Recap: Queen of SOP Episode 4


HD screencaps galore! *_*

Onto Episode 4:

At home, Zi Qi orders his assistant to throw away a cupboard poster of Ji Qing. He sees a picture of him and Xiao Jie on his laptop, reads her Weibo status, and has various flashbacks. He gives a smirk, saying, “Maybe I dont have only one choice.”


Xiao Jie begins messaging Tang Jun, when the rain pours. Tang Jun arrives nearby in a car and sees her. He took an umbrella and went out in the rain, standing behind her.

I envy those of my friends who have found their own happiness. I’ve almost forgotten how it feels like to be in a relationship.

I think when you meet someone you like, your heart will beat faster, and you wont be able to think. You just want to see her, and keep staring.

If there is such a person for me to keep looking and staring, I might not feel so lonely.

He flashbacks to when they had ice-cream. Why does she not wonder why he mentioned about ice-cream and why he’s so sure it’s nicer than Taiwan’s?

Do you want to have ice-cream to clear your mind? It might not be as nice as London’s, but I think you’ll feel better.

She runs ahead to get ice-cream.


Heehee. I think I’m feeling better. It’s raining heavily here in Taipei right now. If someone drives a car to pick me now, that’d be the best.

It was so easy to like someone when I was young. But now that I’m out in the society, I find it hard to find someone I like. I start to take notice of how capable the other party is, whether he will be helpful to my career or not. Are women very realistic?

But when love comes, will you think so much?

I dont know.

If you find someone who can fulfill your expectations and he’s willing to confess to you openly… (Not sure if this is a question or a sentence.)

If there’s really such a great guy, why does he want to choose such an unexceptional girl like me?

Xiao Jie starts to leave, and Tang Jun moves forward, but Jia Yi calls out to her, and sends her back in her boyfriend’s car.

Maybe in others’ eyes, you’re unexceptional. But it’s exactly that, that touched your prince. He might already be by your side, but you’ve not realized.


Next day at work, she is told to prepare for a press conference 15 minutes beforehand. After she has spoken, the reporters gather around her to ask if she and Zi Qi will also be attending the Valentine’s event. She explains that they will be at the supermarket’s opening instead, and her manager and assistant tries to help her out, but she gets asked whether she and Zi Qi were already together before the incident, and what she thinks of his bold confession. Shocked, she lets out a squeaky, “Ah?! I think you’ve got it wrong…” But the reporter informs her that her status on Weibo received a reply. When she ponders what reply…


He struts in, and wonders aloud, “If you’re curious, why don’t you ask me yourself?” Cameras flash as he walks towards her. (OMG totally falling for him here!!!!)

Green = Zi Qi

Is there a need to be so shocked, Lin Xiao Jie? Actually, I’m pretty shocked myself. I dont know why you’ve come to matter to me.

Matter to you? Why? We’re not even close!

You matter to me. Now then do I realise the feelings of the prince in The Sleeping Beauty. The way a girl looks while sleeping will captivate a guy. You’re very cute when you’re sleeping. You’ll snore, you’ll sleeptalk, you’ll frown. You make one want to worry about you, want to do something for you.

Are you willing to be my girlfriend?

Still in shock, she thinks about the chances of a prince falling in love with a princess.

I’m still waiting for your answer.


She thinks about what Tang Jun said to her the previous night, and nods.

He leans in to kiss her on the lips.

Turning to the media, who asks what he’s feeling at that moment, he says,

That’s the sweetest kiss in my life thus far.

Xiao Jie covers her face in joy and embarrassment.

In the office, Zi Hao sees the news, and is displeased when he knows that Zi Qi did that for the supermarket opening.

Back to the couple, Xiao Jie tries to keep up with him, commenting that their progress is too fast, since they hardly know each other.

He holds out a hand for her to shake, and starts on a self-introduction.


Hello, my name is Gao Zi Qi.
I am 195cm, a Scorpio.
My bank account has at least 8 figures, I have 2 properties in Taiwan.


Xiao Jie laughs and says that’s not what she meant. She suggests starting off as friends to know more about each other first, before getting together, but he protests that there’s no difference in being a friend or a boyfriend if the results were the same. Besides, it’s too late since it’s all over the news now. They arrange to go out for dinner together the next day.

Tang Jun is in a bar when he sees the news, and congratulates her for finding her happiness.


In the car, Ji Qing thinks about what Zi Qi told her when she confronted him. He admits that for now, he only likes working with her (Xiao Jie), and is using her to forget the model at the same time.

But can you be sure that I will not fall for her? You can continue being your goddess, but I will show you that belonging to only one person is better than being everyone’s goddess.


They start messaging, and Xiao Jie appears next to Tang Jun in the bar.

You were the one who gave me the courage to look for my happiness.

It’s so late. Not sleeping yet?

I have a date tomorrow, so I’m preparing.

Gao Zi Qi is such a lucky fella.

I’m the one who’s lucky. If I never met you, I wouldn’t have known that happiness was right beside me.

I’ve not gone out on a date for so long. Give me some advice as a guy. What should I wear?

You’re asking the right person. The first date is very important. You can’t be too passive or too active. You cant wear too revealing clothes, or the guy will think that you’re very easy. I think going with jeans is best.


Zi Qi picks her up the next day, and Tang Jun appears in the backseat.

I said so much, but why didnt you follow my advice? (notice what Xiao Jie is wearing in the cap below.)

The couple discusses where to go, and decides to have dinner at Zi Qi’s place. They go to a supermarket to buy ingredients as Xiao Jie offers to cook, as well as to do some market research. Tang Jun tags along.


While shopping, they meet the CEO of the supermarket, and he asks if Zi Qi has seen the proposal he sent to him about being a consultant for the supermarket. Zi Qi remembers telling his assistant to sort and leave the projects that he wont be interested in doing aside. He then answers saying, “I didn’t. But isn’t coming here personally much more meaningful?” Smooth talker, this guy.


They carry on, and they argue about rock melons on sale and imported peaches because of the prices. While debating, they come up with a concept for their target market. Tang Jun’s being very cute behind Xiao Jie while they are talking, giving comments here and there. At Zi Qi’s place, while they are having dinner, they come up with an idea for single eaters, and decides to come up with a menu for them.


The next day at the office, Zi Qi and Tang Jun finally meet, because their parents are working together on a project. Loving Zhang Han’s smug(?) face here! As Zi Qi is presenting, Tang Jun keeps looking at his phone, and wonders what Xiao Jie is doing.


Xiao Jie is on the phone making sure that the menu is going smoothly when she gets a phone call from a reporter. He asks if there are any special promotions for the supermarket opening, and she tells him about the single eaters’ menu. He also tells her that the couple was seen shopping for rock melons at the supermarket the previous night, and he wonders why. She clarifies that it was because the melons were fresh and inexpensive. She gets a call about a problem with ingredients and hangs up with the reporter.


Tang Jun is seen talking with his mother in the hotel room. She asks if he is going to go back to help in the company, but he doesnt want to. She then tells him not to depend on her any longer – no money, no credit cards, no stocks and shares – and not to call her ‘mother’ publicly, but will take on the position of a special assistant to the CEO to repay his debt.

They watch the news, and it shows that when Xiao Jie is questioned for a comment, she replies that it was because the food at the said supermarket was fresher than the food at their own supermarket. Tang Jun then accepts her preposition as a special assistant, but on a condition.


In Xiao Jie’s manager’s room, she gets scolded for what she said, where she protests that her words were taken out of context, but gets scolded for not being careful with her words.


Vexed, she confides in Tang Jun her troubles, and asks what she should do. He assures her that there is nothing to be worried about, as there will be someone who will come and save her soon.


Not satisfied, she goes to Zi Qi’s place to apologise, and tells him that she is willing to do anything to help salvage the situation. He says that it will cost up to 5 million for soiling the company’s reputation and to entertain the media. She asks if she can pay by installments. But he kids,

It’s not that bad, don’t worry. I’ve already thought of a solution. Just go back to the company to wait for me.

That’s it? You dont intend to scold me or anything?

Keep your emotions in check, and keep smiling. Just wait for me back at the office.


She is touched, tears sparkling in her eyes. They kiss.

Jiayou (keep it up), Lin Xiao Jie. I’m almost falling for you, he thinks.

Take this as your punishment.

How is this a punishment from a boss? Others are going to gossip.

That’s true. Then, if this is a punishment, let’s be serious.

Ji Qing appears at his door.


As he leans towards Xiao Jie, he looks at Ji Qing and then kisses Xiao Jie. Ji Qing turns and walks away.

In her car, she cries as she drives, and flashbacks on what Zi Qi said about being one’s woman compared to many others’ goddess.

– End of Episode 4 –

XY: I watched this drama knowing only Qiao En and Ming Dao, but Godfrey and Zhang Han are becoming more and more attractive as I continue watching. *___* And Godfrey is 195cm (for real, I checked!)! *looks up* That’s 40cm taller than me! And the shopping center they were filming at, that building with a Daiso poster, I’ve been there! The building across the road is a really nice hotel! But it’s not in Taipei. Hahahaha. Have I mentioned how I really like the way the online conversations are presented? I think it’s really cute! The chemistry Qiao En has with the 2 guys on screen are really cute. I cant decide which pair I’m rooting for. >< Also, guys, school’s started for me, so I’m not gonna be able to be as updated as I am now with my recaps. ><

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    thanks for the screen caps…can’t wait to get my hand on the drama…..

  2. 13 thoughts on “Recap: Queen of SOP Episode 4

    Sigh Zi Qi! I wanted to like you but you play with both girls’ feelings, and that’s a big TURN OFF! You JERK!

    Anyway, I’m a Scorpio too, can you lend me some CM? PLEASE?

    The pace of this drama is too fast (as in the romance). They’re going at such speed that I can’t see feeeeeelings developing between the leads. The chemistry is cute but Tang Jun is already showing signs of deep love already. And Xiao Jie agreeing to be ZQ’s GF at the conference is mind-boggling to me.

    Can’t they find an older-looking actress to play Tang Jun’s mom? The current actress is young, like his older sister at most. 😛

  3. 13 thoughts on “Recap: Queen of SOP Episode 4

    I think the fact that Zi Qi is knowing playing with the hearts of two different women is deplorable. In some ways I honestly feel sorry for Ji Qing if only because she’s a fool in love (and well we can all kind of relate to what she’s going through) and doesn’t seem to have the courage (yet) to move on (if she ever will/does) from the person that seems to enjoy hurting her.

    At the moment I’m still a little on the fence about Xiao Jie. I mean most people would love to be in her place (in that non-gutter-esque sense [CAT-III]) but there has to be something ‘tingling’ regarding Zi Qi (think danger, danger instead of the aforementioned CAT-III). I mean he blatantly comes off as a playboy (listing his height and the size of his bank account), he pretty much oozes “charm” and doesn’t pass up the opportunity to deflect any and all things away with either a scandal or a simple “I’m too good for this/that” attitude (grocery shopping).

    As of episode 5 I’m still in the state of mind that Xiao Jie & Tang Jun are better suited for each other. If only Peter Rabbit would come out of his hole to play (okay, you can go to your CAT-III place now :D).

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      Xiao Jie doesn’t seem to have a sense of awareness for danger. She’s like a girl still trapped in her princess fantasy. I’m worrrrrried.

      I feel for Ji Qing too, what’s so hard about moving on when the person is playing with your heart like that? Unless, she’s thinking of playing him back.

      • 13 thoughts on “Recap: Queen of SOP Episode 4

        Her naivety would scare me as well but it’s not like she’s never dated prior to meeting either man. Given that she just recently broke up with her boyfriend you would think that she would be a little weary about getting involved without someone else but it seems that her mmeory is short lived (like a goldfish) and doesn’t see the harm with at least trying to be friendly with someone new.

        I’m not going to say she’ll end up like Ji Qing and be thrown into an emotional trap she can’t get out of but like you say she doesn’t sense any of the dangers of what she’s doing. I do though wonder what kind of things would trigger such warnings (outside of finding out who Tang Jun really is to the supermarket/family).

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    in the first pic..that man looks like eunhyuk from super junior.. 😀

    btw i haven’t watched this drama yet but i keep reading the recap here..btw where can i watch this drama with engsub?? thanks 😀

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        thank you so much…

        i’ve watched it and now stop it after 3 episodes.. 😀 and come back here for ep.4, prefer read your recap cuz
        i am thinking to skip ep.4… well..i’ll continue watching ep.5, hehe…once again..thank you 😀

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          No problem! I’m glad it’s helpful! 😀

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      Now that you mentioned it Yui, his smile is the SAME AS Eunhyuk’s!

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    Awww – thanks for the recaps!!! This sounds so cute!! Anyone know where I can watch or download with eng subs?

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      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading! (:

      I’ve provided the link to watch it with subs in one of the comments above. (:

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