Tdrama: Fabulous Boys OST

Track list:

01. 約定 Promise – Evan Yo, Jiro Wang & Pets Tseng
02. 最安靜的話 Most Quiet Words – Evan Yo
03. 相信嗎 (獨唱版) Believe (Solo Version) – Jiro Wang
04. 黑暗中,我的星星在哭 My Star Is Crying In the Dark (instrumental)
05. 半個人 Half of Me – Jiro Wang
06. 高美男Fighting | Gemma Fighting (instrumental) …literally “Gao Mei Nan” not Gemma XD
07. 好不好 Be With Me – Evan Yo
08.一生守候 A Lifetime of Waiting– Jiro Wang
09. 愛情怎麼喊停 Can’t Stop – Pets Tseng
10. 相信嗎 Believe (By A.N.Jell) – Evan Yo, Jiro Wang & Pets Tseng

Download full album // Mirror [Buy the album via YesAsia] *PW-protected* Twitter Drifters get VIP access to full album pw!

Keane: Where’s the pw? PLS READ FINE PRINTS. NO EXCEPTIONS. If this is your first time here, then go to our F.A.Q.‘s page for further illustrations.


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  1. Kappy

    wow. In the poster, the dude to the far left looks like a younger Wang Lee Hom indeed! No wonder you fangirl about him earlier. Thanks Keane!

  2. Keane

    And, I wasn’t kidding when I said Lele Cheng looks like JGS’s doppelganger.

    Just look at her pose in that poster!?! Oddly attractive. XD

  3. frea

    thanks keane!!

    he does look like wlh!!! with a much smaller nose!! LOL

  4. Andie

    Thank you.

  5. Whoopie

    Thank you so much 😀 Been waiting for this!

  6. debby

    I’d downloaded the ost but i couldn’t really extract the songs from zip file as they need a password. May i know what is the password?

    1. Keane

      One way to get pw from us. Read the fine prints to find the hidden password. Good luck!

  7. trixie gorgonio

    love it!! so much.. Can I request part 2.. haha\:> Best love story ever! ♥

  8. trixie gorgonio

    I love Fabulous Boys.. Can you create another? for part 2? I’ll wait it!! love you darren.. JIRO WANG

  9. Ivana Chandra

    I just finished up watch this drama and really want to have all the soundtracks. Can you give me the pw? Help me pleaseee 🙁

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