Cdrama: Princess Lan Ling, Princess Wei Young OST

Since both dramas have the word Princess in it, let me go ahead and merge them together. Took some time but the songs are now compiled neatly! This is my pathetic attempt at spazzing about this week’s episodes. 😀

NOPE! Happy Birthday to Luo Jin! It’s his birthday but he’s marrying a witch! LOL.

If you can translate the titles fittingly, please let me know!

Princess Lan Ling Tracklist —

01. The Other Side (彼岸) – Dong Zhen
02. Dream of a Thousand-Year Love (夢千年之戀) – Jin Sha
03. The Other Side (彼岸) – Ivan Huang Yue
04. Firefly (螢火) – Ivan Huang Yue

♦♦♦ Download OST here ♦♦♦

Princess Wei Young Tracklist —

01. Heavenly Gift (天赋) – Tang Yan & Luo Jin
02. Growing Old Interdependently (白首相依) – Jin Chi and Gary Sun
03. If Heaven Has Compassion (天若有情) – A-Lin
04. Because of Me (缘因我) – Jin Han
04. 玉烛宝典 – Cui Zi Ge
06. Next Life (来生) – Li Qi [Download Song Here] *ADDED 12/14/16

♦♦♦ Download OST here ♦♦♦

Kappy: Episode 37 is so frustrating! The witch got her dream! Maleficent married the Prince! Luo Jin’s tear-drenched face! The song that plays during the wedding (below) is a new song sang by Li Qi (high quality not released yet at this hour). I will add it promptly. Stay cool!


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  1. frea

    lol! chang le the witch! she used wei young as a stepping stool!!! ARGG

    thanks for the songs of both dramas kappy! <3<3<3

    1. Kappy

      I know right! She gave up on the nice girl act. Lol!

  2. HKStars1

    I haven’t heard the song “Dream of a Thousand-Year Love” in the series Princess of Lan Ling King yet. Maybe it’s yet to appear. Thanks for upload these songs from both series.

    1. Kappy

      I saw it listed so I added it as well! Lol! It was used in some of previous promotional videos.

      You’re welcome! =D

  3. K4Ice4Thu

    Cake and booze for Kappy!!!!
    I was hoping there’d be a post with Princess Wei Young’s OST soon and lo and behold look what popped up!!
    Am woefully behind the released eps since I’m watching it subbed on Dramafever and they as of tonight have only up to ep 26 subbed *cries*

    I need to spazz….Wei Young & Tuoba Jun!!! Min De & Princess Di!! Tuoba Yu’s awkwardness/badassery! Chang Le, her mother and cousin need to be thrown in a vat of boiling oil!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kappy

      YES! CAKE! I’m always up for cake and BOOZE. GIRLLLLLLLL!! 8D

      I’ve been skimming past these episodes because Chang Le is not a threatening villain, so when she reaps the results, I want to flip a table! Let the real ladies with brains battle it out. Chang Ru and Wei Young!

  4. ChocolateCosmos

    Kappy, Li Qi’s Next Life video link is broken.
    Maybe I should wait it out for Wei Young to exact her revenge against Chang Le more so? Or when Chang Le dies.

    1. Kappy

      Youtube cops found the video so fast. Lol. Reuploaded it to dailymotion. Nothing crazy, only the saddest wedding ever.

      Wei Young doesn’t need to use much brain power for Chang Le. A little cut to her beauty and she would fall. Lol. I’m so evil. Rite Nao. XD

  5. atsu-chan

    @Kappy: I completely agree with you. LOL at the turn of events in 36 and 37. She better start kicking some serious butt soon or her name is not Li Wei Yang!

    1. Kappy

      We will have words if she doesn’t turn the table quick, atsu-chan!

  6. Yui

    huaaaaaa… havent reached that episode yet… but… im so sad. why the prince married that b*tch? wei young didnt do anything? spoiler please. ught… my heart is bleeding.. touba jun 🙁

    1. Kappy

      Jun is forced to marry Chang Le to save Wei Young. Her real identity (as a fallen princess) is revealed and she’s punished to be a palace slave.

  7. Serene

    Many thanks Kappy for the links ♡
    Wei Young songs are really nice.

    Happy bday to my idol Luo Jin..I never saw him prior to princess wei young.. but his acting is reallyy really really good ^ ^
    I have never been sooooo proud to have 30 november as my birthday lol .. 😄😄😄😄 it is same day as LUo Jin.

    1. chasingpolaris

      Happy belated birthday! 🙂

    2. Kappy

      Well, well, well! Happy Birthday Serene! May good health and fortune follow you! =D

    3. Serene

      @chasingpolaris @Kappy
      Hehe..Thanks for the greetings ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  8. Coralie

    It’s agonizing watching this drama. From what I heard, the drama differs from the novel a lot.

    In the book, Weiyoung is badass almost every step of the way. In the drama, how Tang Yan reacts to things is still rather passive and very damsel-in-distress. I liked when she was able to triumph over evil with her own means, but most of the drama so far was about the development of plots against her. She tries to return an eye for an eye, but it’s few and far in between. When will she be the cunning & ruthless lady? I’m not looking for a goody-two-shoes.

    Zhang Peng Peng in Go Princess Go was one example of a MC who took like life into her own hands and gave no **** (insulting, however, that she could only be that way because she transmigrated from a man’s soul). Yue Qi Ruo in Wuxin was the badass I lurved. Even Chu Qiao in Princess Agents was acceptable, because she was cunning.

    Anyone know where I can find more dramas with female characters like that?

    1. Xiu Lin

      It’s a frustrating watch for sure but we have to keep in mind the Wei Young here is different than the Wei Young in the book. More crazy stuff happens [to her] in the book that don’t happen here.

      If she were just gonna be ruthless all the way through without reason to everybody, I don’t think I could sympathize with her character at all. She wins people to her side by being kind when it is required. Not the stupid type of kindness that the usual dramas dish out. When her maid betrayed her, she didn’t forgive her like the other heroines would do, she let her go. She’s cunning but not ruthless. Being both right now is Chang Ru. LOL.

      I like her humane side because she’s not in a position of power but could still pull off a lot of good moves. Yes, they are far and in between. Which suckssssss!

      1. Coralie

        I don’t know how to describe it, but this drama is playing out like pretty much just about every Chinese drama out there. Girl with a heart full of gold, betrayed and then fights her way through the (insert location of internal fights) and gaining multiple titles along the way. Then triumphs over all evil and she becomes ruthless herself. Think Empress of China. It’s almost exactly the same, minus the settings.

        Tiffany has stated that her role in here is a bit different from her previous ones because she’s not only the damsel-in-distress, but she also has to be her own savior. So far all I see are just a few instances of her on the offensive, but mostly she’s on the defensive. This scenario is rinsed, repeated numerous times in other dramas. I don’t sense the nuance here anymore or just barely.

        Why is it always that we watch MC be girls who have hearts full of gold? Why can’t they be petty, sassy and sometimes ruthless…you know, human? Wouldn’t it entertaining to see females who start off being really ruthless and turn out to actually be more nuanced and good (ie, zhen huan zhuan – Jiang Xin – who didn’t sympathize and love her in the end?)

        I know critics will tell me if I don’t like it so much, I should stop watching and complaining. I guess they would be right but i’m venting because they have so much potential to make it better, yet it’s really fallen short of my expectations.

        1. miyeon

          I don’t think you’re complaining LOL. As viewers, we get to decipher what we like and don’t like! You’re giving constructive criticism to a drama so it’s all good! 😀
          I never read the novel because I can’t read Chinese lol but I heard so many complaining how much it deviated from the original source as well.

          Plus I completely agree with you – while watching this, it gave me similar feels to Empress of China and many other palace themes dramas………..and that’s not a good thing. Empress of China made Wu Zetian into the typical female character that got stabbed when she was super ruthless and was just hungry for power. Plus, it never even showed her reign -____-

  9. chasingpolaris

    I was also confused about Jin Sha’s 夢千年之戀 because it was from 2012 and for an online video game lol. But I guess it makes sense if they used it in promotional videos. It’s a lovely song anyhow.

    Have yet to catch up on the latest episodes but the screencaps already kill me.

  10. Kappy

    HOLY KRAP. I’m scared of Chang Ru now.

    1. Xiu Lin


      I can’t believe she did that in broad daylight. Girl is so freakin crazy. Vanness, run!

    2. serene

      I know.. I saw the preview and I was mad angry 🙁
      CR how dare she hit Bai Zhi’s head with stones that many time. really no brain and no heart.. sobs sobs sobs sobs
      I hope CR will have a tragic ending in the end (got killed etc)

  11. miyeon

    Good for you Kappy, doubling the post with Princess! Whenever I watched Princess WeiYoung, the related videos always showed Princess Lan Ling too.

    This drama gave me a new light to Mao XiaoTong. Evil cute girls are so scary!

    1. Kappy

      Definitely a good performance from Rachel! She was cute and bubbly in Love O2O and now this! Breakout role! 😀

  12. kath

    thanks for posting, Kappy. I have to go listen to all the songs and contemplate if I wanna watch Princess Lan Ling…

    1. Kappy

      As for me, I will marathon PLL when there is subtitle! Lol. Too much processing power for my kindergarten level. XD

  13. Kappy

    To brighten up the mood, let’s see Luo Jin shake it!

  14. DrinkingHotWater

    I was looking for the OST for Princess Wei Young. Thank you so much Kappy!!!

  15. Rachael Huynh Nguyen

    Been looking for llw ost. Thank you so much.

  16. Ironfingers

    OMG they just announce they are dating on Weibo!!!

    1. Kappy

      I just saw! Writing my post!! WEEE!

  17. Mai

    Hello, would it be possible for you to provide english translation for the song: Next Life (来生) by Li Qi? I would really love to know the meaning of the song. It sounds so sad but very good at the same time!

    Thank you so much!

  18. Bwear

    Just finished Princess Wei-young. I’m impressed with myself… I friggen binge-watched 54 episodes in one week. Yes. ONE WEEK. I must have gone cray cray.

    Does anyone know where I can download Li Qi’s OST track? I tried to download it from Kugou.. but I don’t have an Alipay account..

    1. Kappy

      Lol. Thanks for reminding me Bwear. 😉 Got the song a few days ago but forgot!

      1. Bwear

        Thanks Kappy for sharing the song and ofc for your quick reply ! 🙂

  19. alena

    hello!! where I can download Li Qi’s OST track?heeeelp please!!

    1. Kappy

      Dear, read the post carefully, the song was added 10 days ago. Click on the link next to the name that says “Download Song Here.”

      1. alena

        thanks! realy lol

  20. ebin

    thank you. this is the first time ever i really love cdrama and desperate to find lang ling king ost. you are my savior! thanks ^^

  21. Pearl Vang

    Does anyone know the song Li Chang Le sang in episode 7?

  22. zena

    Hello just watched finish Princess Weiyoung and OMG it’s so amazing. I’m in love with everything. The only thing I need now from this drama is all the instrumental soundtracks!!!! Does anyone know where I can get them? I wouldn’t mind paying for it!!!!!! This show can take my money!!

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