Recap: You’re Beautiful Ep. 9

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I’m not sure why I haven’t finished “You’re Beautiful” yet considering that I zipped through 10 episodes of “Miss Shanghai Sweetheart” in two days. I lack the motivation to continue… Sigh. I hate this feeling…Therefore, this post is probably going to be my last recap of this drama. Unfortunately…

I’m up to Episode 12 and I must confess, I’m annoyed at the character Go Mi Nyu. I cringe at her low self-esteem and lovesick over Tae Kyung. I would’ve enjoyed the drama/plot more if the writers didn’t make Mi Nyu out to be so pathetic/a walking-accident-zone if you like. I’m fine with her innocence knowing that she grew up in a Nunnery…but it’s getting burdensome. Feel free to disagree because we all have our own opinions. As long as you respect mine and I respect yours, we’re good! =) Continue reading

Recap: You’re Beautiful Episode 3

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– haha Look at Jeremy and his pajama! 😛 On the serious side, Mi Nam is begging Tae Kyung to not reveal her true identity. He refuses and urges to go tell the Director. While the elevator closes, Mi Nam grabs the phone and runs!! After they struggle, the phone lands on a truck. Tae Kyung orders Mi Nam to get it down for him. She does so. However, after he receives his phone, he checks his phone carefully, oblivious to the fact that Mi Nam is still on top of the truck.


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