch this drama, but I will try GFB and JOJ too. 🙂

      • 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

        Hi ladies! Glad to see people joining me in here. 🙂

        GFB: Gotta agree with Tiffany regarding the character complexity so far. I hate the villain so much because he is blacker than black coffee and he leaves a nasty bitter scent in my mouth with the way he lusts after the girls. He is beyond redemption. The positive side for me is the actors picked for this series. They’re just adorable people you know? 😛 Suzy has improved a lot, her saguek delivery shows gravitas, although her acting remains spotty and inconsistent. I think she needs to work on emoting the right expressions. It’s an advantage Yeo Wool is a great character with compassion and loyalty, easy to love and root for. Lee Seung Gi is cute as Kang Chi too and I’m again befuddled when people say his acting has regressed when compared to King 2 Hearts. The two characters are different. One is the president, carrying the burden of the whole country, the other is just a boy, still growing and searching for his roots. Can’t compare the depth, at least not yet. Plus, the director of K2H knew how to angle the camera and emphasized the emotions in a heightened way.

        JOJ: Beautiful hanboks. I’m in awe with the vibrant colors. Something about a prince + unrequited love that just gets me. This has happened before in Moon Embraces Sun! So yea, Dong Pyung Goon needs some love. He was cute with Hong Soo Hyung’s character but the writer wrote them off. Add Jae Hee’s character to the mix, and the three hot men are pining after Jang Ok Jung. Same as GFB? And yes, Kim Tae Hee has improved too.

        Office: Have only watched one episode so far because I’m busy with Jdramas. 😛 It’s a silly beginning and I can see why OJH’s character can rub me the wrong way. haha XD Nice to hear positive thoughts from Aisyah.

        • 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

          Aisyah – I would have recommended GFB, but I think my bias-ness for LSG would be too obvious LOL. The main characters in GFB are relatable. I know people like them, which then advocates a personal connection of sorts. JOJ is more politically intriguing. Haven’t tried Office, but will prob give it a shot sometime =)

          Kap – So far, I am loving how LSG brings out Kang Chi’s playfulness and fierce hotheaded-ness with equal measure. There’s this love I develop for characters who find happiness in small things like helping people out and just being so fun loving and naive. When he asked Chung Jo’s mom what he must do for her to accept him, I died a little inside. He’s so earnest and sincere. But behind the whole happy facade, he does want acceptance. His mom abandoned him as a baby, and he doesn’t really know what its like to have a real family. He’s always gonna be an outsider, no matter how much Lord Park loves him. Suzy – I think she’s quite awkward at times and is yet to adjust to the genre, yet I love her character too much to really dwell on it. She’s fun; opposite of usual female sageuk leads who are polite/feminine. I love that she has this loyalty that matches the one of Kang Chi. Yet she does know when to be bold and independent and make her own decisions irrelevant of what Gon says or Su Jung predicts. Just… please don’t end tragically… please dont…

          JOJ – think this one is more politically driven and what’s good about it is that the main characters are ambitious to a point that they think love is below country/family responsibility. Finally! 😛 But what’s heartbreaking is deep down you just wish they’d screw society and just find happiness. KTH is compelling – didn’t think she can pull this off as well as she has. The last rain kiss was… pretty epic *melts*

  2. 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

    me i just like the stick figure drawing! nice work Kappy! 🙂 me not watching any of them.. lol.. only skimming thus far. gu family book… ehhh. not drawing me at all. JOJ only watching cause she’s so hot. QOW too offbeat for me.

    • 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

      Thanks! Aha! I forgot to add a fourth contender pining after Kim Tae Hee. 😛

  3. 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

    Haha~ I hope to see more of Kappy’s artistic drawing board from hereon forward.

    I haven’t watched any of the above. I may read recaps and then decide to watch some later. I do like JOJ’s synopsis so I may wait to marathon that show.

  4. 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

    LOL! your oh ji ho’s frying ajuhmma hair cracks me up. Office is too silly for a kdrama, feels like theyre trying to reproduce that quirk in jdramas but its not their niche.

    gu family book, likewise, is not sustaining my interest….it feels like a fairytale version of something that could have been darker. the killing is terrible but there are more ways to torture the fans, writers. you just kill kill and kill!!! if you’re a papa in this show, you’re guaranteed a death certificate!! watch out YW’s father.

    like i said in the cbox, suzy improved a lot but her acting and facial expression need major improvement, her muscles seem stuck and bland. sigh!!!

    JOJ. too much political intrigues, it fries my brain but everything is pretty there, from the leads, to the 2nd and 3rd leads. lol. 😛

    thanks for the OST collection kappy!!

  5. 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

    Added Gu Family Book Part 5. Suzy sounds good.

    English Lyrics:

    Do you hear my sad monologue?
    These words that blame you
    The name that becomes pain when I call it
    You, you, you

    If you are smiling at thoughts of me sometimes
    I won’t have any more lingering attachments
    So don’t forget me, me, me
    Please remember me, me, me

    Farewell only comes once but why does longing come a lot?
    I have never forgotten you for a single moment, I love you

    Is it so? Are you really completely fine?
    You, you, you

    You left me without even a common promise
    But that person still remains in me
    Don’t forget me, me, me
    Please remember me, me, me

    Farewell only comes once but why does longing come a lot?
    I have never forgotten you for a single moment

    I’m not asking to do a love that has already passed
    I just wish you would remember my love

    Don’t forget me, me, me
    Love me, me, me
    Farewell only comes once but why does longing come a lot?
    I have never forgotten you for a single moment, I love you, I love you

    Translation from Pop!gasa

    Artistic drawing… You make me bashful now, Keane. 😛

  6. 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

    I am watching them all and loving all of them. Thank you for the OST! 🙂

    The first time I heard Likely (Queen of Workplace) I thought it sounded like 10 CM. And indeed, it’s 10 CM. Weeeh! :))

    • 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

      PS… Would you mind adding the Korean titles of the songs (hangeul)?

  7. 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

    THANK YOU! Not only a Thank You for the OST but for the English translations of the songtrack to help the non-Korean readers organize our music! : ) The only drama I have seen on this page is Gu Family Book & I am already loving The Eden. It’s a great name for the great story line between Wol-Ryung & Seo Hwa.

    All your hard work is appreciated. 😀


  8. 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

    Thank you THANK YOU for your hard work and generosity!!! They are definitely much appreciated!! I can’t wait to add these songs to my iPod. ^___^

    I’m on ep 3 of GFB and I am loving it! Can’t say I like Seo Hwa tho. She seems like a selfish, weak woman who blames everyone else for her mistakes. But maybe that’s just me. I don’t understand how she couldn’t run away from her attackers, but she managed to climb up a mountain and hike through the woods nine months pregnant to give birth in Wol Ryung’s home. Ehh?!?!? Oh Kdramas!!! LOL!

    I stopped watching JOJ after the 13th episode cuz I caught up with all the episodes and had to wait for new ones to air and be subbed. I liked it eventhough it did kind of move slow in the beginning, but I had Yoo Ah In eyecandy to distract me so it was okay! 😛

    Waiting for a lazy day to have a JOJ and GFB marathon!!! ^________^

    P.S. So sorry for the abundance of exclamation points. What can I say?? I’m a very excited and animated gal!

    P.S.S. I’m loving the drawing! Keep em coming Kappy!! ^___^

    • 14 thoughts on “Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

      HAHA! You’re so right! How did she manage not to trip over a branch like she always does but then becomes the hulk when she’s 9-month pregnant?! Is this what they call the power of motherhood? heh. 😉

      Thanks for the love on my juvenile drawing! *smiles bashfully* Love your animated spirits!

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