Kdramas: Love the Gu’s Workplace OST

I am all but an artist. Don’t judge.

Yep, I have decided to combine the soundtracks of all 3 dramas on Mon-Tue into one post. Why? Because I’m lazy (I need a new excuse.) And because watching the intense war between Jang and Gu amuses me so much, often more than the dramas themselves. Really, the animosity between the two fandoms is strange, in that Office completely evades the wrath, even when it scores 2nd in ratings. No one bothers involving it in the fanwar. Comical behavior: Fans going into the opposing thread and announcing their grand departure. Then I’m like why? We all have different tastes and incomparable tolerance for, er, stuffs. Agree to disagree, yea? Ya’ll should be like me, declare your loyalty to no one. And watch all 3. 😛

Anyway, this post is for discussion, if you will, while enjoying the music. Have fun!

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