Wallace Huo reunites with Tang Yan in “Perfect Couple”

Such a cute fanmade poster

Something to look forward to? Upcoming Cdrama is penned by BBJX’s Tong Hua! Perfect Couple (金玉良缘) will be Wallace’s first investment. His production company, Huajae Studio, will work together with Zhejiang Dream Stardom Film & TV, known for producing Cdramas Sealed with a Kiss and Ru Yi. Aha! Another actor with his own company! It really makes one wonder how much money is needed to set up a company when everyone is owning one in China. Then again, they are highly-paid actors and China is a land of gold.

From the name alone, you wouldn’t guess that Perfect Couple is set in the ancient period right? Yep. Ming Dynasty.

Costumes Fitting:

Tang Yan plays a bright maiden who travels around the country, meeting the arrogant son of an aristocratic family in Wallace Huo. Together, friendship blossoms into romance as the two bicker and fight. I guess this time around, a happy ending is in their hands since it’s a romantic comedy.

Tang Yan

I like everything from head to toe except those offensive bangs. Cute? Yes. But utterly childish. She looks like a kid next to Wallace!

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Wallace Huo

Looking very much the rich and pampered Young Master.

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Filming Pictures:

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Yes, fangirls, he smokes. I hope I didn’t shatter your heart. 😛

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  1. 6 thoughts on “Wallace Huo reunites with Tang Yan in “Perfect Couple”

    I just read about this over at Wallace fansite and here you are posting it up already! 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to this series!! After the his last project I need some good Wallace drama lol. Though I suppose I will see him in Battle of Changsa before this one~

    & I agree with you on Tang Yan’s bangs… cute but a little childish. Maybe her hairstyle will change throughout the drama? I’m hoping so cus she looks really good in CP3 with Wallace ^^

  2. 6 thoughts on “Wallace Huo reunites with Tang Yan in “Perfect Couple”

    Gahhh!! I’m so so looking forward to this. Wallace and Tang Yan have chemistry. Plus I think Wallace has gotten better looking the past couple of years. He looks so smexy here, and since its a Tong Hua novel made into a show, it should be epic. Even a quarter of BBJX and I’d be a sucker for it!

    But I totally agree Tang Yan needs to take off some of that cute. She almost got me confused as Wallace’s little sister -.- but the costumes looks colorful. And I’m so shipping them… I’m so excited!

    P.s. haha so true of actors opening their own prod. TY, Yang Mi, Ruby Lin, Ming Dao… Way too many. And did u know there’s gonna be SOP 3 with the lead as Adam?? Just found out 😛

  3. 6 thoughts on “Wallace Huo reunites with Tang Yan in “Perfect Couple”

    Rin, Battle of Changsa looks really epic. Have you seen it? Tang Yan’s hair was glorious in CP3 and The Sword with Hu Ge. The bangs is just silly!

    Tiffany, the costumes are eye-catching for sure. SOP Queen 3?!! I didn’t even peek at SOP Queen 2! They’re seriously milking that name now. Is the email in your comment here one where I can contact you regarding BOTE? 🙂

  4. 6 thoughts on “Wallace Huo reunites with Tang Yan in “Perfect Couple”

    Haha, I dunno if it’s called SOP; I just heard it’s Adam’s story so more of a spin off. But omg, you should see SOP 2’s trailer! It looks magnificent – costumes and sets. ZH and ZS looks adorable, plus I like the story much better than the first. There’s more angst. And me loves me some angst haha.

    And I don’t use that often lol. The one I’m using for this comment is my regular one =)

    • 6 thoughts on “Wallace Huo reunites with Tang Yan in “Perfect Couple”

      Nope, I haven’t checked back to Queen of Sop after the first one failed me. So I can assume that Part 2 is popular hence another part 3? Pictures look nice but somehow I’m not motivated to watch. 😛

      Thanks for the update! Will shoot you an email soon! ^^

      • 6 thoughts on “Wallace Huo reunites with Tang Yan in “Perfect Couple”

        I think the first one is so overrated. The story dragged, and wasn’t all that different from just about every other drama out there. But it had major high ratings – hence the second – and now the third! The 2nd one will come out this summer, and it looks good, just like the 1st initially did haha. I’ll give it a shot; its too much pretty to miss!

        And sure! (=

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