Miss Diamond with Rain and Tang Yan unveils first official stills

With all the money they invested to invite Rain, I expected the star to be bundled up in diamond armor throughout the series as the millionaire bachelor of a large diamond company. And yet he looks normal, like he always is in Korean dramas. His leading lady, Tang Yan, is busy filming another movie and will join the production at a later date, while second leads Luo Jin and Dilraba Dilmurat have already started filming with Rain joining them a few day ago.


He is one of the executives while she (Tang Yan) is an unfortunate woman with low self-esteem, whose work life and love life fail to bloom, until she meets him through…an….incident…. I wonder HOW they could make her gain weight because she is described as overweight in the synopsis. Have you seen Tang Yan’s stick legs? No? Click here. DONK! Get ready for the transition of an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! Pshhh, I know!

 photo Dia9.jpg

 photo Dia8.jpg

The second leads in Luo Jin and Dilraba Dilmurat. He plays a….care-free gynecologist. WHAT THE HECK?!! LUO JIN? Did I translate that right because it seems wrong… Lol. While Dilraba plays a haughty spokesperson of Rain’s company, who is lonely deep down and creates an unlikely friendship with Tang Yan’s character. Aw, this sounds cute. She looks like a doll. o.o

 photo Dia6.jpg

 photo Dia7.jpg

 photo Dia3.jpg

Yao Yi Chen, or his English name, Ethan. He plays Rain’s half-brother.

 photo Dia4.jpg

Rain’s stepmother! She looks quite young. I can already foresee the story of half-siblings not getting along….Yep.

 photo Dia5.jpg

 photo Dia1.jpg

 photo Dia2.jpg

Miss Diamond is directed by famed director, Chen Ming Zhang, who also helmed my beloved idol drama, Prince turned to Frog, as well as Taiwanese’s highest-rated series, Fated to Love You (has this changed yet? This is what I remember 3 years ago…) It is slated to be 40 episodes.

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  1. frea

    LOL@diamond armor. he looks exactly the same as that hotel drama he just did with Krystal. lol

    GYN? WHAT? Poor luo jin. im surprised at the friendship between the girls though. that’s nice.

  2. Angela

    Mehhhh, is Rain speaking mando or korean? I know he’ll dubbed no matter what.

    Would have prefer to see some young face in the role. He really doesnt need the fame or money to take this role…. Sigh.

  3. laluna

    Rain looks so handsome <3 the plot sounds meh…

  4. Nina

    The speed of productions in China still never fails to surprise me. Or maybe they just release stills as soon as a scene is shot. Either way, I’m loving Rain’s shorter hair on the side. He definitely did not have the same look in MLG, his hair was mostly gelled up other than in the camping scenes. I just hope he’s also dressed more casually at few instances. I feel Rain carries the rocker look much better than the stuck-up business man although he’s hot to me in anything (or nothing) =P

    I more excited to see Tang Yan’s look for the drama. Fingers crossed there’s no bangs. She’ll look really young with it like in Perfect Couple. Maybe they’ll give her a fat suit. Or get someone else to play her like they’re doing now in Birth of a Beauty (SBS).

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