Cast of Cdrama The Swordsman compared to parrots


ha! This is hilarious: Netizens finding the parrot version of each character in the upcoming Cdrama The Swordsman. So Yu Zheng is back with another adaptation, this time it’s Louis Cha’s wuxia novel called Xiao Ao Jiang Hu. Rounding out the cast is Joe Chen Qiao En, Wallace Huo, Yuan Shan Shan, Han Dong, Chen Xiao, and Yang Ming Na.

Colorful (as expected from Yumama’s dramas) pictures of the cast after the cut. heh.

Official Stills:

Joe Chen as the androgynous martial artist Dong Fang Bu Bai who castrated himself to learn a skill in the Sunflower Manual. Yu Zheng cast a female in this role…hmm….

She looks soooo pretty here. Not in the uniform though…tacky?





Wallace Huo plays Ling Hu Chong: eldest disciple of the Huashan Sect.




Yuan Shan Shan as Ren Ying Ying



Chen Xiao as Lin Ping Zhi




Han Dong (9th Prince in BBJX) as Tian Bo Guang


Yang Ming Na as So Zhong Zhe



Yang Rong as Yue Ling Shang




Howie Huang as Yue Bu Qun


Hei Zhi as Ren Wo Xing


Tian Yang as Ji Wu Shi (too much powder)


This actress (not sure of her name?) plays Lan Feng Huang (Blue Phoenix)


Images from: Ent.163, Ent.Sina, Ent.QQ

  1. 6 thoughts on “Cast of Cdrama The Swordsman compared to parrots

    Haha~ Totally cute comparison. My home, we adore our shiba inu, and now we have guppies. I was thinking of raising some parrotlets but I have my hands full because of the horny male guppies that we have too many female guppies expecting. My 10 gal. fish tank is gonna get crowded soon.

  2. 6 thoughts on “Cast of Cdrama The Swordsman compared to parrots

    I think the actress who plays Lan Feng Huang is Lv Jia Rong. She was in Jade Palace Lockheart and the sequel.

  3. 6 thoughts on “Cast of Cdrama The Swordsman compared to parrots

    When is this one coming out? I sssooo want some action right now! The fact that this is a historical drama with action just made my day. This is what i live for.
    One thing Cdramas do better than Kdramas is the fighting/action scenes. The ones in Cdramas are choreographed better i feel

    • 6 thoughts on “Cast of Cdrama The Swordsman compared to parrots

      oooo annette, probably next year, they started filming only recently. post production (CG effects & fighting scenes) since this is a wuxia genre is probably gonna take like 6 months or MORE!

      i agreed. so far, Cdramas still lead in the awesome fighting scenes. maybe because they have been doing it for a while. the fighting scenes in kdramas…i feel…are always for looks only, everything is PERFECT and PRETTY seems like korean marketing skills. who doesn’t like pretty?

      joe looks so pretty! wallaaaaaaaaaaaaace HUOOOOOOOOOO. he’s EVERYWHERRRREEEEEEEEEEE!!

      • 6 thoughts on “Cast of Cdrama The Swordsman compared to parrots

        You’re right frea, the kdramas are only about looks – but they did have some awesome scenes at the beginning of Baek Dong Soo – between the best swordsman and his frenemy, and if you have seen IlJimae some of the fight scenes were not bad. Other than that i can’t think of any great fight scenes.

        As you said Mainland China and Hong Kong have been making action movies for a while that’s why they are nice and slick

        I don’t believe i’ve seen Wallace Huo in any drama – he’s a mainland actor right? If so maybe that’s why i don’t know him. What other dramas have you seen him in – good ones?

  4. 6 thoughts on “Cast of Cdrama The Swordsman compared to parrots

    I very like this poster.

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