The Last Cinderella: Episode 3 “Frustrating hour.”

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If the writer’s intention for this episode was to get me riled up, then he/she has accomplished that goal. Truth be told, the Last Cinderella hasn’t been any different from its predecessors of the same older-woman-younger-guy theme. I want it to be different but it’s been hanging in that safe zone up til now. Regardless of the overused theme, I enjoyed the drama as a whole because of the lovely cast and deft directing. However, episode 3 exhausted me with its drama cliches because 1) They’re not doing anything to absolve the problems, 2) I had to restrain myself from reaching into the screen…

Episode 3 thoughts (rant):

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These two are always interesting to watch, they really do act like an old couple. How every sentence is fired back and forth, to the support they give each other in more ways than one. Together, they appear inseparable, loyal, and devoted. Neither see how their undeniable chemistry might work if taken to another level. I wonder who will realize their dormant feelings first.

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Miki, I will give you an award for your magnanimous patience for your loony mother-in-law. How detestable that she preaches Miki about being an obedient wife/woman, staying home 24/7, catering to the needs of her wimpy husband, when she has her own streak of delinquent mark? Purple bangs. 🙄

And Kohei, ARGGGGGGGG!! Is he morally defective or pretending to be an idiot? Trying to get at it with your wife’s girlfriend? I’m relieved when Shima shoots down his outrageous idea.

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Lordy, she’s creepy. She has a full album of Rintaro’s pictures! She also projects those images onto her bedroom wall and hugs them every night. O_O And what’s with the mystery behind the shoulder-squeeze? Looks like she had an accident before trying to pull the same move…. I knew these two can’t be siblings. Brothers don’t shove a naked girl off of themselves when their sister calls. Trust me. 😛

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I-see-you-chummy-with-a-girl-and-I-turn-around-to-cry scenario. Initially, I wonder why she cries because surely she doesn’t love him yet. She likes him as a friend and is tremendously flattered with the compliments and (fake) affection he throws at her. But Love? Nope. It can’t be there yet. She weeps because she knew she has it coming when she agrees to “try” and “date” a youngin like him. Her crying to me is like a slap of reality. Very harsh.

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Another scenario we have seen numerous times before. Pretty-villian-publicly-disgraces-the-main-girl. At this scene, I had to mentally pause the video and breathe. I hate this. I hate the idea of spunky heroines who lose their spine half-way into the drama and become this watered down, pitiful version of themselves. WHY in the world did she kneel before this privileged, pea-sized brain juvenile? Are you really going to sell the idea that there’s no available long-haired girl around in the WHOLE city? Really writer? It’s not like he’s chopping off all her hair! It’s just a perm for god’s sake!! This is such a cheap shot at trying to evoke sympathy from me. I can’t pity Sakura when she has no respect for her beliefs and principles.

And the guys. They seriously stand there and watch her kneel before this stranger? You’re both on time-out.

So ladies, if you were Sakura in this scene, would you have done the same thing as her? If I were her, I would tell that bra-less girl to screw off, graciously say “Shut up” to Rintaro, and offer my well-moisturized, bouncy hair to him. *flips hair*

That way, I’m happy, Rintaro’s relieved, and Kappy’s proud.

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Such a strange scene because the feelings are not parallel, leading to an awkward conversation. She’s hormonal and he’s a bunny. I see flashes of guilt in Hiroto’s eyes but that’s it. I don’t understand his words at all. What does he mean when he says:

“To be frank, Momo and I are in a relationship. But…We only just like each other; you could say we’re mutually sensitive people. So I think she’ll understand if I talk to her. I’ll go tomorrow and talk to her. Please give me a little time.”

Talk to Momo (bra-less girl) about what? Are you admitting to Sakura you’re in a relationship with another girl? And you’re gonna tell her sometimes tomorrow about your plan to court an older woman? What? And Sakura’s going along with you? What?

And Sakura needs to stop her demure act when she’s around Hiroto. I’m getting hives just watching her squirm like a 14th century maiden.

  1. 6 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 3 “Frustrating hour.”

    Loved this –> “I knew these two can’t be siblings. Brothers don’t shove a naked girl off of themselves when their sister calls. Trust me.”

    When I fist started watching this, I had a faint hope that things would be different in this drama. I was actually shipping Hiroto and Sakura. Hiroto is slimy and a user and if he wants us to kinda shipping him, he has to get enlightened about himself ASAP because any later and it will all be unbelievable. If what we’re dealing with is Choco-Chan and Hiroto really being in love with each other but messing up other folks’ lives, then I would really like to see that Sakura and Rintaro could actually have a romantic relationship. I can see them as best friends but I’m not seeing the passion yet. And I’m going to assume that the woman he says he kinda likes is Sakura…although who knows?

    All in all, it’s a drama that keeps me watching because of all the things I hope will NOT happen and I’m trying not to get too invested in it because i do not want to be frustrated as I often am with j-dramas.

    • 6 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 3 “Frustrating hour.”

      It’s one of the quirks for having 3 younger bros (and many uncles), and two have dated. 😛

      I think the girl Rintaro mentioned has passed away (“some place I can’t reach”) or has betrayed him because Yoko said something in the earlier episodes how he was hurt by his previous love and therefore she wants to protect him from being hurt by others (read: Sakura). I’m still RintaroxSakura. 😆

      Hoping for a better Episode 4. ^^

  2. 6 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 3 “Frustrating hour.”

    LOL! im enjoying this post, so informal and rant-worthy. it cracked me up.

    see! i told you the braless girl is trouble. didn’t know they will make her do that to sakura. and i rolled my eyes when she actually kneeled on those dam floor to apologize. OMG!!!ljfls nfsjdlfkmlsdjfl%%%!!!

    the last scene, i don’t understand either, i understand that sakura is impassive but why the heck is she going along with Hiroto’s ridiculous idea of talking to his ex? like WHAT?

    LOL@14th century maiden. 😛

  3. 6 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 3 “Frustrating hour.”

    ,before I start reading I just wanted to say thank you for screen capping my favorite moment of the episode.. That little moment where Sakura wished Rintaro good luck and his reaction.. gaaahh! It was just a simple scene but bestowed a lot of meaning..

  4. 6 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 3 “Frustrating hour.”

    I concur with you about the “crying” part. I don’t really buy that she’s fallen in love with Miura. Like you said, it’s more of a slap to reality coz she herself doubts the interest that biker boy showed her.

    Re the kneeling scene, indeed, what the F were the two man (or should I say a man and a boy??) doing just standing there watching her kneel and making no attempt to stop her? I say I am even more disappointed that Rintaro did not stop her or something.

    ,and on a completely superficial note, boy does Miura Haruma look hawt when he tied his hair up to cook. Can’t he not maintain that hairstyle 24/7 so that at least I can ogle him while cursing his manipulative ass at the same time? 🙂

    • 6 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 3 “Frustrating hour.”

      You know, for a wicked moment there, I was hoping that Rintaro chops off her hair after the humiliation she inflicted on Sakura. Alas, the writer didn’t go the atypical way. So many ways to make these drama tropes fun and interesting.

      Hiroto gained points from me when he said that cooking is a common knowledge for both men AND women. That was sweet and appropriate! 🙂

      Frea, please whack that bra-less girl of yours!! 😆

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