Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

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…And here I’m wondering why it’s called A Good Wife when the other name is Dear, I Have Fallen In Love With Someone Else (親愛的,我愛上別人了). I’m guessing she doesn’t cheat and actually does the most logical thing. So many kiddie shows lately, and I’m not against them, just craving for a show with maturity and real adults acting like…ADULTS! And this drama seems the case. Falling for another man when you’re married. I hope the writer is going to handle this issue with sensitivity and warmth. Don’t go cuckoo on me now. The leading actress is Tian Xin and I beat myself up trying to remember where I saw her before. She was in an ancient drama 13 years ago called Bloody Pearl. Her role in there was very similar to Little Swallow in HZGG. I like her a lot and hence the impression is long-lasting. Her profile says she was in Who’s The One and now I’m tempted to check that out cause she’s the lead.

Our wonderful XYZ has translated the synopsis and trailers. Check them out after the jump!

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NOTE: Please do not take out translation without proper credits and a link back to this post.

Synopsis: Married for 7 years, Shen Yi Zhen (Tian Xin) and Li Zhao Wen (Chris Lee) has a marriage many envy. However, due to work, Yi Zhen writes down what she wants to say to her husband in a notebook instead. Over time, the couple speaks lesser and lesser, and she is worried that they will stop talking altogether one day. When she expresses her worries to him, he replies, ‘dont worry. There’ll be a lot of topics to talk about when we have a baby.’ Despite having difficulty becoming pregnant, Yi Zhen starts to anticipate the arrival of a baby too. Little did she know that it was instead the beginning of the breakdown of her marriage.

Someone once told her that finding her own place/standing in the world is happiness. She starts to wonder where she belongs to.

At this point, she comes to know Shang En/Sean (Darren), who is a complete opposite of Zhao Wen. As they become closer, they cross the friendship boundary. When her husband found out about it, a seemingly perfect marriage for 7 years starts to break down. What will Yi Zhen do about the 2 of them, where is it that she belongs to?

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Shen Yi Zhen (Tian Xin): A studious, mature child since young, she never had to worry her parents or teachers. After completing her studies, she landed a job with a construction company. Just as everyone thought that she’ll carve out a name for herself in this industry, she had to quit because she offended her boss.

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Li Zhao Wen (Christopher Lee): His father is the boss of a construction company, but his stubborn nature means that he doesn’t want to depend on his father in landing a job. Instead, he depends on himself, and gradually climbed up the ladder in the same industry, even opening his own construction firm, becoming one of the industry’s rising stars.

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Zhou Shang En/Sean (Darren): An easy-going guy. After inheriting his father’s old house, he renovated it, and made it into a bookstore, with a cafe inside so book lovers can read and drink at the same time, when they want to escape the realities of life. Having been together with his girlfriend, Han Xiang Qi, for a longtime, marriage is on the way, but Xiang Qi has been avoiding this topic. Indeed, to girls, he is not serious enough about life, always so easily contented, but he is always willing to lend a listening ear, something Yi Zhen finds very charming about.

Trivia: Darren is actually in a Taiwanese band, The Drifters. hehe. How appropriate for this site! That’s what we call our supporters. 😀

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Han Xiang Qi (Shara Lin): Proactive, full of life, and ambitious. Working at Zhao Wen’s company, she’s always hoped to handle her own project one day. She loves her boyfriend for not being so ambitious, and always supporting her in climbing the corporate ladder, but she also holds grudges deep down, wondering why he can’t be more ambitious like her, always so easily satisfied with that bookshop of his.

More pictures from FB and TTV.

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Guys, if your girl looks like this when you hug her, something’s wrong.

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Trailers/Teasers for each character:


Yi Zhen: Is marriage good?
Will it not be lonely anymore after marriage?
But why does the present me,
feel so very lonely right now?


Zhao Wen: It seems like I’ve never asked before,
what you like, and what you don’t.
I miss the past you, the one who was always smiling at me.
Do you, still love me?


Shang En/Sean: Although you’re not perfect,
nor are you brave, but this is you.
You’re not alone.
If you fall, don’t worry.
I’ll catch you at the side.


Xiang Qi:The both of us,
seem more like partners on a trip.
Halfway through, I want to take a look somewhere else,
but he just wants to remain where he is.
But, but, I have already, halfway through,
seen better scenery.

The clips are beautifully filmed. Call me old-fashioned but I really like the mature vibes from this show.

A Good Wife airs this Friday, June 28th. pleasebegood.pleasebegood.

  1. 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

    OH BOY, so we’re being sucked into a spiraling… seven year itch vortex? Juicy plot to begin with.

    Oooo, I like the mood of the music in those teasers. I hope this show has an awesome OST.

    I like the more mature dramas from TW like Once Upon A Love starring Cheryl Yang and Sunny Wang. It’s actually a refreshing step away from all those idol dramas.

    The actor who goes by Darren, haha, ironically, he looks like an Asian Usher Raymond somehow. And, what is his tat all about? The one that looks like an Indian tribal dream catcher ring. I’m all curious now.

    Whose gonna steer this ship? Are you and XYZ gonna let us drift out at sea, or bring us ashore temptation island… on this one?? 😉

    • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

      I’ve been trying to watch Once Upon A Love but i can’t find eng subs – where did you watch it?

      • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

        I watched it raw (remember this post), Annette, however I believe Viki still has it up w/ subs but the project isn’t complete…. yet?

        I don’t understand why it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It’s a really mature show. I love it, and its OST too.

        Sad thing is, even the DVD release on yesasia’s all in raw no subs. No int’l love. )=

        • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

          I think this memory thing cannot be blamed on just lack of sleep anymore! I’m starting to get worried! Lol!

          Why is there no love for this drama? I did try to watch it on Viki but it seems they started subbing and then and just abandoned it, i had been going over to check a couple of times and finally i just gave up. I really did try to watch it raw hoping i’ll understand (atleast some of what’s going on) by their actions but it was pointless. As you said lack of interest so not deemed worthwhile

  2. 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

    i love the music in the trailers….!!!! the voice is lovely.

    who’s the one? i think the creepy smile dude is in it. lol. i dunno whether its good cause i didn’t watch it.

    this looks good. i need a break from those silly slapstick shows taiwanese is churning out this season. im seriously wishing it doesn’t go haywire like gu family book. so sillyyyy.

    glad you and XZY (mucho love) share the plot and character description. this drama literally doesn’t have any english information on google!

  3. 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

    hehe Asian Usher… yep. I can see the resemblance. It matches with his character’s persona. Someone who’s peaceful and non-competitive.

    I’m not sure yet …seeing the cold response in this thread. Either I’m a boring blogger (80%!) or fans here don’t like the cast/plot. Is something wrong with my taste? Now I really doubt about English subs. No demand at all!

    Frea, ah, I remember the creepy smile dude now. He is in it! The male lead too. heh.

    And you’re welcome. XZY did all the translation work. You can give her your love bugs anytime. 😀

    The song left a deep impression on me too. “Can or Not” by Coco Lee.

    • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

      Alice if tis drama is anything like The Fierce Wife then i will jump on this train. I was really amazed at how The Fierce Wife was so sophisticated – well written, mature subject matter and actors, good everything – really well done considering the dramas that usually come out from TW. If you have not seen it yet then you should, you’ll be hooked before you know it – i wasn’t sure about it at first because of the plot but i even watched the movie

      • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

        ANNETTE! I’ll watch The Fierce Wife when I feel catty. 😛 And after Borrow Your Love because I don’t want to hate AND love Amanda Zhu at the same time.

        I scanned through episode 1 of A Good Wife. I like it. I like it more that the husband isn’t a bad person so the writer can’t place in any lame reason for them to divorce, but have to find reasonable flaws in their interactions. He treats her very well but communication is key, in which he lacks. I hope this drama is heading to some place nice.

        And I’m pulling my hair because there’s no sub. Times like this, I wish I know canto/mando! I would so recap it! *sobs*

        • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

          No subs 🙁 You sooooo got me into the mood for a nice mature TW drama. I’m not familiar with the actors, and with the lack of eng info i’m guessin this will be another TW drama with no subs. Let’s hope it’s really good so people will request eng subs

          It is a wise choice to finish Borrow Your Love before you watch The Fierce Wife because you will no doubt hate Amanda – maybe not hate but will certainly not look upon her favorably. When you watch the kind of life the wife had to live through and then to see it all crumble like it did, you can’t help but hate the husband and the mistress and root for the wife. Do let me know what you think about it

          And *ahem* which lakorn did you choose to watch, as per our agreement? Am still waiting patiently to hear your choice – i am more than happy to make some suggestions as well if you so need the help

        • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

          I know…I know! I’m in the mood for something mature and moving too. I’m familiar with the lead actor and lead actress. They’re likable. 🙂

          Will surely do as asked. heh.

          I’ve picked one since I got my hands on the HQ episodes, it’s gonna be Love Recipe with Ken and Ann. It seems like I have to erase the sour taste they left in my mind before I can move on to other lakorn. I have the episodes on my hard drive and I just need that extra boost of motivation to watch. 😛

          Does that mean you finish Hello Stranger? Ready for another Thai movie date? ^_^

        • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

          I finished watching Hello Stranger and i told you about it in one of these posts. You got another Thai Movie?! Let me have it, it’s a comedy right?

          I don’t think i ever finished Sood Sanaeha/Love Recipe, i think i’ll go finish it. If you have not started it yet i say start with Oum Rouk. Supposedly its the Thai Fated To Love You. Now the first ep(s) might be/seem boring/annoying but once you get past them you wont regret it

        • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

          Gosh, is it my turn to use the old age excuse? I only remember you saying you finished half the movie. haha XD

          Nope, not comedy entirely…romantic horror comedy! 😀

          The quality for Oum Ruk is terrible! My eyes! Why do these pretty people not use HD camera. Gawd.

        • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

          Haha! I know, has Thailand never heard of HD or maybe they’re not ready to reveal their flaws just yet. The number of lakorns i’ve seen with ok quality is less that 10

          Hmmm, i’m liking the words romantic and comedy but still not sure on the horror bit. I caught a 2 second preview of a ghost in one lakorn i was watching = scarred for life. Since it’s comedy i’m hoping they’ll go easy on the scary, have you started watching it?

        • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

          Hence I’m sticking with Love Recipe until I find HQ episodes for the one you mentioned. 😛

          Nope, I haven’t. It’s an upcoming movie date here! Be sure to tune in. 😉

  4. 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

    Cant say I’m interested in this drama either, sorry. I do wonder about Chris Lee’s performance but nah, not appealing enough for me to watch it, even though I dont need subs to. There’s not much response over at the VIki page for this drama either.

    • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

      Oh XYZ. Tis okay. I kinda figured out the response myself since there’s really no English info on this drama like Frea stated. If something is not on google then that means it doesn’t really exist. Unfortunately. But I’m thankful you translated the synopsis and clips even when you weren’t not interested. 🙂

      • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

        Translating’s all good. As long as it’s not a whole drama I’m not interested in. xD But I cant say I’d have the perseverance for a whole drama, even for one I like. More likely to end up watching it for my own pleasure and slack off translating. xD

  5. 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

    The synopsis sounds interesting, and a tad more realistic than all the other idol dramas out there. Might watch this if have time / this has good reviews. Although personally, I watch dramas for a bit of escapism, which is why normally I would pick the fluffy stuff instead of dramas with a more serious tone.

  6. 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

    is this the remake of the k-drama? coz in my coutry (Philippines) we just had it remade. 😀

    • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

      Which Kdrama runaway? Usually, the drama would say it’s a remake but I didn’t see it being stated here. Hmmm ~~

      • 21 thoughts on “Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

        Thought it was from Temptation of a Wife… hahahaha… I forgot the title so I thought it was A good wife too. my mistake. 😉

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